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Great Books About "Test Stress"

Fiction Books

The Report Card
by Andrew Clements
Secretly-smart fifth grader Nora is earning bad grades on purpose in order to protest pressures put on kids over a statewide test, and to support her friend Stephen, a good student who does poorly on tests. Will Nora's risky plan pay off, or end up causing more trouble for everyone?

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
by J.K. Rowling
In Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts, he must face problems such as the return of the evil wizard Voldemort, awful Professor Umbridge who insists Harry is a liar, and studying for, and then taking, his Ordinary Wizarding Level exams (O.W.L.S) with all the other fifth year students. Will Harry crack under the pressure? nships with students and teachers, in order to find her voice and overcome a truly traumatic event.

Non-Fiction Books

How to Do Your Best On Tests (School Survival Guide)
by Sara Dulaney Gilbert
A detailed guide to preparing for tests and quizzes, this book also includes strategies for taking popular standardized tests and plenty of sample questions.

The Secrets of Taking Any Test (Second Edition)
by Judith N. Meyers
This book aims at improving your chances for doing well on any test, and includes studying program as well as ideas for dealing with test anxiety and quick preparation.

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