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Great Books About "Cheating"

Fiction Books:

Cheating Lessons
by Nan Willard Cappo
Bernadette Terrell has always cared more about academic success than social success. When her favorite teacher names her to the school's state championship quiz bowl team, it's the highlight of her high school years. Things change, however, when Bernadette begins to suspects that someone has cheated to get her school into the contest, and is cheating still…

by Amy Goldman Koss
When Sarah gets her hands on the answers to the eighth-grade geography midterm and decides to share them with some other students, the consequences are far-ranging.

Claudia and the Middle School Mystery: The Baby-Sitters Club Series #40
by Ann M. Martin
Claudia has studied really hard for her math test and does well on it, but her math teacher accuses her of copying off of Shawna Riverson's test! Claudia and the Baby-Sitters can't believe it, and set out to clear Claudia's name.

Doug Cheats
by Linda K. Garvey, Danny Campbell, Kimberly Campbell, William Presing (Illustrator), Tony Curanaj (Illustrator)
Doug wants to do really well on the upcoming history exam, but he doesn't have a chance to study. On the day of the exam he finds a copy of the test, and he decides to use it…

Stuffin' It!
by Robb Armstrong, Bruce Smith (Illustrator)
Patrick and Ronnie's folks tell them they have to bring up their math grades before they can play basketball again. With the pressure on, Patrick decides to hit the books, but Ronnie wants to cheat on the next exam. What's the best way to help out a friend?

Non-Fiction Books

Let's Talk about Cheating
Dolly Brittan, Marianne Johnston
This book discusses cheating, why people may cheat, and how to win without cheating.

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