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What is your favorite book and why?
-- Tara, 10

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Hello dear IML'ers! Hope everyone's having a good summer. We have some sad news today. :-( Due to a shift in focus away from tweens, PBS funding for It's My Life updates has been discontinued until further notice. This includes moderating the You Said It pages. It's devastating to us at IML because we love what we do. We fought hard to keep these pages available to you guys who rely on them and make them so great, and haven't given up yet. We're still out there, looking for more funding. In the meantime, no new YSI posts will be approved, unfortunately. We hope that changes soon. Keep your fingers crossed for us and stay in touch! Any questions, email us at itsmylife@pbs.org and we will do our best to answer.

My favorite book is Anna Dressed in Blood. May I say I also like Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children. I like them because they are creepy and mysterious

KWPOPSTAR,HOW COOL!!! :D I'd wanna meet Billy...Or Palin...(My lil bros and I play a game and Palin and Devin are in it cuz we're anthrozils and they're trying to slay us...But the boys sure do like torturing Palin...Don't even get me started on what Tey do to the poor guy;even if he IS a villain!!!)XD Well maybe I'll read KK one day...For now,I'm just kinda chillin.' :)

ADT116- I can't wait for Nevermore!!!! I hope there's a Max and Fang reunion too. I feel kind of bad for Dylan, tho, because he can't help being jealous. He can't help that he's in love with her, because he's literally MADE for her. That is an awkward love triangle, considering they all have wings too. I haven't read Alex Rider. Don't really intend to either. I'm about to get super busy. I'll be lucky if I can read everyday like I usually do. You should read the Hunger Games! Awesomeness in paper!!!

I think its so cute that Ginny likes Harry :)

The Bible!!!!!!! haha, but really. Um, I like Artemis Fowl, Half Moon, Harry Potter, Roar of Thunder Hear my Cry, Anne Frank's Diary. @ mhlover25, I was thinking of reading those. What is it about?

Seeing Redd probably tells my life's story in the oddest way, through fiction.

@cybers3:I LOVE the Maximum Ride series!I've read all the books so far and now I'm waiting for Nevermore to come out in August.I can't believe it's almost over.I just hope JP has Max and Fang get back together and ties up the loose ends he's left throughout the series.Besides these books,I also read the Ranger's Apprentice series(Although I'm still searching for the books I've skipped) and I'm still looking for Skeleton Key and Scorpia from Alex Rider which are the only books I haven't read from the series.I'm also thinking about reading The Hunger Games trilogy.

I just started reading Harry Potter and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I guess i was totally wrong about it. The book is differnet than I expected. And Ferret, Ron and Herminie in it remind me of Walter and Ashley :) And they fall in love later is the books too!

Dork Diaries

the series of unfoutunete events books are awsome!

devinetley the HUNGER GAMES ;) and the adventures of hugo cabret and dead girls dont lie and harry potter and the arena and .....

Ferret, Yeah I hope I can be in the movie too...Even if im just an extra!! I WANNA MEET WALTER!!! Oh and on the cover for one of the Kingdom Keeper books(Another AWESOME series, its a disney series!!), there is a guy who looks JUST LIKE how I imagine Elam!! And on the trailer for the new Les Misrables movie, the guy who is playing Marius,looks like an older Elam!! HE IS SO GOOD LOOKING!! I got chills when i saw the commercail! LOL we were watching a movie, and there was a commercail for a new movie, and it sounded like they were discribing DIOM. So i was freaking out! I was like,"OH MY GOODNESS!! THEY ARE MAKING A DIOM MOVIE!!" Even the trailer looks like it. But it wasnt it :(

I Won't Share is my favorite book because it has one name that's a favorite. And that name's Squeaky.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid has to be at the top.

KWpopstar---If they DO make a DIOM movie,I REALLY hope I can be part of the cast...ANYONE!!!😁 I dot care as long as I'm not evil...Unless I get to meet Palin.XD. I always get soft spots for villains...

Me again. Just to let you know my real name is Emma. I love Martha Speaks and knuffle bunny 2. and knuffle bunny. I didn't like knuffle bunny free though.

Ferret, I don't know who the kid is on "We bought a Zoo'. But I think they should pick kids who aren't famous for the part of Bonnie and Billy. Fave is LotN! I also like EG too...

You know what,Pandoraa? I can't decide which of the DIOM or OoF books I like best...Probably Tears of a Dragon,maybe...Or Circles of Seven.Perhaps Last of the Nephilim? IDK...>w<

OMG!!!! I'm reading Daniel X!!!! The first book is the BOMB!!!! Anyone else out there a James Patterson fan?!?! I've read Maximum Ride, and the first With & Wizard. Respond if you have read or are reading any of these, or other James Patterson books.

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