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Cheating: Here, There, Everywhere

When it comes to cheating, we've all heard the same old songs:

  • "It's only cheating if you do it on a test."
  • "Our teacher doesn't seem to care or notice, so it's okay to cheat."
  • "I'm only cheating this one time because I didn't have a chance to study."
  • "Everybody's doing it, so it's alright for me to do it, too!"
Being a student means being exposed to all sorts of cheating situations, and deciding what's right and what's wrong can be pretty confusing. Even if you're super-serious about school, it's normal to find yourself tempted to cheat, especially when you're under a lot of pressure. It's also common to think that since so many other students are cheating, it's really not a big deal-especially if nobody gets caught.

But no matter what you've heard or what excuses you can come up with, cheating IS a big deal. It can make mega-trouble for you not just in school, but also with your family, friends, and, sometimes most importantly, yourself.

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