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What activities do you do after school?
-- From Lizzie, 12

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Here's what other kids had to say:

Girl Scouts =Tues. Choir = Tues. My scehdule changes.

I practices my flute,eat and of course do homework and watch TV.

i'm not allowed to do after school activities

I usually play on pbskids.org/go/ or watch youtube. I just love the computer.

I'm a girl and I play tuba!!!! :D Haters gonnna HATE!!!

i Write, and i take acting lessons.

Ido 4-h and softball after school. Other than that, I read at home if I don't have to do chores.

I swim and do karate.( Sometimes both in a row.) I do my homework to.

Soccer, 4-h (wich may be ending this year for the last time in my county if no one decides to donate 50,000 dollars :'(, fiddle, read (ALOT),and hang with friends! (oh, and I nap too, I LOVE my naps hehe)

I take dance (tap and modern)

Sports, read, do homework, and nap. I rarely ever nap, though.

Read, read, read. Get the picture? Oh yeah, and did I mention reading? XD I mostly do my homework. I only read when I have freetime.

Swimming, horseback riding, piano, choir, and French.

and ride my bike or grill outside or hang with friends and family :)

Athletics, Dancing (modern,freestyle,cheerleading,street,tap,majorette), Spinning class(Exercise bike)

I Make cards and they are soo pretty

Played volleyball-was a team-captain> playing softball, in drama club. and in JROTC


Soo fun, great times, great times!

I go to art club. I am more of the artistic type! :D

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