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Embarrassing Moments
What's the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you at school?

We got so many answers to this question that we ran out of room! Take a look at what others had to say, and send us your response on other topics.

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“Once in year 3 I got dressed for school but I forgot to put some my underwear on but I didn’t realized it so I hoped in the car and went to school. When I got to school I played soccer with my friends but when the ball came to me I put my leg up and everybody saw I was not wearing any underwear so since my friend live near by we went out off school and went into her house and she let me borrow her underwear.”
--Lisa, 11

“My most embarrassing moment was during a prize giving at the end of the year. So the whole school comes and the parents. Anyway I was sitting at the front beside the stage and they announced this really special award and they said my name so I went up to get it and it turned out it was this other girl but I had hear the name wrong! The worst was having to walk back to my seat because everyone was whispering about it! I'll never ever live that one down!”
--Courtney, 12

"2 words: Motion Sickness. We were on a school field trip and I was sick all day. Once we finally got off the bus I threw up and everyone at school saw.”

“When I was in class the teacher was doing something on the overhead and I had to pee real bad and I let out a little to wet my pants and when she was done I ask and I went to the bathroom and when I came back they had a little wet puddle and everybody laugh but soon forgot except foe some.”

“When I liked this guy I put a poem into his locker telling him that I liked him. And before 2nd period it was all the way around the school.”
--Casandra, 12

“We were at lunch and I ate to much food and had gas and so when we went to the room I kept holding it in and my was hurting real bad and me and my friends were passing notes in class and my friend passed the note and she dropped it and I bended over and farted real loud.”
--Armani, 12

“Well, it was the day that I was supposed to take my medicine. So my mom had to bring the medicine to school that day, and she happened to come while I was at lunch. So, in front of everyone in the cafeteria, they announced my name and said that I needed to go to the office. And then EVERYONE was staring at me as I was walking out of the cafeteria because they thought that I was in trouble. That was my most embarrassing moment at school so far this year.”
--Dakota, 12

“I was with my twin bro Ryan in the hall I had to ask him a question I tripped and fell on top of him! : (.”
--Emma Grace, 11

“I was feeling sick to my stomach at lunch so instead of eating I drank a bunch of milks to try to make my stomachache stop. Then I felt really sick and put my hand over my mouth and ran to the bathroom and puked. I felt better but when we got back in class I started to feel sick again. I threw up right on my desk. It smelled so bad the teacher had to evacuate the room and I puked again out in the hall...”
--Carl, 12

“All my embarrassing things mostly happen because of my bullies and their brothers. But out of all, the most embarrassing moment is when two out of five made me very embarrassed, is when they teased me by saying I loved someone who I met in first grade, but he was in second grade. Ever since, even if they are my bullies, I still am on my search for their friendship because I believe once he was my friend. But even if they are mean, I can be meaner, but only if I am very, very mad and if I am in a very bad mood and I am often both...”
--Alexis. M, 9

“I got pushed over by a girl from our school in the park and it was just TOOOOOOOOOOO embarrassing and horrible and I was alone so I just started crying...GRRR. She took me by surprise coz she crept up on me and my m8 had gone home.”
--Mozan, 12

“My most embarrassing moment was in 3rd grade when I was sitting at my desk and my crush came up and asked for a pencil. I couldn't say anything.”
--Brooke, 10

“This was really embarrassing and funny at the same time: I went to a pantomime with my girl scouts and it was really hot in the theatre and we were all eating sweets and getting hyper and laughing and being weirdoes! Anyway, I had these chocolates and one fell on my seat during the show and when I got up at the interval there was melted chocolate all over the seat and it looked like you know what...! The scout leaders and this guy in the row in front were all teasing me and saying aww Je Ju you should have gone before the show. My bffs Minta and Val were laughing their heads off especially when I got up and it was on my trousers too! Oh it was absolutely hilarious when Val tried to scrape it off the seat...”
--Je Ju, 12

“When my boy friend passed a note to me in class. It said, “Hey cutie!”.”
--No namer, 9

"Ick. I keep remembering MORE moments that I've been trying to forget. Well, prepare yourselves for a joyfest, sadists.”

