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What are your experiences with cheating? Do you think it causes more problems than it solves?

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Ashlee and Jenelle have been best friends since the 2nd grade. They sit next to each other in every class, eat lunch at the same table, and spend most weekends at each other's house.

When Jenelle suddenly gets a chance for her and a friend to go to a B2K concert one night, she and Ashlee are totally psyched. But then Ashlee remembers that she's gotten really behind in her Social Studies workbook. She

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What Counts,
    What Doesn't
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It's Not Fair!
Copy Cat
The Easy Way Out
has to finish twenty pages before tomorrow's class if she's going to keep her A. It's difficult, but Ashlee decides to stay home and work while Jenelle goes to the concert. It takes a long time, but Ashlee finally finishes her pages and feels good about her decision.

The next day, before Social Studies class, Jenelle's freaking. She tells Ashlee that because of the concert, she couldn't finish her workbook. "Can I copy yours?" she asks Ashlee. Ashlee knows that this is risky, because their teacher will probably notice that their answers are the same. "It's not fair," she thinks. "Why should Jenelle get to go to the concert and hand in her work on time, when I had to choose between them?" She tells Jenelle no, and Jenelle gets so upset that she says she doesn't want to be friends anymore.

Cast Your Vote!
1. Was Jenelle overreacting to Ashlee's decision to
    not help her cheat?

Yes! She should know that cheating is wrong, especially
        off your best friend.
I don't think so! If Ashlee was her real friend, she would have
        helped her out.
I see why she was mad at first, but she should understand
        Ashlee's decision and forgive her.

2. What would you have done in Ashlee's situation?
I would have done the same thing.
I would have let Jenelle copy my work.
I would have gone to the concert with Jenelle!

3. What do you do when a friend asks to copy
    your work?

I let them, and they do the same for me when I need it.
I tell them no, but offer to help if they need it.
Sometimes I say yes, sometimes I say no. It depends on
        the situation.

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