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Do you think you fit in at school?
-- From Chrisy, 10

We got so many answers to this question that we ran out of room! Take a look at what others had to say, and send us your response on other topics.


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"At my school, I fit in the most!! I donĻt mean to brag, but IĻm one of the most popular people in my entire school!! And unlike the others, the entire school (which I consider my kingdom=)) likes me!! Everyone literally fights with each other to be my partner in anything!! My life couldnĻt be better!! But last year, I struggled!! I was the youngest in the school!!"
--Mohammad, 11

"Yes because I know most of the kidz in the enter grade."
--Karen, 11

"I don't really fit in and I've learned to accept that. Actually, I've accepted that I'll never be one of the popular kids and that is perfectly fine with me; they talk about doing drugs and drinking at parties and IĻm glad I don't do that stuff. IĻm in the marching band at school and I fit in there, so that's where IĻm happy."

"I do fit in. IĻm kinda popular. Only the 3 most popular girls HATE me. But why would I care what they think?"
--Violet, 13

"I think I fit in. I have a lot of friends. I guess everyone at my school are friends. I already knew a lot of the girls from swimming and stuff so I didn't really have to make friends (except for these girls who think they're so cool and try to be popular but everyone hates them). Sooo....yeah!"
--Lydia, 11

"Yes. I fit in at elementary school. THANKS PBS!!!!!"
--Jaqueline, 10

"Emily and RN: Take heart! Be strong! Lots of fabulous and successful people had miserable childhoods! Napoleon had a terrible childhood. He was mocked at school for being short and having an accent. They called him Little Crop Head, but he overcame that, and almost conquered the world! Muahahahahaha! Eisenhower also had a horrible childhood, because he had to wear expensive glasses, so he couldn't play sports, and boys mocked him for being a sissy. May you be as successful as they were, but may you not die in exile on an island, like Napoleon."

"Fit in with who? Iím popular with nearly all the teachers, which is good. But I only have three friends of my own age in the whole school. I am seen as the weird swot. I don't get friends easily. Every time I move schools Iím bullied for at least three months."
--Sarah, 12

"Of course I don't fit in! I wear black-and-white striped stockings, denim capris, and a tight black and red tee on a NORMAL day! Not to mention being a vegetarian and being a major rebel all the timeÖbut I do have a lot of friends, so people call me popular, but other than that, call me Ms. Total Rebel. ;>)."
--Jen, 11

"I fit in with some people, but not with other people. I donít think that anyone fits in with everyone. I just act like me. I donít change just to fit in. Be yourself."
--Katherine, 11

"Nope. Because Iím always around ~*DIPLOMATS~* and we are the Byrd Gang HARLEM. Also the stuff they do down here is way different then what we do. Letís say for instance, if the D. J. plays a slow song, they jump around to it."

"No I don't think I fit in, Ďcause I come from a different background from these kids. These kids up here is preppy and where I come from they the main hustlas. They don't be getin what I be sayin. Then these females up here are snobs. They are too stuck up. On the real. Then in North North Memphis Spring Daile Hyde Park we don't run thing like each other. We run 5 way's."

"Well, sorta. Like, Iím not the most popular person at our school, but I do wear the Ďrightí clothing and say the Ďrightí things and hang out with the Ďrightí people, I guess. But one reason I donít fit in - Iím from the north, yet I live in the south!! Lol. People think itís cool, so it helps me get along with everyone and itís a good icebreaker!! Some of the people at my school think they have to go against their parents and do things to fit in. Sadly, I've been a victim of that. But I came back from it and showed people that the person I am inside is always better than the person I was outside. <333."

"Okay Iím not really a part of a certain clique or group. I usually socialize with everyone. I don't necessarily get along with everyone, but I do talk to them and I don't really have a Ďlabel.í Like no one calls me a prep or a poser or a punk, Iím just me and I think I would definitely have it no other way. I like just being me."

"Yes! I doÖeveryone thinks that you have to be the most Ďpopularí person in school to fit in! Iím not, but I still fit in! My best advice for people having trouble fitting in is: find a group of people that love to do the same thing you do! If you like swimming, find other people who like swimming! If you like to sing, find other people that like to sing! But now matter what, stay true to who you are! If you're yourself, eventually people will learn to like you! I have great friends that love and care about meÖfor just who I am>>>!!!! & I wouldnít change who I am just to make friendsÖsure popularity is great, but it isnít everything!"
--Cady, 13

"Fitting in is not something that is actually meaningful. It is just where u have friends and love to hang out with them and you guys have a great time together. Soo0o anybody can fit in! And to all the people who say u are trying to be more like your peers, that is not necessarily what it is, because I donít act or dress just like any of my best friends, but I still fit in!"