“Once I sneezed AND farted at the same time! DURING A TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
--Michael, 13

“I would say I had never had a embarrassing moment. I know a guy in my class feel out of a chair sideways and everyone laughed. But it wasn't funny I guess!”
--Nischa, 11

“I fell down on my butt.”
--Debbie, 10

“When my mom started teaching *********.”

“I was running for class president and was walking around the school on my break, handing out flyers. My friend was also there, and I was also holding this huge sign that said 'Vote ______ ______ for class president! ' Well, all of the classes have windows, so she grabbed it from me, and held it up to one of the class windows. It just so happens that my parents and I knew the class’s teacher!”
--MissMonkey, 00

“The most embarrassing day at school was when I told my crush's classmate hat I liked my crush! She told him and my crush and his best friend chased me! I had to confess that I liked him. My friends gave him piece of their mind and tried to cheer me up. Now my cru and I are great friends because of that embarrassing day...”
--Olivia, 8

“Barfing in class. I got up to run to the bathroom but I wasn't going to make it so I tried to run to the teacher’s trashcan. I left a trail of barf across the whole classroom. A bellyache at school is the worst...”
--Bryan, 12

“Americangirl: You were in your school play? What was it called? When did you do it? I love plays. They're really fun. : ).”
--MissMonkey, 11

“I was up in front of class, giving a presentation when I got really really nervous! So I started sweating more than usual...Long story made short the whole class saw my horrific pit stains!!! And that was including my hot crush!”

“My dad was taking me to school, and my dad was driving too fast, in is car, and we got pulled over, in front of the school, and some of my friends walked passed the car, and the police had me stay in the car, and my friends laughed at me, and said, YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL, and I felt embarrassed.”
--Tyson, 8

“Once in pre-school the teacher was reading us Little Red Riding Hood. When it got to the big bad wolf gobbling up grandma I was so scared I peed myself. Everybody started laughing and I cried and peed some more.”
--Anon, 11

“One time when I was at lunch I was all about Steve Irwin and someone said I wanted to MARRY him and I started crying.”
--Vanya, 8

“When my family and I went to get a tree from the emporium one day, and after we had picked one out a guy with red hair and braces came to strap it on top of the car. The guy must have been like 15 or 16, and all of a sudden my little sister blurts out “Rachel, he has braces just like you, you two should get married!” I turned beat red and jumped into the car waiting for my dad to pull away. It was soooo embarrassing and now I can't stand going to that place.”
--Rachel, 13

“One day I was at my mom's school and I had 2 go 2 da bathroom. I went 2 da the boy's bathroom and 3 boys where in there. And that's not the bad part, it was the toilet you stand in front of.”
--Herstudentsknowme, 10

“OK, I confess, I have a huge crush on a guy called James in school, and one time my friend passed me a note in school that said “Who do you like?” and I wrote back “I like James" and when I passed it back my teacher saw and grabbed it and read it out loud like she does when she sees us passing notes and everyone heard I liked James and I was SO embarrassed!!!!!”
--Cassie, 9

“Ok well one time in the 4th grade (I’m in the 6th grade now) we had free time at the end of the day and there were some dress up clothes and it was time to clean up and I had a dress up skirt on but when I pulled the skirt off to put it back in the box, my pants went down with it but luckily only 1 boy named Riley saw it (I think).”
--Blair, 12

“Farting in front of the whole class.”
--Melissa, 9

“This isn't about me, but my friend Abby was walking home and the really annoying kid Andrew deliberately spilled his water bottle on her and everyone thought she peed in her pants.”
--Melissa, 9

“Once in fifth grade, I was in a group with my crush. So I’m like " Okay, lets get to work!” So he's like, " Okay. Get the paint, Sabrina!” But Sabrina wasn't me, though. So then my friend, Dylan was in my group, too! So now I got some alone time with the boys. So I looked at my crush and I meant to say “I like your shirt!” But I said" You and Dylan are hot! Wanna go to my house?” Then he's like. ”Ummm...” My face turned red and I literally stopped breathing! So I said" Looks like Sabrina needs help with the water and paint, BYE!” And I RAN!!!!!!!!!!! The end!”
--Christina, 11

“Talk about embarrassing my mom wuz going to pick me up and she brought my brother and he started shouting things that don’t make sense and the whole 3rd grade knew I was related to a total maniac.”
--Selena, 8

