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Do you feel like you have enough time to do all the things you have to do and want to do? How do you think you could manage your time better?

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I keep my schedule perfect it's just i think it should be changed a little.If you feel this way let me know I may know just how to help you all.

I am awful at keeping time in a good schedule. I often try, but often fail, I think I will try better now I think about it!

I'm good with my schedule now, what worries me is collage. i want to take a major in acting and in writing, a minor in psychology and and crisis counseling, and family violence and equine are a few of the electives. how am i going to do that along with the required classes?

I never have time to have fun and play.

I have troble manging my time sometimes. I do pretty good in class to get all my work done, but after I get 2 or 3 things done, I want to sit around and try to talk to my neighbor, but the teachers yell at us if we do that.

I have all the time in the world for myself. My day consists of Sleeping in (online schooling, ecot) , music, sleep, facebook to talk to my best friend kyle ( whom i like -.-), hang out with friends and best friend, eat, drink some tea, go to the corner store thing with my friends, drink more tea, go home at 8:30 pm, eat dinner, drink more tea, shower, watch tv, sit on facebook until about 2 am, then sleep. (: I bet you wish you were me. (x all the time in the world for friends and myself.

I barely have any time to do anything. I am homeschooled and i do competitive gymnastics. It is hard work and a lot of dedication but I love it and that is why I do it. Between gymnastics practice, recovering from injuries (extra practice), school, and competitions I have no time for my friends or the just relax. I just don't know what to do. -Jesstina aka gymnast101

For me, I have barely a lot of time. I do projects for my current teachers of the year (like drawing pictures or creating activities for other people's better understanding in education). I have hard times when I'm trying to think what extra I can do for the teacher. Some modern classmates (or former ones) of mine think my artwork is great and amazing, although I just think it's simple, but I like creating things and they take up so much of my time. O.O

I have plenty of time, well, most of the time… I have plenty of time now since it’s spring break for me, LOL. Last year though… Yeesh. I had an activity on almost every day of the week! Piano here, softball here, and Student Council here! At least I gave up some of my activities. But I like it, it gives me something to do besides be on the computer, LOL. -maxruby246 :)

i have so much stuff to do like clean my room + deal with hormones + pms + take care of my cat + clean my clothes + another crazy family sharing time + cook + take a shower + water my plants + mow the backyard + help my aunt + pull out grass + work on bringing up my math and social studies grades +working on my singing it's getting better + rest my voice + take a shower + band practice + my bffs + go home + study +another shower + eat dinner + study + allergies + finally some time to me + watch tv + play + leave + shower + go to bed = no time at all ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!! help me

my day:sunday:clean out garage,clean room,play. monday:kung fu, piano,test,homework,play.tuesday:more homework,piano, kung fu,play.wednesday:meet w/my teacher at 9 am,reading(a class)kung fu, piano,play.thursday:kung fu, kung fu,homework,piano,play.friday:all choressaturday:church all day.

my moms to nice i get so much of her being nice i cant do homework and sammysc it happens to me

Sometimes I do things like sleep at night and in class. I seem to wake up only to only aggravate the teacher that goes to my house. She's nice to me but is worried that I didn't take my adhd meds. The thing is i'm so busy sleeping I never got time to take it. Then My mom and I get into an hour and half why I should take my medicine later I end up with no homework done and I never took my meds. God please help me.

Oh gosh! I'm so sorry, you're home schooled! Gah, you're probably thinking I'm an idiot! Dx Again, sorry...

ferretlover217- Time really is a hard thing to manage! I mean, it's just a number, and you can easily ignore it, but that is a nasty habit people must overcome. What I do, is right when I get off the bus I walk home, no talking to friends, or sitting in the sunshine. On nice days it's hard, but you have to convince yourself that you have homework, and no time. If you do your homework right when you get home, or during a study hour at school (if you have one o.e"), then you should be able to finish in enough time, so you can have some free time...

I almost neverhad time to play.It's just that boring old homework

(CONTINUED): I have to meet with someone every Mon. & Wed. @10:30am and after I meet with her; I have to meet with another person afterwards. And due to staying up late to finish homework and put up dishes I end up sleeping until 8 or 9am. And then the rest of the week I just have to set aside 5 hours for school and on a few or more so occasions my mother has appointments and I have to come along because she doesn’t want to leave me @ home for long periods of time, so if I’m doing schoolwork I have to miss that time and do it later which interferes with whatever I have planned for later on that day. Then I have to attend different activities that they have at the library like the teen advisory board and teen time (Quite a handful of people claim I stay in the house to much and I don’t have a social life). I’ve got one it’s just small and I refuse to acknowledge its existence and I don’t care for it much because I have way too many other things that I would rather be doing!

Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to do all the things that I have to do and want to do. And since I go to school online my schedule is somewhat flexible (but you have to take into account when there are live & help sessions for the students If help is needed on an assignment). But I wish I had more or enough time to do what I have to and want to. (And my mother is always complaining about how I’m saying I need more time for this, that, and the other. It’s hard to get any work/missing assignments done when your mother or whoever you live with is DEMANDING that you come and help them cook, and do other little chores & favors for them). And when or if I make a schedule I rarely ever follow it. (You try going to a public school where they give you homework EVERY SINGLE DAY you don’t get any time to and or for yourself especially if you got out of school at 4pm). That leaves you with no time to do anything. (Maybe that’s one reason why I’ve become so lazy…and I hate doin

I really need more time to hang with my friends and go places and be a cheerleader again but I can't since I have to study and do homework!It's frustrating!

In our school we don't have study hall

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