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Are you nervous about starting high school? How do you deal with it?
-- From Aamina, 12

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High School: The Big Kahuna!
Maybe you're starting high school in the fall, or maybe it's a few years down the road. Either way, we all have our worries:

Erin, 12, says: "Being teased, laughed at, bullied, and most of all not having anyone to be there for you makes me really nervous."

Topics on High School:
The Big Kahuna!
Getting Prepped
Bigger, Faster, More
Small Fish-Again
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Margo's Story
From the Mentors
Freshman in High SchoolNicholas, 11, told us that he's "nervous about the fights. I saw some high school kids get in a fight once. It was scary."

"I'm nervous about all the homework," says Natalie, 10,
"and getting closer to college."

Adds Nikki, 12: "What I don't like is that you're the youngest again like back in kindergarten."

Sound familiar? Yep, high school is a larger world. It's the big time, the top o' the heap, the major wave. It brings new expectations and responsibilities, but high school also offers fresh chances to make friends, try new sports and activities, and really explore who we are as individuals.

So, never fear-IML is here! We've got lots of advice that will help you prepare, plan, and know what to expect during your leap to high school.

Printables Record your thoughts and feelings about high school with a printable IML Journal page. You can also do the "High School" Word Search, or check out a list of great books on the subject.
Our thanks to Dr. Patrick Akos, Assistant Professor, School of Education, UNC Chapel Hill, for his contribution to this topic.

Let's start by Getting Prepped!

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High School, Hollywood Style
High School, Hollywood Style
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What worries you most about starting high school?
All the homework
       and studying.
Pressure to earn
       good grades.
Pressure to fit in
       and make friends.

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