“My worst day of school was when I was in kindergarten I ate cafeteria food and I threw up on my teacher that’s why I packed my lunch ever since and that was on my first day of school the good thing was my teacher always treated me the same as the others still.”
--Taylor, 10

“I was in the boy's room taking a pee when the bell rang to go to the first class. I left the boy's room and as I was walking down the hall, both boys and girls were pointing to me and laughing. Finally, my sister told me my zipper was down. I looked down at my zipper and the front of my tighty whities were in full view. I pulled my zipper up and all day the girls especially laughed at me all day. So very embarrassing now that they know what kind of underpants I wear.”
--Ted, 12

"Last year in 6th grade I was taking a test and had drank a lot before the test I had to go to the bathroom sooooo bad I asked my teacher if I could go and she said no I ended up wetting my pants pee was everywhere all the kids giggled I almost cried I could have died lol.”
--Katie, 13

“I toot a lot.”

“It was in class when I was peacefully leaning in my chair, and suddenly, my hands let go of my desk! I slipped, still hitting my head on the desk behind me, and fell. Not only did it hurt, but everybody was laughing at me! The teacher sent me to the office, which only gave me an icepack. But when it was all watery in my hands during class, it opened and spilled all over my jeans! I had to go to the office again and my mommy brought me new jeans, but they were from last year! She went home to get new ones and I had to listen to the most boring music ever in the office! When my mommy came back, I put them on and went back to class. Unfortunately, I had missed recess and 2 tests! The worst part is, I had to do it during lunch recess when I had brought in my homework for the first time in the whole year! I hoped that tomorrow would be better!”
--Gloria, 9

“Well, 1 day I was talking to my best friend, Lucy, on the bus. We were talking about boys[SOOOO CUUUUUTE! ]who we thought were HOT! Then I said that I thought this boy, Kevin, was PIPIN HOT! And guess what? He was sitting in the seat behind us!!! It was SOOO embarrassing!!!!”
--Why me?

"I Once I peed in my pants because the teacher didn’t let me go to the bathroom. 2. In recess I fell over and landed on a boy. Every one thought I kissed him!! 3. In school there was this baseball game in March and I was the first batter. The ball came at me and I swung the bat really hard but I missed. Then I saw everyone giggling at me. I thought because in was me missing the ball but when I looked down at me pants, I saw my BARBIE underwear.”
--No name, 10

“I once went skating with my grandma, all of a sudden the DJ plays some kind of kung-fu music. Suddenly my grandma starts doing karate chops. I stop her before the kids behind her see it. (plus there was a cute boy! ).”
--Alaysa, 10

“I actually started to cry in my English class because of an essay that I wrote about my grandmother dieing and my teacher took me into the hall to talk and also got the councilor to help.”

“On our Field Day at school, I wore tight jeans. I was running and my pants split. I had to wear my coach's jacket and go to the office to see if I could get some other pants. I got a hold of my aunt who brought me uncomfortable basketball pants. When I got back to my team, everyone was laughing at me!”
--Vanna, 12

“I was in class one day and I’m a very good, quiet student. The whole class was silent and all of a sudden my cell phone rang with this ultra dorky ringtone during class. I started to panic and turned red (I don't turn red) and when the teacher looked at me all I could say (shaking terribly) was " You want it?” How embarrassing!!!”
--Someone, 12

“It was lunch time and I was in fourth grade, everyone was getting up and following the teacher and I was too busy talking to some other kids to notice anyone getting up and leaving. Once I did notice them leaving I ran trying to catch up I slipped on some squished string beans!!!”
--Trenidee, 11

“I was in the middle of the moment of silence and all of a sudden I let out a poofer it stank and every one just looked at me and laughed I tried to never go to school again but of course I had to.”
--Bell, 12

“I was playing basketball with my friends and one of them pushed me so I fell on the ground then when I turned over I farted loud enough for them all to hear!!!!!!!”
--Yamin, 8

“We were doing are school play and I had to sing a solo. It was my turn and I went on to stage and waited for the music to start and I farted real loud!!!!!! The children, parents, AND teachers were there and they all laughed at me!!! When the music started I went RED and ran of the stage!!!! It was really embarrassing and my friends STILL laugh about it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
--Violet, 8

“The most embarrassing moment I had was when I went to school with a big rip in my pants and I didn’t notice until math class [which is in the afternoon].”
--Charlie, 11

