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Time Management: Chores and Duties

Check out these extra tips and ideas for managing the things you need to do around your home:

Don't procrastinate. Procrastination means putting things off until later, when you should be doing them now. Most people procrastinate-but it usually makes things worse. The sooner you get something done, the sooner you can move on to other stuff that might be more fun.

No complaints. Many of us like to whine, grumble, and try to get out of the things we need to do. It's a big time waster (and probably annoying to others). For example, you might spend ten minutes trying to get out of sweeping the kitchen, but actually doing it would only take you five!

Keep a regular schedule. Instead of getting to your chores "whenever," keep a regular time for doing certain tasks. This way, when 6:00 p.m. rolls around, you'll know that it's time to set the table, or when you step off the school bus, you take the trash out right away. If family members know the schedule, they can remind you, as in "Hey, isn't it time to pick up your room?"

Make a list. Try making a list of all of your responsibilities. Put it in an obvious place, like on the fridge, and use magnets to indicate if you've done, or haven't done, a task. With this big reminder staring you in the face every time you go for a snack, you probably won't forget what you're supposed to do.

Make it fun. As crazy as it may sound, doing your household chores can actually be enjoyable. For instance, time yourself to see if you can beat your record for cleaning up (but still do a good job). Or, put on your favorite music so you can dance and sing while you do laundry. If you face chores with a positive attitude and some energy, you'll get through them quicker and probably won't dread them so much the next time.

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