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It's My Life
Video Discussion Guide

Dealing With Anger

What types of things make the kids in the video angry?
When a sibling bothers them; when they canít do what they want or donít get their way; when others wonít admit defeat; when they do more work that others; when they have to do things over

What sometimes makes the kids angry at themselves?
When they know theyíve done something wrong; when they freeze up in a test even though they studied; when they score low on tests because they didnít study

According to the kids in the video, what can happen when someone doesnít have an outlet for anger?
The anger becomes ďbottled upĒ; it can make you act different; it can lead to even more anger; it can make you act out or take out your anger on other people

What are some of the ways the kids have found to release their anger?
Scream; write in a journal; listen to music; read or draw

Further Discussion:
Do you think you have a quick temper or does it take a lot to make you angry? What types of things make you the angriest? What things bother other people, but not you?

Further Discussion:
Can you think of constructive ways to let out anger that the kids in the video didnít mention? What are some ways of letting out anger that arenít positive or constructive?

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