“It was the school play and I had to bend over to light a fire suddenly I let out a huge fart!!!!!! All the parents and teachers were there and they all laughed!!!!!!!!! I was so embarrassed I ran of stage and someone else had to do my part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“I'd say when people make fun of me, friends make me look bad and all the bad rumors going around about me.”
--Jake, 12

“I was with my friend Beiley and we saw who could take the lid off a Oreo, lick the icing (We both chewed it off) and then eat the lids. Well, it was REALLY funny so we couldn’t stop laughing so we both peed on ourselves (Mostly me), it came out my nose, it got on the floor and, I FARTED!!! (Which made us laugh more) --Embarrassed §helby!!!”
--§helby, 11

“When I was doing gymnastics in front of my crush, I tripped, fell, and skinned my knee. Afterwards, he came up to me and said that I stink.”
--Brianna, 9

“When I was on the bus, (it was a REALLY long bus ride) my stomach started to hurt REALLY REALLY bad. Couple minutes later I puked all over myself. Luckily, we just got to the museum and I rushed to the restroom I threw up 2 times while going there. I felt horrible.”
--2 embarrassed to tell, 9

"My orchestra teacher taught in two different elementary schools in the same district. So when the whole orchestra had to play in front of a few judges, my teacher combined the two orchestras together. At the time, I had a crush on this guy in orchestra and my friend, Andrea ( who was in the other school's orchestra) knew about it. During our first practice, Andrea sat behind me. My teacher was taking attendance and when she called out my crush's name, Andrea said 'Is that who you like? ', this boy who was sitting near us was like 'Ooooooooooh! '. I was like 'Andrea! '. She had thought everyone knew about my crush! I avoided my crush for the rest of the week, afraid of him finding out the truth. Later a girl who sitting near me in orchestra told me she had told another girl who promised not to tell. Now I never tell anyone my crushes!” .”
--Jackie, 10

“I accidentally kicked someone under the table and bumped their food and they sent me to the principal and I got in bigger trouble because I said I didn’t know what I did.”
--Miranda, 9

“One time I was going to my next class and it was study hall, and then my crush was there and when my teacher was calling role, I told her that she forgot to call me and she said I was in her class the next day, and I walked out and I was thinking that my crush was going to laugh at me and so are his friends...”
--Caroline, 13

“When I’m trying out for something and I don't make it.”
--Breanna, 13

“In 4th grade *I’m in 5th now* it was near the end of the school year, and that day we had a fire evacuation. When my class went onto the recess field, I was wearing flip-flops. The grass *ground* was wet from the light rain the day before. As I ran, I SLIPPED ONTO THE MUDDY GROUND! Lol, I wore flip-flops, which was what made me slip! Everyone I knew was like, are u ok, Judy! ? Oh my god! Lol. My best friend brought me to the nurse after. That was soo embarrassing...”
--Judy, 10

“The most embarrassing thing that EVER happened to me was when my friend pushed me over to my crushes seat...And you know what happened? yep! I could barley speak all I could say was “Uh, dow hus wour pay!!! " I was so embarrassed that I ran away!”
--Magome, 9

“Well this is not really embarrassing but hey it could be one day. I told one of my friends Nichole that I have a crush on our math teacher's son his name is Brandon Collins and he knows but Nichole is kind of a blabbermouth when it comes to guys. I made her promise not to tell anyone but I don't know if she can keep a secret this big...”
--Skater Dude

“When I was in 3rd grade, we were having a spelling test, and apparently I was sick and threw up in front of everyone. Also once I think my underwear showed threw my skirt so everyone saw my underwear and I didn't even notice. X (.”
--Kathleen, 11

“Just today in school I was taking a math test and the room was silent and I let out this huge FART!”
--Katt, 11

“When I was sitting in my ninth period math class we were getting ready to go home. I pulled on my zwipes notebook to put it in my bad but then me and everyone else heard a really loud squeak. Everyone looked at me funny and started laughing! They thought I farted!!!!!”
--Kelly, 12

“The most embarrassing thing I can think of was last year when a cute boy was talking to me at lunch and I spilled chocolate milk on my tan jeans and I had to go around school the whole day with chocolate milk on my jeans.”

“Lots of embarrassing things happen to me! One time I fell over the steps in gym, and another time the teacher told me to go to a certain table and I went to wrong one! Every one laughed.”

