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What's the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you at school?

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Embarrassing Moments: Advice from the IML Mentors

From Danielle
Embarrassing moments sometimes seem like they are the end of the world, but really, everybody has them. One day you might be laughed at, but guess what, tomorrow you

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From the Mentors
will probably be the one laughing at someone else. Sometimes embarrassing moments help people to remember the good things about you, many years from now.

From Jenna
Unfortunately EVERYONE goes through these embarrassing moments. I've always thought the best way to handle them was to laugh it off. If you trip in front of a lot of people, just say, "whoops!" Laugh with everyone else and just make a joke out of it, like: "I can't believe I was so clumsy. What planet am I on today?" No matter how embarrassing the situation may be, if you laugh it off, it will show that you are confident with yourself and don't feel the need to cry about it! Trust me, even if people are laughing, they know in the back of their minds that they've done things similar if not the same. If you laugh, then they won't be laughing at you but WITH you!

From Jordan
I have had plenty of these, and the best thing to do is either forget about it, or sit back and laugh with your friends. That will show them that you aren't embarrassed and have good confidence in yourself. Also, for future reference, if something embarrassing happens, have confidence and just play it cool, laugh with people and don't automatically get all embarrassed and run off. Once again, it will show that you have more confidence in yourself and it will build more confidence too.

From Jaron
My most embarrassing school moment was when I was walking along the sidewalk back to school from getting some lunch. My eye caught a beautiful car and I lost sight of where I was going. Next thing I knew, BANG, I walked straight into a pole, hitting my whole head on it. I fell on the ground and my friends just laughed. Even though it was very embarrassing, it made our day 'cause we will never forget it.

When it's all over you'll just look back at it and laugh. Sometimes doing embarrassing things is the best way to go. You put smiles on other peoples' faces.

From Lindsey
Every one has embarrassing school moments. To you its the end of the world, but to everyone else it is just something to laugh about for about 5 minutes. Nothing is as bad as it seems. People forget these things very fast.

From Tiffany
Everyone has an embarrassing school moment. The best way to deal with them is to remember that it happens to everybody. If you still feel bad because someone may be laughing, just think, if you had seen what they saw it probably would have been funny to you. I know all about school mishaps.


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