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What are your experiences with cheating? Do you think it causes more problems than it solves?

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Cheating: Here, There, Everywhere Boys looking at girl's test answers

When it comes to cheating, we've all heard the same old songs:

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Here, There,

What Counts,
    What Doesn't
Ways People Do It
Excuses, Excuses
Why It's Wrong
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It's Not Fair!
Copy Cat
The Easy Way Out
  • "It's only cheating if you do it on a test."
  • "Our teacher doesn't seem to care or notice, so it's okay to cheat."
  • "I'm only cheating this one time because I didn't have a chance to study."
  • "Everybody's doing it, so it's alright for me to do it, too!"
Being a student means being exposed to all sorts of cheating situations, and deciding what's right and what's wrong can be pretty confusing. Even if you're super-serious about school, it's normal to find yourself tempted to cheat, especially when you're under a lot of pressure. It's also common to think that since so many other students are cheating, it's really not a big deal-especially if nobody gets caught.

But no matter what you've heard or what excuses you can come up with, cheating IS a big deal. It can make mega-trouble for you not just in school, but also with your family, friends, and, sometimes most importantly, yourself.

Printables Record your thoughts and feelings about cheating with a printable
IML Journal page. You can also puzzle around with the "Cheating" Crossword, or check out a list of great fiction books on the subject.
Read on as IML explores this topic, starting with: What Counts, What Doesn't?
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To Cheat Or Not To Cheat
To Cheat Or
Not To Cheat

That IS the question!

Vote Now
Which best describes how you feel about cheating?
It's okay as
       long as you don't
       get caught.
It's wrong,
       but it's okay in
It's wrong,
       and it's never
       okay to do it.

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