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Embarrassing Moments: Oops!

Your face is turning bright red. You want to hide yourself in shame. You've just done something totally embarrassing, and it feels like everyone is staring at you and giggling. Maybe everyone IS staring at you and giggling. Hey, it happens to everybody. We've all found ourselves in humiliating moments where people point fingers, laugh, and make jokes. Take a peek at these examples:

  • Kyle was out to dinner with his parents, and started complaining about how lousy his math teacher was. Then he turned around...and saw his teacher sitting at the table right behind him. She heard every word!

  • Jane was walking quickly through the cafeteria, trying to snag the last seat at a table, when she tripped and landed right in her tray of food. The entire cafeteria started clapping.

  • Walking to the front of the room to write on the chalkboard, Tonya accidentally farted...loud enough for half the class to hear it!

  • Dave forgot his swimsuit when he went to a pool party, so he borrowed one from his friend. But the suit was too loose, and when he dove off the board and hit the water, it came right off!

You've probably been in situations just like these, or maybe even worse, and felt like the biggest dork in the universe. But embarrassing moments are something that every one of us faces...even famous people!

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