“At school I went to swim class and I forgot that I needed my swimsuit. Luckily my friend had two and she gave me one. It was too big. It also felt like I had nothing on. I dove in the water and it CAME RIGHT OFF! I didn't know I was naked until I came out of the water. I jumped back in but so did everyone else. Everyone saw because I was standing with my eyes closed and the teacher wasn't there. I was like that for a long time. I forgot about it and I walked out. I still had my eyes covered but I forgot why. After 1 hour I opened my eyes and everyone was looking at me. I looked down and turned red. That was the worst day of my life.”
--No name, 13

“The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me @ skool was when I was on ESPN. Com and I was looking at NO Saints stuff for my dad and my brother Aaron blurts out Kelis is in luv wit Reggie bush!”

“I was in gym class when I started my first period I was wearing white short when one of the boys said why is a red mark on your short did you spill something I was so embarrassed.”
--Clarissa, 12

“We were in art and I didn't feel good. I had a sick tummy but I waited too late to tell the teacher. Then I threw up all over the floor in front of my easel. It made a loud sound and splashed on 2 other girls. Everyone saw. I was so embarrassed.”
--Kasey, 11

“I don't know if YOUR school has this, but at my school, they have Candy Grams you can send to someone as a Christmas gift. Well, I sent one to my friend, Erin, and I accidentally sent it to the wrong class (Rats! ) People have been taunting me about that, but the GOOD news is that there are no rumors!”
--Michael, 13

“I have no idea.”
--Wade, 12

“One of my best friends was joking around in class and she wrote a note that said that I liked a boy (but he's my friend) I didn't want him to see it so I crumpled it up and put it in my desk. But I forgot to take it out when we went to the next class! A Girl who sat there in the next class who sat there found it and told the boy! I thought that he would never talk to me again but he does now. I don't think he even remembers it!”

“I tripped over a Tinker Toy when I was visiting some kindergarteners. Aside from that, my pants fell down and they found out I had underwear with DOGGIES on it!! : (.”
--Muffi, 12

“This didn't happen to me, it happened on Barney. A kid fell down on his side and it sounded like a 'kabonk' sound. I laughed so hard I even said it was a Barney classic!”
--Coin, 11

“One time, in 4th grade we had a really mean, strict teach. && we had a test,, so she wouldn't let us go to the bathroom so I really needed to go & I was like about to burst && all of a sudden I just burst & I pee all over myself and my seat...Luckily I don’t think any1 saw me I walked around the whole school saying my pants were supposed to look like that? ! ? !”
--Horseeluverrbabii, 12

"2 words: WRONG CLASSROOM!!!!!”
--Brandy, 11

“I was walking with my boyfriend and the ground was icy and I fell and it hurt really bad.”

“The most embarrassing thing that happened at school is when me and my friend were laughing (I had a cold at the time. ) and I blew out from my nose and this snot came out! And we were laughing for a long time. Anyway I thought that is was REALLY embarrassing.”
--Christine, 10

“Dear IML, I have my own website it doesn't share any personal info, it's about friendship troubles. I really want to show it to other IMLers but does it count as personal info?”
--KHpig (last time)

Message from IML: Hi KHpigs! (Please don’t leave, we love all your comments!) Why don’t you post the address of your website and we will take a look at it, then find out if we’re allowed to put up the address? Thanks!

“At my school concert last year, my pants were too loose and they FELL DOWN!!! I was SOOOO embarrassed, and EVERYONE SAW IT!!!!”
--No name please, 12


“In 1st grade I spilled a bowl of ice cream and landed on it. I landed on my butt and the teacher said to go to the principal’s office.”
--Volley6, 21

“I peed on myself in class.”
--John, 8

“I homeschool now, but things in my Church Choir are similar to school things. The most embarrassing thing that happened there would either be when I spent about 5 seconds staring at a fourth-grade girl, or when we were doing our program, and I breathed heavily into my mic.”
--Dillon, 12

“My most embarrassing moment in school was when I sneezed an milk came out of my nose all over my brand new, just bought shirt, almost everyone liked! The nurse gave me a X-large red shirt!”

