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What's the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you at school?

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Embarrassing Moments: Helping A Friend Okay, so something really embarrassing
just happened to your friend. What should you do?

If your friend starts laughing, then it's a

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How to Deal
Helping A Friend
Things To Remember
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pretty safe bet that you can laugh too. Now you'll have a funny story to share.

Sometimes your friend seems really upset, even though you think what just happened is hilarious and want to crack up. In these cases, try to remember the golden rule, and do to others what you want done to you. In other words: if you are cruel to your friends when they mess up, they might just return the favor.

A real friend won't point out embarrassment to others or act mean by making hurtful jokes. A real friend will let the moment slide. That way, when that person goofs up or gets into a cringe situation, you'll be likely to let it pass too. It's like saying, "Remember the time when you split your shorts in gym class? I didn't tell anyone about that. I need you to do the same for me now." Give a friend a break in an embarrassing moment. The next time you find yourself in a similar situation, you'll be glad you did.

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Your best friend just fell in a puddle of mud. You:
Point and laugh
Pretend like you
        don't know
Let him/her know
        that it happens
        to the best of us.

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