"I fit in because I have lots of friends!"
--Kevin, 9

"Do you think some of the popular people are the teachers' favorites?"
--Mary, 9

"How can I fit in on a team?"
--Bill, 9

"Not really. Iím a nerd at my school. I have straight A's but I DON'T want to act like everyone else because everyone else cusses all the time!!! All my OK friends are on different teams then I am."
--Emily, 13

"Hey, god no, I don't fit in at all. I am the total outsider, Ďcause I dunno...just the people at my school stink!! I was popular in England, but in Berlin, no. They're mean, and since high school they turned really mean. Do you think I should move schools?"
--Rosie, 12

"Hi. I am in 5th grade. I went to HNK from K to 2nd grade, and at that school no one would play with me at all. So when I was in 2nd grade my mom moved me to NME and I really fit in."
--Dana, 11

"All my friends think Iím really popular."

"No. I am goofy and original, so itís kinda, but not totally."
--Melissa, 10

"I don't fit in perfectly - and Iím proud of it! I've got good friends but Iím so incredibly different from each of them, which makes things really interesting. In high school there are loads of diverse people, so my advice for anybody that's going into HS is: don't be afraid to be yourself! And if you don't know exactly who you are yet, don't worry - you'll figure it out."

"No, because I just donít fit in. I went to ESL when I was small. Now I am popular."

"I so donít fit in, so I know u donít care. So just say I am a loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"NO *cries*."
--Zeb, 12

"No. And I really don't think it's that important to fit in. It's not like you're going to get the Nobel Peace Prize for fitting in. In my view, fitting in is like cheating. Because you are trying to be like your peers instead of being who you are. I am sorry if I am offending anyone by this. At my school, kids push me around and pick on me. I don't really care though. Some of the best people became who they are because they got bullied or didnít fit in."
--RN, 11

"Fitting in is a myth. You can pretend like you do, but nobody really fits in. Sorry if I sound mean, but what Iím saying is pretty much true."

"In middle school I didn't fit in. Now, in high school I do!"
--Jennifer, 12

"I never fit in. I always cry my eyes out. But my friends always help."
--Jodi, 13

"Yes, I do think I fit in. I seem to be a balanced person, with a bit of everything, or somewhat around everything, in myself. So I can relate with other people, and not feel clueless (most of the time)."
--Yasee, 12

"My worst day was the first day of school in 5th grade, since our school was overcrowded that year. So all the 5th graders were moved to the middle school in portable classrooms. We had a ton of supplies. And I had this big backpack with a ton of pockets. And I was the first kid at the bus stop right in front of our main school. Then all my friends came. The bus was supposed to be there by 7:30 A. M.. It was really late and guess what? We had all the school stuff in our backpacks. The bus FINALLY CAME!!!! It was 1hour late. Then when we got there we had to walk even more. Me and my boyfriend Jake, since we were in the same class, were walking together. Then we were totally LOST! Thankfully, there was a teacher that helped us. When me and Jake were walking home, since we live next to each other, he kissed me goodbye. That was the only good thing that happened that day. Then I came home with a bad backache."
--Amanda, 11

"Yeah, I do. I am in an elementary/middle school. Soo. I really do fit in!! I am in my boyfriend's posse!! Mostly, there are boyz in da group! It is Atom (my BF), Mark, Will, Me, and Lindsey!! Mark is Atom's best friend and Lindsey is Mark's girlfriend!! We all get along!! We all sit together at the same table, Ďcause we own one!! Even da lunch ladies said it!! My BFF Shital is in da posse too!! She sits with us 3 times a week!! But, it is supposed to me 5 times!! ERRMM!! I LOVE my Atom!!! Peace outÖ"
--Judy, 10

"I think all my friends think Iím weird."

"Sadly yes. I hate conformists."

"Hi Iím Donald C. I am a kid who is a little weird and I like being different and I canít fit in to the social kids. They all hate me. I am me. They canít change that and nobody can. So my question is: how do I fit in and still be myself?"

"I think I fit in perfectly. I have lots of friends, get good grades and I am very organized."

"I fit in with almost everybody at school. I prefer my friends, but the snobbiest kids...I can't stand it! I love being able to talk to every kid, and sometimes they even come to me with problems."
--Ashley, 13

"I think I fit in pretty well."
--Tayler, 11

"I wouldn't know. I never went to a regular school before. But I hope I do!!!!!!!!!!"
--Maggie, 10

"I am really popular so in some cases I fit in, but in others I don't. I am the smartest in my class and the most popular so that makes it 50/50. I fit in with some people and others I don't. So it just depends. The boys like me because I am nice to everybody. I fit in with them."
--Tabitha, 11

"No, every 1 leaves me out but Iím used to it so I donít mind. I donít want to be cool, I just want to be a good Christian child."
--Court, 10

"I donít fit in anymore because I used to have a lot of friends and then this new girl came to the school and I became best friends with her. And I found out she was really bad and always starting trouble with everyone. Then everyone would get mad at me for being her friend and would think Iím bad and do all that stuff, so my only friend was her. Then the worst thing happened: she moved. And I didnít have any friends, so now I sit by myself at lunch and I walk home alone. And I am always home, and I never like leave the house, and I have no life anymore. So I guess u can say Iím a loser!!"
--Vanessa, 13

"Iím in 7th grade, and the grades in my school are 7th to 12th. So most of the upperclassmen call the 7th graders Ďlittle kids.í I really don't care, because I have my own friends, and I don't need everyone to like me. Iím on the school dance team, which performs with the band, Fusion, at football games and parades, so I have lots of friends in the band and dance team. When I walk the halls between classes, the Ďpopularí kids in 7th and 8th grade make me feel like I don't fit in, but I just think of all of my other friends that I have a lot of fun with."
--Courtney, 13

"Well, it depends on how you view Ďfitting in.í Take it from me, you don't need to go all out in order to try and be the most popular guy/girl in school. All you need to do is find your own small group of friends and be yourself. Other people will see that you don't care what they say, and then they will start to like you:)."