“We have seating arrangements in band based on how good we play our instrument. Everyone said that I was really good and would get a high seat. I got LAST SEAT! The worst part was, my crush got first seat!”
--Mariah, 12

“I farted REALLY loud in a school play. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EMBRASSING!!!!”
--Kate, 12

“Two words...CRUSH & DISASTER!!! Can u figure it out? ACK!!!”
--Dahlz, 10

“In first grade I had a tummy ache and I was too scared to tell the teacher. I felt soooo sick. Then I puked all over my desk and myself. I just sat there with puke all over me crying. Then a few minutes later I puked again.”
--John, 10

“The most embarrassing thing that happened to me in school was when I stole keys from my teacher and flushed them down the toilet she was Jamaican and that was the most embarrassing thing that happened to me at school.”

“One day me and my friends were sitting outside waiting for the bus, when we saw a dandelion seed flying through the air. We wanted to see who could catch it to make a wish. So we all chased after it. My pants were really big on me so I jumped up to catch it, but my pants fell down and I tripped on them. The bus was just pulling up so EVERYONE saw. It was sooo embarrassing!”

“The most embarrassing thing that’s happened to me in school is blushing at boys.”

“At lunch in school my boyfriend started kissing me and my teacher was right there!!”
--No name, 13

“The most embarrassing thing that EVER happened to me was when at my school's assembly, I was supposed to go onstage but, I didn't here my name! SO every1 started laughing when I finally ran up on stage. : >o.”

“Well my teachers are VERY young and the same height as all the kids are so one day I saw my girlfriend who wasn't suppose to be back in a week and I went running up to her and kissed her on the lips next thing I know I looked up and it was the SCHOOL NURSE!!! And she just had to be doing an on tape interview and the person who was taping it was the most COOLEST PERSON IN THE SCHOOL!!! BY Friday the whole school knew (even my girlfriend) trust me I never went to the nurse again.”
--Mynameis..., 13

“I came back from the bathroom and I was talking to my friend, she said Lindsay what is in your pants and it was toilet paper!!!!!!!!”
--Lindsay, 11

“After school, actually...I was walking home and listening to my Ipod, and I started dancing because I thought no one was watching. Of course, someone's always there right behind you when you're dancing or playing the air guitar. The person looked at me like I was crazy! LOLZ! XD.”
--NubTheMadhatter, 13

“This may seem too embarrassing for it to really happen but it did!!! I was in the school play and I had to change from a girl to a Princess so all I had 2 do was lift up the dress I was wearing and reveal the prom dress I was wearing under it. Well when I took it off I accidentally took off my prom dress too! I was standing there in my bra & undies!!! It was rehearsal though but it was still embarrassing!!!”

“I was at my school, when I was 10, in math, I was studying my arithmetic and all of a sudden, I puked and I farted at the same time!!!! I was laughed at until I turned 10 years old!!!!”
--Kassie, 10

“I was in my school's Geography Bee in sixth grade and I wore a nice outfit with high-heeled boots. When we were taking a break, I was talking to my friend and decided to go get a cookie. My heel on my boot slipped and I fell forward- right at the feet of this guy who thinks I like him, but I don't! Everyone in the place started laughing. I laughed too because I thought it was funny. It was embarrassing, but very funny.”

“My embarrassing moment is when everyone threw food away perfect and you miss the trash a long distance away...And everyone laughs at u...And when a friend splits her pants........”
--Tiffany , 13

“I’m pretty much a tomboy and my bf is a girly girl. So when she decorated our locker (cuz we share 1) with girly stuff it looked like I did it too so then a guy friend of mine came up to me and said “Oh so ur a poser hahaha" then he told every1 and now I can’t play soccer or football at skool anymore: (.”
--Sierra, 10

“Well this just happened today. The boy who likes me and I don't like back told me he likes me. It went like this: I was sitting in my table coloring something and he goes “Why don't you like me?" and I say “Because I don’t". (10 second pause) Then I ask “Since when do you care?" and he says" Because I like you.” and then he starts crying. It is a side I have never seen of him. He is always acting so macho. And he started crying!!! So ya. I just wanted the world to know. If you want to reply just call me tomgurl. No1 copy my name!!! It’s copyrighted! (lol) Sorry my message is so long! : o.”

