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Have you ever had a teacher who seems to hate you? What did you do about it?

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In 5th grade, I had a teacher who hated me. She said she hated girls with long, curly hair. When a boy hit me for not going out with his friend, she took his side. She marked me wrong for questions that were right on tests and homework. I told my mom, and my mom emailed her about it. She sorta stopped.

my teacher she yells when we try to think of the answer my mom says she's inpatient i don't like it when she yells for no good reason

hey don't take any of it personally some teachers want to retire really bad or are having problems at home. If you think your teacher is just mean, talk to him/her about it. Ask why they seem not to like you as much as other kids. It may be hard, but trust me, it will pay off. It worked for me. If it's because of behavior, act extra good in front of that teacher and maybe you can earn his/her trust. WolfJade is loved by Ms.Teacher

my other teacher realy hated me he didnt care about me or my work when he saw it he threw it away !

Lonna363 how mean was she what did she do?

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her name was Mrs.Blanchard. I was suprised she was even married for how mean she was!!!!! Pretty soon she got even meaner and meaner until I told my mom I had to move to a new school and my mom went to one of my confrences and my saw how mean she could get so I could'nt deal with it anymore. So I transferred schools it was great unntil I figured out we had a school uniform!!!!!!!!!

my form tutor takes EVERYTHING out on me-she sends me out of class and always treats me like A PROBLEM KID.worse of all evry1 uses me for money and sweets(i go shops in da morin b4 skool)plz hep meee

@TeacherBully: Holy cow! That is one mean teach. Did you tell the principal? If so, did they help? Another option is to tell your gaurdians what is happening. Or you could just go with the flow and let the teacher be a bigger bully then the classmates. (Wrong choice)

I have a mean teacher I mean not to hurt anybody but she seems to hate everything i do so what i like taylor swift just back off and everyone in my class hates me too but at least I have 2 freinds thanks to abby and patrick for being there for me!!!

omg! r u seriously gonna let someone who isn't even ur gaurdian push u around like that? tell the principal! u need to stand up. anyone whos with me, be my friend. u need 2 kick them meanies butts! >:)

My long term scince sub hates the whole class and no one likes her either

Every teacher hates me even till now. You know why? because when I get less marks in test (which I always do because of these preachy teachers) I stay cool and just grin at that test paper. I don't get annoyed because of my teacher gave me less makrs and thats the point that burns these teachers. If you stay happy in front of them, they hate it. they want their students to be frustated. There are very less teachers who do their job for passion and many more who do it for money. So my advice is that keep your happiest face in front of them. it kills them.

my teachers a christian but shes soooo mean.

Myteacher just sent my nana a letter about a structured conversation which all the boys who are naughty have she shouts at me and im on a report card,therefore it makes things worse she hates me my friends have overheard her saying she wants to slap me which makes me feel horrible about myself i live with my nan and my granddad and they have been called into school 4 times ihave just finished my sats and im really good at writing however the headteacher has to sit with me because of my behaviour/attitude she hates me :(

My science teacher told me today that if there was something I should be afraid of, it's the Math Standards Of Learning test and said a bunch of mean stuff. She also gives us false info to scare us. :(

home schooled,kinda likes me,she's my mommy!

My teacher hates me. She picks on certain people she dislikes in class. She gives all the people she likes A's and A+'s. She gives lower marks to the people she dislikes. During peer evaluation, a group gave a person lower marks than the rest of the group but in the end he got the best mark and the group got the lower mark. I have proof that my teacher is being unfair. My teacher says so pretty bad stuff in class too... A student once offered an option and she said "That's retarded.

There is a boy on my class and my teacher calls him "Big Mouth" (he does talk a lot) and tells him to shut his mouth, and when he looks at her, she tells him to stop it with the stupid face. Once she even said, "Tay, if I wouldn't get fired, I would so throw this pencil at you." She then held a pencil with a lead sharp as a blade. This was my 5th Grade teacher. It was in the 2011 - 2012 school year. I get a little uncomfortable when she yells. It almost feels like I'm being yelled at, and I had to suffer verbal abuse from my Oddysey of the Mind coach. (She insulted everything from our script to our accents.) I know this because one of the girls on my team says "Bafroom" instead of "Bathroom". And my coach insulted her about that. And my reading teacher once called me "Rude and Insulting" just because I was reading while she was going over context clues, which I don't need to know. Thank god my BFF, Blacksar was there.That's her nickname

my reading/social studies teacher... but she pretty much hated everybody. and im pretty sure shes taking me out of the advanced reading class next year :'(

For everyone who has teacher problems: Advice time!!! xD I believe that the only reason they pick on kids is because they have no life and feel like invading their students. They obviously need to grow up if they're reading your DIARY because that just means that they are on the same maturity level as teens and- that people- is one word. PATHETIC! :P

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