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Have you ever had a teacher who seems to hate you? What did you do about it?

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A lot of kids find themselves in situations where it seems like their teacher is out to get them. Sometimes the kids are right, but sometimes they're wrong, and they're just misunderstanding the teacher or misreading the teacher's intentions.

This game presents you with three situations that challenge you to judge what's really going on. Is the teacher really being unfair, or is the student seeing things wrong? Make your choices and see if you're right!

Question One:
Joe is one of the top students in his class, and school has always been pretty easy for him. When book report time comes around, he chooses a book that's pretty advanced for the fifth grade. He breezes through the book the night before the project is due, and writes a five page report, thinking that it'll be easy to impress the teacher.

But when his teacher, Mr. Carlson, hands the graded reports back, Joe's has a note that reads "Not Your Best Work." Joe gets upset, especially after he sees that his friend Dan, who read a much easier book and wrote a shorter report, has a note that says "Nice Job." Joe is sure that Mr. Carlson is being unfair.

Is this a case of an Unfair teacher
Or a

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