“My most embarrassing moment was when I was in the fifth grade and I was mad at my best friend and she told this really hot guy that I had a picture of him and that I made out with it every night.”
--Bailey, 11

“We were playing softball in P. E. I hit the ball really hard and began to run. Somewhere between home and first base I fell down face forward! I was scratched up pretty bad, but I still made it to first base!”
--Amanda, 12

“I was playing with my friends at school, and I fell over myself!”
--Karen, 11

“Well, I’m home schooled, but I think when it comes to embarrassing things, I’m unlucky! Here's some: 1. I had a crush on this 15 year old, except he has a girlfriend, one time I went to the park with them (they were babysitting me) and I got in a baby swing, AND GOT STUCK! He had to pull me out and it took about 20 minutes! 2. I went to Montana in the summer. And stopped by a Target, It was 120 degrees and I threw up on the sidewalk! Then in the bathroom! It was gross and I felt bad for the cute guy cleaning it up! 3. My big brother’s girlfriend came over with her family (witch includes a 13 year old brother that’s cute) and the mom was talking to my mom outside and the mom stepped back to lean on her car, but she missed and backed into the street! I laughed so hard and couldn’t stop until I farted REALLY loud and peed my pants! Every one laughed at me (except the 13 year old) and I ran inside and changed my underwear and pants!”
--Maria, 11

“I had to sit on the carpet in front of everyone!”
--Joanna, 9

“When I cried because of the teacher yelling at me.”
--Breanna, 13

“Last year I was playing on the playground with my friends Saumya, Jessica, Lourdes and Mikhaela. I pretended to say homework is good. Jessica thought I was saying “Could you hold my bra". That was embarrassing!”
--PopularGirl, 9

“Aly (13) I think that would be embarrassing. Totally embarrassing!;).”
--Winnie , 12

“In 2nd grade I was in the field at recess and I needed to go to the restroom bad. The field was far away from the bathrooms. I ran to every one of the girl’s restrooms and all of the stalls in each restroom were being used. Everyone saw me run into the boy’s restroom by mistake and I ran right out. After all that running I had to pee really bad. Everyone saw me while I peed my pants in front of the whole school. I had to stay in the wet clothes for the whole day. Then the next day I came and took an important test on a computer and I couldn't leave and I had to pee again. I wet myself and I cried after the test>.”
--Marisa, 9

“We were taking a test and I didn't realize how long I was taking and it was a pretty simple test. After like...3 hours my teacher said who is STILL working on the test. I raised my hand thinking that other people were still working because it seemed like only 20 minutes. I finished my test and I asked my friend why everyone was done way before me and she said I feel asleep! I was so embarrassed.”
--Soccer**, 10

“My most embarrassing moment was probably when I was playing basketball at recess and I was trying to steal the ball from a boy, but he kept shouting, “No press! No press!” I had no idea what he meant. Neither did anybody else, except for the boys. I was so embarrassed! I thought I must have been doing something wrong in front of all my friends.”
--Emma, 8

“I was walking to write a problem on da chalk board and I FARTED my whole class heard it!”
--Vanya, 8

“I called my teacher the wrong name.”

“I was in art, and we were all sitting down before the teacher got there, except for my ex-boyfriend B, so the most annoying kid in my class T, said 'Where's B?' (except he used his full name) so I thought allowed and said, 'Ugh, why does everyone have to talk about my ex-boyfriend all the time!?' And the entire class heard me. To add to that T screamed, 'B IS YOUR EX-BOYFRIEND? EWWWWW' and whatever lie I made to cover it up, he wouldn't let it go! That was like, two years ago!”

“I was in the second grade and it was in the middle of December, so, after recess everyone was taking their snow gear. Well, I was taking off my snow pants, you know, those pants you wear over your real pants, and I guess I accidentally pulled them both down!!! So there I was, in my underpants!!!! It was soooo embarrassing.”
--Erika, 10

“I once farted in front of my crush.”
--Alaysa, 10

“It was lunchtime, and I was sitting with a bunch of my friends when one of them said something REALLY funny. I started laughing really hard and I couldn't stop until I slid right out of my chair and onto the floor! All my friends started laughing at me because I was just sitting there on the floor! I was really embarrassed at the time, but now we all laugh about it.”
--Kiera, 11