"Ya I guess you could say I fit in. But there comes some times when my friends think they have the spotlight and I get Ďvoted out.í"
--Whitney, 13

"I think I do fit in because I am simply nice."
--Elise, 10

"I used to think I didn't fit in 'cause Iím in a wheelchair. I transferred to a school for the handicapped, and I fit in perfectly. I went to visit my old school, and I was greeted and they made me feel so comfortable."
--Iutta, 11

"People always stare at me, are mean to me and laugh at me."

"People make fun of me. What should I do? And it is all because my hair is short and because I am not cool. HELP."
--Emily, 13

"I am in the popular crowd and everyone tries to meet me."
--Kussrules, 11

"I am one of those people who arenít popular and proud of it because I only have 2 friends that I can trust. I say donít worry if you donít fit in. Anyways who wants to be mean like popular people? There are only two things that I donít like about popular people: they talk behind peoples back and are mean sometimes. ITíS AWESOME TO NOT BE POPULAR."
--Rebecca, 11

"I donít fit in and I am proud of it! "
--Rebecca, 11

"I don't want to fit in because people always expect things from you. Like if youíre in with the ĎPopular girlsí at my school you have to like a guy in my class and fantasize about him, SO EEWW! I have friends that don't like the popular crowd and let me keep my secrets to myself (P. S All the guys in my class hang out together but the girls have like 5 different groups!)."
--Tara, 13

"I think Iím midpopular but I don't have a girlfriend. I donít think Iíll have a girlfriend like the last one, and one boy asked her to marry him. It was my best friend. I was like ĎAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.í"
--JT, 10

"My school's biggest problem is cursing, fighting, etc. There are about 3 suspensions a week in my class. It's crazy! "
--Seth, 11

"No, I am a total bookworm."
--Joanna, 13

"I don't think anybody truly fits in. It definitely depends on what you think is ĎNormal.í"
--Joanna, 13

"You popular kids are made up!!!!!!!! "
--Taylor, 10

"No, because Iím still in elementary school and I'd rather be with my friends or alone than to be in the Ďin crowdí because half of the time the in crowd is getting in trouble and their grades aren't so good. Also, Iím an honor roll student and I'd rather have people call me or be a geek than to fit in with the in crowd because it's really not worth fitting in."
--Autumn, 9

"No I donít fit in. I am the youngest in third grade. Almost everyone hates me."

"YES! Because everybody at my school is fat too! "
--Robert, 9

"One day in school I sometimes fit in."
--Danielle, 11

"I hate school as it is sooo dull n boring. I have no friends and it seems so pathetic. It is really sad and pitiful to see me in this kind of state. Yeah........."

"I donít think I fit in because every lunch I have to sit at the very end, and it is not fair. They are so mean."
--Marissa, 13

"Iím really different than anybody else in this whole entire world!!! Woo-hoo!! Yay!!! Well anyways, everybody's different and thatís a good thing cuz if we were all the same we'd all be completely BORING!!!!"
--Nora, 12

"I think I fit in at school. I know a lot of people don't but all you have to do is be kind to others and they will be kind back!"
--Kayla, 11

"I totally fit in! I have my own crowd. You could call us smart, goofy & weird but I say we're normal. We're not like preps or poseurs who try 2 act like someone they're not."
--Colleen, 13

"If fitting in means being popular and perfect, then no. People who are perfect are the weird ones. Kids who pick on other people just to feel good and be popular...I feel bad for them because that means that they have really low self-esteem. You are fine just the way you are!"
--Kaitlyn, 11

"I donít have any group to hang out with and mostly spend time alone."
--Emily, 10

"Yeah, most of the time."
--Violet, 13

"Iím homeschooled. But I usually get picked on by my brother and sister."
--Brigitte, 11

"Yes! Iím popular and love it!"
--Devin, 11

"Well you can say that sometimes I fit in and sometimes I donít."
--Yanikia, 12

"I never think I fit in. All the girls have boyfriends. One girlís boyfriend I have known my whole life. I don't want a boyfriend but I wish some of my friends that do would stop obsessing about them!"
--Udontwanttoknow, 10

"I've learned a lot of valuable lessons. JUST BE NICE TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW. Iím friendly and a lot people enjoy being around positive people. Iím friends with everyone and I bet you can be too!"
--Mandy, 12

