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Embarrassing Moments: Celebs...Embarrassed! You might think that having fortune and fame means that those embarrassing moments just go away. After all, what do rich, gorgeous, and popular people have to be embarrassed about? Well...lots of stuff!
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Popular celebrities and other famous folks often have to deal with more humiliation than the rest of us because they're always in the spotlight. A lot of their private moments are actually public, because reporters and photographers follow them everywhere. When they slip up or do something silly, some people think it's big news, but aside from the fact that they often take place in front of large crowds, their "oops!" moments are a lot like yours and mine!

Take Katie Holmes of Dawson's Creek, who suffers embarrassment all the time because she's always tripping and falling...and getting caught kissing by her parents. Sound familiar? Her fame doesn't make it any easier to stop from blushing when she feels embarrassed!

Check out these other celebrity embarrassments:

  • He was sleepy and hungry: Joey of 'N Sync once fell asleep with his head on a pizza box, and it was his bandmates' laughter that woke him up!

  • Don't they get allowances?: Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage of Boy Meets World once got caught at a Denny's restaurant without enough money to pay the bill...and it was only sixteen bucks!

  • Can I see the sheet music again?: Clint of The Moffatts was onstage in Spain when his mind went totally blank...and he forgot every lyric to the song he was singing!


  • CYT (Clumsy Young Thing): Lauren of PYT was on tour with Britney Spears when she fell on her butt in front of thousands of people. One of her bandmates' moms even got it on videotape!

  • Surprise Guest: 'N Sync's Lance got a little over-excited during one concert, and ran onstage a bit early...right in the middle of another group's song!

  • She should've gone before she left the house: Actress Christine Lahti was late to accept an Emmy Award because she was in the bathroom...and Robin Williams let an audience of millions know about it!


  • D'Oh! Kevin of Back Street Boys added an extra effect to a dance routine when he split his pants!

Okay, so in the next section we see How To Deal.


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