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What do you most want to accomplish this school year?
-- From Jordan, 10

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Here's what other kids had to say:

To be liked. To change society to like different people.

I'd like to get straight A's in my Year 10 yearly report so I can do the subjects I like and need to do in year 11 and 12 so I can achieve my ambition of becoming a doctor.

this year i'll be able to do telekinesis and have a boyfriend. I LOVE NAT*N**L!!

I want to achieve an advance on all subjects in school. specially band.

Dudes i wanna get get great grades and not get into trouble.I also wanna be the best on my basketball team. Dude thanks for posting the question

ditto what CNDG1234 said. My cousin had down syndrome, and i adore her. she looks at me and says, "Come here(not naming myself)!" and then, "sit down, honey. she is four.

Losing 10 pounds lol :)

Going to college to become a Special Education teacher (that's for kids with disabilities for some ppl who may not know what it is((: )..

Get the all A honorole.

OMG, I totally hate doing this next year thing.My parents keep going on about it and it drives me CRAZY!!! Although I do think I just wanna go with the flow.

hi. not to brag but... i won second place in our school Geo bee! i was also student for the month for december. all in one month. wow. :)

silverstream714, is your goal ACTUALLY 250? LOL! I only need 32! (My previous were 15, 19, I'm only Grade 5.) My teacher says I'm one of the top five readers (not to brag, but I just wanna let y'all know..) so that's why my points raised soo high.. --Maddie ;)

This year I would like to accomplish on paying attention to things my techer says sometimes. From Morgan, 10

I want to succeed in reading every book in the library by my house before I die.. lol :P

I WANT TO GET 250 AR POINTS THIS YEAR!!!!!! (if someone has AR tests at school, you'll know what i mean.)


mayby math or science.

Forighn language I am good at it!

well i did not want to miss a day of school like mondays art day! but it has failed already! i got sick last monday and the doc told me to stay home tuesday! oh and get in the drama club!

Hopefully not to much I don't want to be a geek! lol

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