"There are two groups in my school (the popular and the weird). I don't fit in either and when I spoke to my Ďfriendsí about it they called me a stray and won't stop saying things behind my back and making rumors. Although it hurts, I just remember what someone told me, ĎEVERYONE IS NORMAL BECAUSE THEIR DEFININTION OF NORMAL IS THEMSELVES.í"
--Savannah, 13

"Well, honestly I do!!!!!!! I love my school and the people in it...I have gone out with my friends on double dates and I have 2 guys wanting to go out with me. But also whatever your name was who said ĎI have 4 guys after me,í you are just trying to front!!!!!!!!!!!"
--Jenny, 13

"I do fit in. I know many people who are popular & are very nice to me. When my mom was small, she didnít really fit in @ all. She was overweight & had very little friends. She also use to get teased about her weight, which is also why she is afraid that I will go through the same thing & she keeps nagging me about the food I eat. Well, neways, I am trying to get to a point. I believe that God made me so that I could fit in with a lotta people & not get teased about my size, like my mom did."
--Angie, 13

"Yeah, I am one of the popular girls. We are the girls who hang out with the guys and always have to have nice clothes and hair, oh and you can't forget make-up! I hate it!! Like, I just wish we could all be the same!!"
--Jessica, 11

"I don't think I fit in with anybody at my school."
--Hannah, 8

"Iím emo. Iím dark. People think I am into things like drugs and stuff, but thatís not true. I wear black. I have 14 piercings. Get over it. I am who I am."

"Nobody truly ĎFits in,í we're all different! It's like a big puzzle, but NONE of the pieces match!"
--Michael, 12

"Oh, and I didn't mean to sound like I think Iím better than everyone else. Ha ha, I just think it's funny how most people look the same...hmm yeah. I pretty much hate being called ĎGothí or ĎEmoí or ĎFreak.í Iím just different, and Iím no better or worse than everyone else."

"OK, so I'll admit it: IíM A NERD. And proud of it, too! To answer this question, I'll say that I do 'fit in', because I have a lot of other nerds that are my friends. But ultimately, I don't really care about my (un)popularity that much, and I don't really think others should either. Who really cares what other so-called 'popular people' think of you? What they say isn't automatically true. Don't let them take control of your life; ignore them, and do what you REALLY love. On a side note, SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE (Like I said, Iím a nerd. AND STILL PROUD!)!!!"
--Homsar, 12

"I don't think I fit in all the time because I don't know where I belong. I am an African American girl and listen to all types of music, and somedays I feel as if I am the type of music I listen to. But when you try to fit in it seems as if the people don't accept you. So as I got older I got into music, and now I found a place where I fit in (BAND). Now I know that I will always have a family of 145 different kids and colors that share the same opinions and hardships that I do!"

"Hi! Iím Taylor! I really donít fit in at school because I am a bookworm, I love to learn, my favorite subject is math, and Iím planning on taking 7 years of college! Also I am the only one in my grade that does not cuss!"
--Taylor, 11

"Duh, Iím the most popular girl in the grade!"
--Kristyn, 11

"Brianna, Ouch, I know how you feel! If you have any friends, talk to them! Maybe your parents can help you become more outgoing!"
--Michael, 12

"I do fit in. Iím 90% popular. About 7 boys like me, the teacher likes me as her student, girls get jealous of me, everyone likes things I bring to school, and boys like to play with me because Iím a little tomboy."
--Bianca, 8

"Yes! I fit in. All the popular guys always talk to me and hang around me. A lot of guys have crushes on me. Also everyone wants to be my friend, because Iím kind, funny, loving, caring, pretty and just a really fun person to be around. I am one of the most popular people in my school. Everyone knows my name."
--Calie, 11

"You know I do. With most people, too. Me and my best friend Chel are tight and we hang with boys. It rocks Ďcuz they don't fight, theyíre just nice. We can actually trust them. We sometimes hang with girls and they like us, but they are too mean!!"
--Aleiya, 10

"I donít have many things in common with others."
--Jayel, 13

"Iím in fourth grade. I feel so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, left out. What should I do?"
--Brianna, 10

"Yes, I fit in. I have 4 guys who like me, and I am nice. And people actually fight over me!! Iím happy!! SEAN PAUL ROCKS."
--Sarah, 10

"What is the definition of Ďfitting in?í I honestly think that there's no such thing. People seem to think that fitting in is being popular, belonging in a certain clique or group, but is that right? No one person fits into a Ďgroup,í because there's no such thing, unless you're talking about a project in school. Too many people put labels on each other and group other people, but do they really know how those people think about things? If this was how everyone viewed the world, would anyone exactly Ďfit in?í I think that if one person in the world was kind enough as to say hello to me, I'd consider myself able to Ďfit in.í Do the quotes around Ďfit iní bug you? Sorry :), but I don't really agree with the whole labeling thing. If you're able to live on this planet, you'll Ďfit iní just fine! :)."
--Amelia, 11

