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Is there an author you really love? Why?
-- From AuthorGirl, 9

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Here's what other kids had to say:

R.L Stine. He has an imagination

KWPOPSTAR---OMGsh I wish you lived near me so you could read it!!! ;( I hope my library covers FtMoE...It's the next one and BD jus wrote it.:) THEY'D BETTER CARRY IT OR SOMEONE WILL GET A WEDGIE!!! >:)

Peg Kehret(pronounced carrot) is THE best author!

Ok, i also think J.K Rowling is awesome too!!

Jeff Kinney

EmmaGraybeal, Awwwwz, I love you and your username, too. XD I've read all of them even though it's been a while. Beezus and Ramona, Ramona The Pest, Ramona The Brave, Ramona And Her Father, Ramona and Her Mother, Ramona Quimby, Age 8, Ramona Forever, and Ramona's World.. two years ago her and Demi Lovato were my only escapes to freedom. OMG, I made YOU excited? As if getting a comment saying "Thank you so much for writing this poem/song, it saved me,' was enough for tonight. I feel so special...

I am just going to list the books. Harry Potter, Wolves of the Beyond, Warriors, Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles, Heroes of Olympus, Gaurdians of Gahoole, and Pendragon! And the Eragon books too! Oooo! Theadore Boon is a good series but it is for older kids than you. :( Maybe not. Just depends on how much you know about life. I am 11.

NEIL GAIMAN. He wrote Coraline and neverwhere. :), I met him on numerous occasions and he is good friends with my father.

suzanne collins or gary paulson

@RamonaGirl, Thanks for the comment. I was so excidid when I read it. Let's stay in touch! Love that username! Ramona is one of my favorite book characters. How many books have you read? So far I read 6. Beezus And Ramona, Ramona The Pest,Ramona The Brave, Ramona And Her Father, Ramona And Her Mother and Ramona Quimby age 8. Oh and I lisined to Ramona's World on adio book. Stay in touch with me anytime ;D

I love you RamonaGirl :)

Ferret, There is alot but they don't have it!! :'(

My favourite author is Carmel.G Cauchi and my favourite book is Mastru Gerfex

Oliver twist by charles dickens. seriously the best story ever. It will bring tears in your eyes.

You and I should be besties, EmmaGraybeal. ;D

KWpopstar---OH NO!!! Isn't there any other libraries in your area?! :O

There are way to many for me to list...

I like Barbra Park.

Ferret, I finished LotN 3 monthes ago... My libery doesn't carry BoM and SotO :(

lpsgal, I LOVE Beverly Cleary . I love Ramona.

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