“I was outside at recess, and really had to go to the bathroom. The playground monitors wouldn’t let me go inside to use the washroom, so I just waited for class to start. Once class started, I asked a teacher if I could go, and she said no because it had just been break. After awhile, we had to read our projects in front of the class. I get nervous when talking in front of people, so on top of nearly wetting my pants, I was also getting really nervous. After I had just stood there for like, two minutes, the whole class started laughing. Then I just couldn't hold it in any longer, and the pee flooded out! I held my self so I could try and stop the flow, but it was like trying to stop Niagara Falls with a cotton ball! I was laughed at for a long time, and I was called CariPEE for quite some time to. That’s my most embarrassing moment ever!”
--Caridee, 12

“It was like after the bell rang and I ran into my older friend and she started asking me about how I am and so a told her that I can't stop thinking about hot guys and when I turned around my fave teacher was like right there and she kinda stared at me so I walked away.”
--Udontknowme, 12

“I was asking to go to the restroom and I told my teacher that the pee was going to come and she said it out loud and the next day Mrs. Gadboy's class was doing the pee dance at me and they were not in my class totally embarrassing!”
--Sydni L, 9

“I was getting up from my seat at the lunch table and I tripped and fell. The plate went flying in the air and smacked the floor right in front of my face. Then the principle came over and helped me up but no one saw what happened THANK GOODNESS!!!”
--Ariel, 13

“Last year I farted so loud! Everyone heard it and stank like a rotten egg!”
--Stephanie, 12

“Well in grade 4 I was walking like a really popular game because we were playing a game and I slip over in mud and all the boys laughed at me even the one I have a crush on TALK ABOUT EMBARASSING!!!”
--Amilia, 10

“Nothing embarrassing happened to me at school.”
--Emma Jenny

“One time I was in math class with my friend Tyler. Me and him had this relationship where we picked on each other. Well I had to go up to the overhead to do a problem. When I finished it the teacher asked who thought I was right. Everyone raised their hand except Tyler. Well I got the answer wrong and Tyler started laughing. I walked back to my seat and saw that the teacher had turned around so I made a rude hand gesture to Tyler and the teacher caught me! I was dying but it was embarrassing.”

“I farted.”

“I was in the 3rd grade and I was taking a test on the computer when I had to go to the bathroom. And I couldn't miss the test and I peed on myself. It was so embarrassing.”
--Breanna, 11

“Well I guess it’s sorta like a tic. When someone drops a pencil or breaks a crayon I have a laughing attack. So in 2nd grade my teacher dropped a pencil. I had a laughing attack and got sent to the principals office.”
--Shanyn, 9

“Lets put it this way, I’m kinda small, and my gym teacher was passing out gym uniforms and I’m the smallest person in the class. And my teacher accidentally gave me gym shorts that were 2 sizes too big. Well I thought I could get away with them for a day or so. Well we just happened to be playing soccer that day and when I was running across the field with the ball my shorts fell down and I had BARBIE underwear on!!!!!!!! I don’t care what anybody says, that is the most embarrassing thing that could happen to a teenager.”
--ALY, 13

“My friend ripped her pants. Twice. Once in grade 1 and once in grade 2.”
--*no name*, 8

“I was talking to my friends and while I was talking to them I couldn't see where I was going. So I bumped into the wall and other people saw me do it and they were laughing! Talk about embarrassing!!!”
--Julie, 12

“My most embarrassing thing ever was my friend that was a boy was passing out candy hearts and I went to get more so I sad can ‘I have some more kiss?’ I was so embarrassed my face turned red and now people think I love him.”
--Elyse, 9

“So it was my lunch hour, right, and I really had to use the bathroom. SO I went in there and it is supposedly empty. I pushed on a stall door, but it was stuck, so like an idiot, I continued pushing on it. I still couldn't get it open, so I cussed at it, and the next thing I knew, a teacher came out of it! I had no idea, because they were being really quiet the whole time I was trying to get the door open.”

“Once in the cafeteria someone spilled water on my pants. I stood up to wipe it off and everyone thought I wet my pants. Then the teacher beckoned me up and asked me if I needed to use the restroom. I turned bright red and shook my head. Then kids kept asking me if I wet my pants. I said no but they didn't believe me. Neither did the teacher.”

“One day it was lunch recess and my boyfriend started kissing me, and the lunch aid was right there. She started yelling at us. And no one knew we were going out, but now people do!!!!!!!!!!”
--Amanda, 12

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