"I feel that I totally do NOT fit in. Although my best friends like me for who I am, I still feel bad. A lot of people hate and disrespect me, but I get through it with my BFFs. The sad thing is that most of my friends are outside the school. I feel bad about myself most of the time. A lot of people think I am weird. I don't wear makeup like the rest of my friends and don't carry a purse at all. So I guess that makes me weird!"
--Kaitlyn, 11

"I think everyone fits in a school one way or another. It doesn't matter how many friends u have or what u look like. EVERYONE FITS IN!!!!"
--Ely, 11

"Hah. Like a blue ladybug in the middle of cockroaches. And, EllenH, don't worry. Iím thirteen, boyfriendless, freckly, and I, also, only have 2 good friends. Don't worry."
--Jacqueline, 13

"Iím worried if I fit in, because I really think I don't. Iím just so small...and sort of ugly. No one really pays attention to me. I feel like no one cares."
--Lauren, 11

"Jackie(12): Tell your so-called friends that it's a free country, and there are a whole lot of worse things you could like than The Lion King, and to get a life of their own, instead of trying to control your life. P. S: Cool name;-D."
--Jacqueline, 13

"Nope. Why would I want to do that? I tell people what music I like, and they just look at me like Iím mad. I like Green Day (I have all their albums, I don't just love them because of American Idiot), My Chemical Romance, Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys, The Clash, The Ramones, Jimmy Eat World, Rancid, Alkaline Trio, Blink 182, Story Of The Year, Bowling For Soup, Panic! At The Disco, The Network, The Rasmus, Foo Fighters...yeah, a load more like that. So all the other people like pop, RnB, Hip-hop and all that stuff, which I hate. Although I hate labeling music, I like punk, pop-punk, rock, new wave and emo mostly. Also I dress differently, wear a lot of eyeliner and act differently, too. Nobody at school is anything like me."

"I fit in really well. Everybody knows my name."
--Molly, 9

"Kinda, but not that much, Ďcoz Iím different from everyone in lots of ways (for a start, I am, like, possibly the only girl in my year who absolutely HATES dancing)."
--Lucy, 11

"DUH!!!!!! Of course I fit in at my skool. I have TONS of friends and am popular. Wut more could I want? Oh ya, and there is all the cute guys crushing on me. So basically my skool life is PERFECT!!!!!"
--Daisy, 12

"No, Ďcause people pick on me. Do people pick on you?"
--Renee, 12

"I fit in just fine. Iím not a dork, but I wouldn't call myself very popular. Iím like 50% popular, but I fit in."
--Tatjana, 9

"I donít have a boyfriend. I have freckles, I have bangs, and I only have two good friends. So I donít fit in, do I?"
--EllenH, 10

"I really don't think so, because I have a weird feeling that I don't, because Iím smart. When we grade other kidís papers, no one will trade papers with me. So, I just only grade mine. I always wish I could fit in. But thanks to my dad, I have friends and Iím an A+ student in all my middle school classes. Now, I sort of fit in because Iím good at P. E. And Iím the fastest, and don't care if I fit in anymore."

"Everyone is friends with everyone in our class and we all love each other!"

"Iím pretty large, so I don't fit in. But at least Iím pretty popular and have lots of friends. That always helps."
--Paul, 13

"Oo, I follow the beat of my own drum. And Iím totally cool about it. I have friends who tell me what to do with myself to look cooler. But then I just ignore them and be, like, I think Iím pretty cool already."

"I fit in just fine."
--Tatjana, 9

"Iím kind of a black sheep in my friend groupÖ"

"I fit in, because I don't care if I do! My friends like me for who I am. And I like my friends for who they are."
--Deedee, 12

"There are people more popular than you, but is that what fitting in is about? The friends that count are the ones that will listen to you, and be there for you when you need to talk. Being a good friend means to listen and be there for your friends, it doesn't mean you have to be popular! Fitting in can mean that you are confident enough to be yourself, you don't NEED popularity to be happy. Lots of times, the more popular kids feel like they have to be better than others to be liked. But if you think about it, do you want people to spend time with you because they don't want you to spread rumors about them, or because they think you are a cool person? Yeah, I do fit in!"
--Anonymous, 12

"It all depends on wut u mean by Ďfitting in.í As a homeschooled girl, I don't always fit in in the things I do. My family is Christian, but not conservative or anything. I can't say whether I fit in or not - all I know is that I like the way things are 4 me."
--QueenKitten, 12

"Iím not a jock, or a nerd, or a dork, or popular. In fact, I don't know what I am. That's what I like about me :-)."
--Michael, 12

"No, I don't think that I fit in because I only have 5 friends."
--Amanda, 13

"To Jackie 12: if ur friends were really ur friends, they'd respect u. Do what u want and if they have a prob, diss them like they did to u. Iím weird, smart, have lots of friends from different kinds of social groups, am a bookworm and I donít fit in...and donít wanna either. If I do, how am I unique?"
--Elianne, 11

"I fit in on both sides. I am mostly into the group known as ĎThe Cool Ones.í I get tired of names. I hate it. Some of my best friends are known as the geeks. Yet some of my best friends are the popular kids. I don't know who to go with. There are a couple of people in the cool kids part that aren't mean. And in the other group there are some kids that are rude but the only reason they are rude is because people treat them differently!"
--Dream2sing, 11

"Nope, not at all. People in my school are mean to me all the time. I donít get upset about it. I just make new friends and find something else to do in school."
--Lena, 12

"I donít really know if I fit in or not. The other girls at my middle school have all had boyfriends and I havenít. And some people make fun of me for being smart, which I think is totally wack, Ďcuz whatís wrong with being smart??"
--Kat, 12

"Well I think that I fit in with my class."
--Sarah, 13

"I gave up loooooooooooooooong ago."

