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Have you experienced going to a new school? Did you miss your friends? Did you make new ones?
-- From Katie, 10

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Here's what other kids had to say:

Listen, I go to a different school every year. I am used to having my friend disappear off of the face of the earth in my life. Sure, I miss them. I always make new ones.

I`m just about to move into a new school. I am really scared!! This is alot to handle when you`re only 9 years old! Also I have a friend named Katie she is also ten.

I just now moved and i am sorta excited and sorta scared. I would go to either pelican Island Elementary or Liberty Elementary wich my very best freind goes to.

Its not easy but sometimes when you look back, you realize that is was the best thing all along.

Yes, I have. I lost 3 of my best friends. But thankfully within a couple of minutes I made new ones.

When I was in preschool I had this friend named Alexis and this other one named Elizabeth and they were my best friends. When I moved to kindergarden I met this girl named Lily who was my best friend on my first day of kindergarden.

I moved states, to a new school. It stunk, because the school I was in was advanced and we had brilliant teachers. At my new school, I literally know more than my teacher. Literally.

im moving so im going 2 a new school im REALLY scared

I hate school there is this person named Tyreese and he is so mean I am only a girl and he is a name caller. I wish I can just go back to Hidden Oak but will you guys top school bullying? THanks! Your the best.

The last time I moved was in 2nd grade, so I don't remember half of what happened. I was hard finding new friends here at my school because everyone(except a couple classmates) wanted to keep as far as away from me as possible.

I moved school once and I get bullied by 3 people AND THEY ARE ALL GIRLS!

in the past six years ive moved schools 4 times, but two of the times ove had friends in the same classes, so it works out ok.

Yes I went to a different school for Middle School. I did this by choice-so I would make new friends. It is really cool and I have made awesome friends and acquired a new crush;-)<3

Goin to COED SCHOOL 4 7th and 8th!!!

I started a new school, all girls and it was SO different. But I love it there.

I'm in 5th grade and I'm about to start middle school! I am super excited, but, I know this sounds weird, but I might miss my teachers more than the students! Well, my school district is having a vote (can't tell you what it is because you coulod Google it and know where I live!!) and if it passes, all 6-8 graders will go to the same school. I hope the vote passes!!

I got transferred to a new girl and at first I though I wouldn't make any friends but I have made a ton of friends.

I went to new schools maybe 6 times

I am just so happy that people actually appreciate my work, unlike at my old school, where they wouldn't give one glance. Now, people say, "Wow how do you do that?", "I wish I could draw like that!", and, "You're a good drawer!" That makes me feel so much better about myself. Unlike at my old school, all people could say was, "You're too negative." Yes, I am a pessimist, but no one at my old school saw the good in me, and all they did was make me feel like I was being torn apart.

Oh, I wasn't nervous about going a public school in my 8th grade year at all. Sure, it was hard to get the hang of all the work and stuff and I failed math because of it, but now that Christmas Break is over, and I know what I am doing, I will hopefully bump my grades up a bit. Getting people to know me wasn't very hard either. I was drawing all the time, and people seem to really like my work. Some of my homeroom kids are requesting drawings of girls, turtles, and ponies here and there, and I draw the pictures and give them to the kids. They turn out very nice.

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