PBS Kids GO! It's My Life

It's My Life
Video Discussion Guide


What ways do kids find to cheat on tests and quizzes?
Looking at a textbook; writing a “cheat sheet” on their hand or on paper; looking at another student’s test; talking to another student

Further Discussion:
The kids in the clip disagree on whether copying someone else’s homework counts as cheating. What do you think?

According to the kids in the video, why is cheating wrong?
It’s the same as stealing the answers; if you cheat you do not learn

Further Discussion:
In the clip, one student says that kids who cheat are really “cheating themselves.” What do you think this means? How can cheating lead to other problems?

Further Discussion:
One kid says that some people are tempted to cheat because it is “the easy way out.” Do you think this is true? Can you think of ways that cheating might actually be harder than studying?

The kids mention things you can do if a friend asks you to help him/her cheat. What are they?
Ignore the friend; tell him or her to study; tell him or her that you don’t want to get into trouble

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