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Great Books About "Middle School"

Fiction Books:

Middle School Blues
by Lou Kassem
Despite a terrible beginning, twelve year-old Cindy discovers that seventh grade isn't nearly as awful as she expected. Before the year is over Cindy manages to reestablish some old friendships, make new ones, win a creative writing contest, and... you'll have to read the book to learn the rest of the story!

Flying Solo
by Ralph Fletcher
Find out what happens when the substitute teacher never shows up and Mr. Fabiano's sixth-grade class is left unsupervised for a whole day.

Lizzie at Last
by Claudia Mills
As seventh grade begins, Lizzie Archer decides that she wants Ethan Winfield to like her, and that she can't handle another year of being the class nerd. See what happens when Lizzie tries to drop her old image!

Spider Boy
by Ralph Fletcher
Bobby Ballenger, an expert in spiders, enters seventh-grade in a new school and a new town and must overcome obstacles such as teasing classmates and the school bully.

Non-Fiction Books:

Too Old for This, Too Young for That!: Your Survival Guide for the Middle-School Years
by Harriet Mosatche, Ph.D. and Karen M. Unger
A comprehensive guide for preteens filled with information and advice to help you make the jump from a kid to a teenager. Topics include self-esteem, family relationships, friendships, school and extracurricular activities.

Middle School: The Real Deal : From Cafeteria Food to Combination Locks
by Juliana Farrell and Beth Mayall
You'll find all the info you need to deal with middle school right here in this handy guidebook. From classes to cliques, from locker life to lunchrooms, you'll be prepared for anything your new school throws at you!

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