"Sorta. I have a lot of friends, but they are the outcasts (like me). I am kinda a punk (old school not pop punk)."
--Sam, 12

"I have lots of friends but I don't think I fit in, because I don't wear makeup or have clothes they haveÖ"
--Naomi, 12

"Sometimes, yes. I said sometimes. I feel like I don't fit in. Some of the kids at school still make fun of me because I love, I repeat, LOVE ĎThe Lion King.í It makes me want to die. This one time, I received a note from my close friend Rhiannon, and it said, ĎDear Jackie, I am writing this on behalf of Abby (my other friend) and me. We know you like The Lion King, but it seems that it is all you talk about, and Abby and I are getting sick of it. I talked to my mom about it last night, and she said that you are in your own little world. I will admit that I did that too at one point, but I would really appreciate it if we could find something else to talk about, such as Christmas or NAMS Jam. Please forgive us for avoiding you yesterday. Your Friend, Rhiannon.í I swear, I have never felt so upset in my life. My close friend and I have been together since fourth grade. I was afraid I was going to lose her as a friend. I'd HATE IT! When my dad got home from work that afternoon, I read him the note, and I was in tears. My dad suggested that I shouldn't talk about it anymore. And that's exactly what I did. I kept my mouth shut about it and it seemed to work pretty well. Rhiannon and I still fall out sometimes, but after a while, we make up again. Sure, the kids at my school sometimes make fun of me, but I tend to ignore it, or just laugh about it. Now that I've written about my situation on December 8th, I really think I fit in at school now."
--Jackie, 12

"Well, Iím not really sure. I mean, I have friends, but sometimes they double-cross me. Not often, though. But I've really had a hard time finding a very best friend in the whole world. But I think I finally have. But still, I don't know if I fit in."
--Molly, 10

"Sometimes I do, and sometimes I donít, depending on the day or mood Iím in. When Iím hipper and crazy I donít really, but if Iím normal I sort of do."
--Alleene, 12

"Like Iím really athletic, so I think I stand out. And there are a lot of athletic people in our school. And I have to tell the truth: I do think there are geeks in our school, and they donít like me that much. But with the people I hang out with, I fit in."
--Darien, 12

"No way! Iím nice, and in my school, rudeness rules...sadly."
--Amy, 12

"Hi! My name is Tamyra. I fit in school because I am smart and cool."
--Tamyra, 8

"I have only two friends and people call me dumb when Iím really smarter than them. I don't talk much either, or enter any contests or fun things. Do you think I don't fit in?"
--Taylor, 10

"Well I think that at my school I fit in, especially in my class, because all the kids in my class basically have the same personality."
--Blair, 11

"Do you have many people who hate you?"
--Hannah, 10

"No. I should be at a behavior skool becuz Iím really bad and I talk back and have an attitude problem!"
--Fanisica, 13

"Yes I fit in in school. Iím not real popular but Iím popular."
--Katrisha, 12

"No, I don't think I fit in at school."
--Rachel, 10

"No, not really."
--Ashley, 11

"Sometimes I feel like a complete outsider, and I feel like I don't belong, but every once in a while I feel like someone with lots of friends. It feels like people are only my friends to get answers on homework assignments."
--Bethany, 12

"Of course I fit in. I have a group of friends, an awesome school, and about everyone knows me. I mean, could it get any better?"
--Abby, 11

"I know I want to, because it's just easier that way. But Iím lots different from some people."
--Sarah, 11

"Yer, but sumtimes people say things to me about me beiní English, Ďcus Iím English and I go to a school in N. Ireland."
--Nicolle, 13

"We're all like spiders; we all find cozy corners to be in that fit us! I know it's dumb to compare us with spiders, but it's the only thing I can think of!"
--Michael, 12

"I feel that I fit in around my best friends in the whole world and I think that is all that should matter. We are ourselves around each other. We can say and do stupid stuff and not get made fun of. All that matters is that we fit in with each other."
--Melisa, 11

"Sometimes people make fun of me. What do I do?"
--Sarah, 10

"Yeah sure I fit in, sometimesÖ the girls aren't that nice, especially one. I feel like slapping her sometimes. I donít have many girl best friends, they are mostly boys. By the way: GO JESSICA, 11, I love Good Charlotte too. I also like Sum 41. My fave band has to be SIMPLE PLAN. Definitely. They rock!!!!!!!!!!!"
--Anonymous, 12

