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What are your experiences with cheating?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

I never cheat but once on a state test I saw some one copy it! That is the most important test of the grade called state test or P.A.S.S test. But I got a better grade cause I tricked them then wrote the right answers. LOL. Good luck. :)

Once in 1st grade, i accidently looked at someone's paper without knowing, and the teacher told me to stop. Then the boy i looked at's paper looked at mine, and we both were in trouble.

i neer cheeted i got good grades but every one coppyed me

One time in 3 grade i had to do spelling so each Thurs my mom tested me on spelling. i didn't tell her the words are in the back. lol but i still felt bad though.

How come it's like people never get caught when they cheat?

One time I cheated on my math quiz

well there was one time i cheated on a test about a book i didn't know a clue about in the 6th grade. i didn't get caught but i feel slightly bad. i wonder what would have happened if i didn't cheat? hmmm

One time my friend Grace said I cheated but I didn't in fact I had that idea before her. I'm thinking about it right now. And it's making me feel mad inside. Also one time I didn't do it on purpose but I rolled my eyes at my friend T. J's paper. I didn't do the same answer as him though.

Never cheated,strange but true. IT ROCKS!

Sometimes if i am really nervous or dont know what to do, i look at someone elses paper. i know it wrong and i copy the answer. sometimes i cheat and know its worng so i use a different answer.... but what if i could of got it right???

when its up to things that dont have to rely on my grades,i just help them. even on wordsearches xD but some kid named jaleal used to be in my class and whenever its my spelling test he just tells everyone how to spell the word like in house, he says house. H-O-U-S-E really loud. i even spell all my word correctly while he dosent lol but still i now like it cause jaleal moved :D

I've never really had to cheat or let others cheat off of me but I despise people who think they can do it and get away with it.

i hate to cheat even if nessacary but one time i didnt know the answer to something so i cheated i knew it was wrong the teacher caught me i yold her the truth and she didnt give me a 0 but she said dont do it again and i didnt.

My experiences from cheating are not good. One time in 4th grade last year, somebody thought I was cheating off thier test last year, even though I wasn't, and the teacher came up to us and ripped both of our tests in half and threw them away. We even weren't allowed to make up the tests.

A few months ago, my friend saw the boy sitting next to me in English class cheating off my quiz. But she didn't tell me about it until AFTER we got our quizzes back to see the grade... -.-

I don't know why, but I always let kids cheat off me. I always give them answers when they need them.

cheating is so bad i ahte cheating

I remember this one time, i let this kid cheat off me, but we got caught because he told me i did one wrong, so i wrote it down. So thats how we got caught for that but i got half credit and he got a zero she said to me "it's okay you were trying to be nice, but sometimes its not the right thing" she told him "You dont cheat! Do your own work!" How'd she know i was giving him answers? :p

People constantly cheat off of me! None of the teachers know it though. However, most people give up after the first few questions because I am the slowest test-taker I know.

Cheyenne sits at the lab table in front of me, and during the exam she was literally turned around, sitting at my table. It was so painfully obvious to the teacher that she was copying but she just walked right by, smiling at us. It's like, wow, you're really that blind? Sad.

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