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What's the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you at school?

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When my crush asked me out when it was extremly silent everyone heard !

Me & My crush we're skating at school & we were chasing eachother and i was heading towards the bleachers so my crush (I blush when I see him) moved out of the way & I slammed head first on the bleachers and fell straight on my butt!!! He came up and said "oh my god are you okay?!" I blushed so much because he's SOOOO cute!! It was SO embarrasing Im NOT joking -_-

I called my teacher dad!

My most embarrassing school moment was when I was in first grade. It was my first year riding the bus, and I didn't know anyone who rode in the morning. I also didn't know that the back, where the only empty seat was, was middle/high school domain. So, doing what made sense, I sat down in the seat. Later, a boy that was in middle school got on and asked to sit with me. We had lots of fun. He taught me how to draw dogs, and cats, and birds. We sat together every morning. Then one day, the older kids started teasing us. I remember them singing "Josh and some little kid, sittin' in a tree" cuz they didn't know my name. The bus driver yelled at them tho, and we were left alone.

theboy707- Ouch! Both physically and emotionally.

my emberrassing moment was in track when i tripped and lost the race on top of that every one was laughing at me

The most embarrassing thing was when I was breaking up with my boyfriend and he didn't hear me the whole time we were on the phone. Then, he texted me "what did you say? something about breaking up?" and I got super nervous and told him that I said the phone was breaking up. Then he texted me "but you were talking about crying" and I said that it was because our camp will end in a week and then I ended up calling him and telling him the truth and the next day he growled at me. Talk about embarrassing!

Well, I was talking to my crush and I was all of a sudden stuttering. The class bully heard me and started laughing and spreading rumors about me. But I always think of good memories. :o)

The most embarrassing thing for me was when i was in track practice and i was practicing running hurdles, then on the last hurdle, my foot got caught and i tripped and fell on the concrete! Everyone was watching, and i almost broke my arm!! :(

I was talking about my crush to my BFF what i was planning cause it was the last day of school I'll tell him i crush him so I tried but i ended up just talking to him! I was afraid my family will know!!!

Well, I can name a TON of embarassing moments, but one of them was when I was at PE, the whole class (about 75 kids, probably more) was playing indoor baseball and it was my turn to hit. I did hit the ball, but when I started running, somehow I tripped over the bat and I fell, and the whole time I was falling, I was making this stupid "HOOO" sound in a really high pitched voice.

I was walking by the mall when I saw my crush, I kept looking at her. She looked at me back, then I tripped and I hit the floor

Me and my friend were talking at the park about our two crushes and they were best friends and they walked up behind and everything!

the most embarissing thing that happened to me at school was when a kid in my class (my crush) got really sick, and we all made cards for him, and in MY card i told him i had a crush on him sience 2nd grade(but we were in 3rd) and everyone wanted to read mine, but i only let some close friends read it.

My crush and another friend put me on top of a cafeteria table (against my will!) during an ice cream party. To their luck and my surprise, it was right when the principal walked in. He didn't say anything to me and my friends didn't say anything to him to defend me. He didn't get mad though, I'm one of his best students.

When I had this girly pencil and when everybody saw it on the projecter when I was aswering a question everybody laughed with the only pearson not laughing was my crush.

Where I got a math question wrong and everybody was laughing.

SWAGENER I would never laugh at you. You must be very nice. Sorry everyone laughed at you. That was not nice. But just read what happened to me.

When my teacher asked me how to spell something for someone and the wrong letter's came out of me.

I had a crush and I told my friend,Lily and she told him at lunch!I punched her my crush,Nathan said''Oh, you got punched!''.Not only I punched Lily,Nathan knows I like him!

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