"I don't think I fit in at school because theyíre a bunch of wannabees in my grade. I just pretend they aren't there."
--Stephany, 11

"I have never gotten in trouble. In fact, I am very good in school. In our school everybody has their own groups that they hang out with. I sometimes forget my work or something, but I always make it up. Well I am just saying this: ĎThat somebody has their own group!í"

"I am in year 7 and so far I have got 19 detentions, lol."
--Claire, 12

"I fit in, in my group. You don't have to be popular to fit in. Just be yourself. It always works. ^-^."
--Kate, 11

"Yes, I do think I fit in at school, even though some boys started a nasty rumor about me. It has affected me. Iíve lost some friends because of that, but other than that I fit in at school."

"Who cares if you do or donít fit in at school? All thatís important is that youíre having fun enjoying yourself and getting a good education. Try your best at school. It may not sound cool but think about the future. Would you rather be a underpaid office worker or work in a highly paid well respected job which you love because you are working in the profession in which you want to? Iím friends with everyone at my school even the teachers. Who cares if youíre popular or not? Big deal. Want 20 cents so you can call someone who cares? Just relax, be yourself and have fun!"
--Maddie, 13

"When I first went to 6th grade I had a lot of people looking at me. Then I said ĎWassup ya'll Vickyís in the house!í They all laughed and then everyone said hi and told me their names. Iím always popular because of my personality. I have a lot of friends, and even though Iím popular, I still hang out with kids who aren't popular. Iím really nice."
--Vicky, 11


"I actually fit in pretty well (not to brag!) and the trick to it's not d8ting 7 different guys it's being nice and friendly to everybody (including dorky people!)."
--Olivia, 11

"I do fit in my school. The reason is because I have a lot of people that I know. So no matter what, I always have somebody to talk to. The school I go to is Curtiss middle school. It's both Magnet and Academy."
--Andrea, 12

"I donít know where I belong. Some people are nice to me, some people nice. I donít know what to do!"
--Hilary, 11

"Not at all. I don't fit in in school. Everyone in my class thinks Iím too quiet or something or they try to avoid me. I call myself an outcast at least. So yeah, I don't fit in, and I bet I never will."
--Kathleen, 11

"No. I think that my friends donít fit either. We are all what they call in my country ĎRechas.í If you want to know what country I am from, the answer is Guatemala."
--Pablo, 11

"I am in the 'freaks' group at school (we call it that ourselves) but I do fit in. I get along w/ pretty much everyone. My locker partner is in the Goth/Punk crowd and she is nice and I have an email buddy who is with the popular group. The popular guys bother me (except for a few) but the popular girls are OK because I hung out w/ them in elementary school. I don't really have enemies because I think it is stupid to have enemies. Peace."
--ScottishCat, 13

"Iím all rock. I don't care what anyone thinks. The best thing is to not fit in. Be yourself :D:D. No Good Charlotte stinks. GREEN DAY ROCKSSS HARDER."
--Aaliyah, 12

"I wouldn't say Ďfit in,í I would say Ďaccepted by other girls for who I am.í I don't try to be accepted by dressing cool (although sometimes my style is like that of other girls), I just try to be nice and make people laugh, and I think that's what helps me make friends. But really, I don't believe in listening to the same music and wearing the same clothes as Ďthe cool peopleí if you don't like it. If everyone was exactly the same, what fun would it be?"
--Kiera, 10

"I personally don't think I do because Iím a quote Ďband geek.í But of course I get taken advantage of since I've got a right brain. I don't enjoy 7th grade. Nor do my friends. I can't wait until high school!"
--Katie, 12

"Iím homeschooled but I still go to a home school school and there nobody doesn't fit in. Well there is this really annoying boy, but we're starting to make friends. Still none of the girls don't fit in. We're always this big group of new friends and we're never mean! We don't bully! My academy is 100% perfect from the pre-schoolers to the high-schoolers IT'S ALL GOOD!"
--Jenny, 10

"Sometimes I do, sometimes no. I have friends and I get bullied sometimes like most everyone does. Bye!!!!!!!"
--Lili, 11

"Yes, I do fit in perfectly because I am one of the nicest people in my class. I am one of the popular girls but I am also friends with everybody, no matter if they fit in or not."
--Christa, 11

"Yeah, but I don't fit in in math subject that I hate in school, and even stupid Dare too. But I don't fit in when my friend is in the way of my locker. It takes him a long time to get out of my way. I hate it when he does that. It makes me mad at him."
--Amanda, 10

"In our class everyone fits in. Weíre all friends but we also each have are own bff. The bff groups go: Talia and Samisa, Cori and Isabel, Shabeli and Maria, Yewilky and Luis, and Angel and Brian. Even the boys r our friends."
--Anonymous, 13

"Yes, and it doesnít matter because all people are different."
--Brenna, 11

"Not really."
--Kellie, 11

"I don't really know. I mean- I am pretty smart and I make everything sound educational. But I have a sense of humor, and all of my friends are fond of me, so I'd say I fit in all right."

