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Time Management: Top Time Wasters

We know these things vacuum up our time-yet it can be SO hard to keep them under control. Here are some strategies to make that easier:

TV. Instead of plopping down in front of the tube to watch "whatever's on," pick out which specific shows you want to see and fit those into your schedule. If you need a chill session and just want to channel surf, set yourself a time limit.

Video Games. It's one thing to play your favorite new game for two hours on a Saturday, and another to make it a daily habit. Limit your gaming time or use it as a reward for getting other things done, like, "If I get my math homework finished, I can turn on Playstation until dinner."

The 'Net. Like with TV, try to make a habit of only going online for certain things. For instance, give yourself a daily "e-mail period" or let yourself play two rounds of a new game. If you like to IM your friends in the evenings, set aside a specific time for that and let them know that's when you'll be online.

The Phone. It's easy for a five-minute chat with your BFF to turn into a two-hour gossip fest. To avoid this, give yourself a phone-call time limit and ask family members to help you stick to it. If there's something you need to discuss with someone, and you think it will take some time, schedule that phone call like you would any other activity or appointment.

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