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Time Management: You Vs. The Clock

School and homework. Activities and chores. Sleeping and eating. Ack! So much to fit into a single day! We asked IML'ers to tell us the one thing they felt they never have enough time for.

Alexis, 11, said, "I don't have much time for friends. I wish I could talk to them on the computer and on the phone more."

Rachael feels like she never has enough time to practice her flute and hang out with friends. Instead, she's always studying and doing homework.

Caitlin, 11, wants more time for skateboarding and Jamie, 12, wishes he had more time to watch TV.

Megan, 12, said, "I never have time to just to be me. Talk with my friends, write in my diary, and just plain sit around!" and Amerila, 12, Wouldn't it all be easier if time were like a DVD that you could slow down, speed up, fast-forward, or rewind? Or have you wished that time was like an arcade game, and when your time was up, you could just drop in some change and get more?

Well, we can't change the speed of time or get more. What we CAN do, however, is manage it. This means that we:

  • Consider everything we HAVE to do and WANT to do.

  • Understand how much time each activity in a day will take.

  • Make a plan that helps us get through the day, week, or month without running around like a total wacko.

If you learn to tame the time monster, you might be surprised at how much you can get done. The real reward, however, is that you'll probably feel less stressed and more happy.

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