"All the popular kids now are turning into punks with all the Good Charlotte, Sum 41 fans and the skateboarders. That might be good because they don't have labels and do what seems right at the time and yes, I am popular. I don't mean that in a snobbish way but the best place to go is Le Chateau. They have the coolest clothes! A lot of boys like me because I'm the kind of girl that's pretty, dresses cool and is flawless. But yeah I'm mostly punk. GOOD CHARLOTTE ROCKS! Woo-hoo!"
--Jessica, 11

"No way! Why would I want to fit in? The whole point of going to school is being your own self and not copying everybody at school. Hey, I'm probably the only girl in my grade at school who wears skirts willingly. People who act like everyone else are boring, and more often than not they lie about being like everyone else. They say stuff that isn't true. Lots of the time you end up not wanting to be with them."

"Do I fit in? In a way I do. I fit in with certain groups. Everybody does. There's the popular kids, then there's the more easy going kids who don't care so much about their looks (that's my group), then there's the geeks and the gothic peeps. I figure that from a popular kid's point of view, everybody below them is 'geek material,' but why are they called popular anyway? I mean, nobody really likes them!"
--Cristina, 9

"I know I fit in at school because I'm homeschooled. I have school at home and my mom is my teacher."
--Sarah, 11

"I'm not sure if I fit in. My friend and I are so smart (I'm the smartest) and we stand out. I get 5 schools to choose from for junior high and one of them is in the GATE program."
--Krissy, 11

"Yes, I think I do."

"I never had any friends after we moved to California. Everyone always picked on me. Now I have lots of friends."

"I fit in but I know what you mean if you don't. I think itís wrong to leave someone out because of how they look or talk. Try very hard not to leave anybody out unless they act like theyíre better than you or something like that. You should always be nice to everyone no matter what."
--Coral, 9

"Of course. I have a lot friends and Iím really good at sports and get good grades. I think I fit in fine."
--Lynn, 11

"Okay, so I'm not the girl who is replying and saying that she's in grade 6, but I'm in first year, a freshman student! MUHAHAHAHA! Just joking! Well I kinda think I fit in and I'm also a teacher's pet."
--Angela, 12

"I would say I'm the most popular girl at our schoolÖOK person. I'm in the highest grade and I know everyone. I'm pretty, smart, and have a popular bf. He's the most popular boy. So praise me, lol, just kidding about the last sentence."
--Natalia, 11

"I think I fit in at my school because I have a very nice teacher and very good friends."
--Erin, 9

"I think there are different Ďcrowdsí that the students at my school are all in. I'm in a mix. I'm in with the Dark and Grim crowds and the Politicians to Be. The Dark and Grim mainly because everyone thinks I'm obsessed with serial killers, vampire bats and the color black. I'm with the Politicians to Be because, well, it's rather obvious."
--Larina, 12

"Actually I do and donít. I donít because I am picked on and people cut in front of me in line and donít really invite me to join a game or to a party."
--Kaylee, 10

"I fit in with most of the girls at my school. They all admire the way I dress like a fortune-teller and are curious about my strange way of living. The boys see my individuality as a weakness. They call me ĎFuturama girlí and gossip about me relentlessly. Who cares? I fit in with myself and that's what is important."
--Trixie, 11

"I know a lot of kids and people I don't even know come up to me and say hi."
--Alyx, 10

"I sorta fit in at school. I mean I have my friends but I'm not popular. Who wants to be popular anyways?"

"I think I fit in perfectly. I donít get bullied around."
--Jessica, 10

"I really don't care whether I fit in or not. In 5th grade I walked in the classroom with my head down because everybody was like, ĎOMG Chelsea's in this class.í Now I'm in 6th grade, I had my head held high and walked to my desk quietly."
--Chelsea, 11

"I don't fit in at school because people are preppy and I'm a gothic person who scares everyone away. It could come to good use like I had a preppy friend and she turned Goth because she liked the way I looked and after about 4 months everyone started to respect me for the way I am. I was accepted for who I was. I guess Iím trying to say donít criticize people for their looks. Get to know them, then if you donít like them for who they are, then you can criticize."

"I fit in at school because I have a girlfriend and she is going to kiss me when I am 14. I am lucky."
--Matthew, 11

"DUH YEAH! I am the most popular girl in the 7th grade and four boys in my grade have a crush on me and two 8th graders do too. Iím going out with the most popular 8th grader and Iím in 7the grade."
--Jamie, 12

"NO. I don't think anyone fits in at school because we are all different in our own ways."
--Bre, 11

"I am in Middle School and I love it. Itís a big step. I fit in at my old elementary school and I had a lot of friends. As I moved to middle school I lost those friends and made a lot of new ones. So if you donít fit in now and you are in elementary school, just wait and you will have a lot more friends when you move to middle school."
--Bridget, 12

"Since I started middle school I don't fit in at all. I don't care."
--Katherine, 13

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