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What's the biggest difference between elementary school and middle school? What's the best way to deal with it?

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Middle School: Movin' On Up Congrats! You never thought the moment would arrive, but here it is...you've finally graduated from elementary school! Now it's time to move on up to the big leagues. That's right...you're about to take on middle school.
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Kid in front of locker The transition to middle school is different for everyone. Some kids may find themselves at an entirely new location, while other students may only have to switch floors or buildings. No matter what kind of middle school you'll be attending, one thing always remains the same about this important step-up: it's a chance for adventure and to start with a clean slate.

You'll encounter new people, new school subjects, new activities, and many more teachers than you're used to. This may seem scary because you're now a small fish in a big pond, but remember: all new experiences are frightening at first. If you have the right attitude and solid info on what to expect, you'll be a middle school pro in no time.

In the next section, we explore What's Different about middle school.

Printables Here's an IML Journal Page to record your feelings about middle school, and a list of great fiction and non-fiction books on the subject. You can also print these discussion questions to help you talk about it all with an adult.
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The most exciting thing about moving up to middle school is:
The chance to
       join new sports
       teams and clubs.
Starting over in a
       whole new
Getting more
       freedom and

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