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What are your experiences with cheating? Do you think it causes more problems than it solves?

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The Cheat Sheets: Cast Your Vote!
It's Not Fair!

Christian isn't the top student in the 6th grade, but he tries very hard to do his best and gets decent grades. At the beginning of the year, his parents made a deal with him: if he gets all A's and B's on his midterm report card, they'll let him take that river rafting trip with his best friend over the summer.

Math is the subject Christian has the most trouble with. He knows that the upcoming math midterm is the one thing that can really

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What Counts,
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The Cheat Sheets:
Cast Your Vote!

It's Not Fair!
Copy Cat
The Easy Way Out
mess up his chances of getting to take his summer trip. As the big test gets closer, Christian decides to overcome his fear of fractions and goes to afterschool math tutoring every day for two weeks straight. Each night after dinner, instead of watching TV or playing PS2 with his brother, he hits the books.

When test day arrives, Christian feels ready. He's sitting in class with his sharpened No. 2 pencil, waiting for the teacher to pass back the test, when he notices Jessica, who sits next to him, scribbling down numbers on a small piece of paper. She's making a cheat sheet! Jessica slips the sheet into her pocket. During the whole exam, Christian sees that she keeps looking at it for answers…and the teacher never notices!

At the end of the period, Jessica hands in her test and walks out of the classroom, totally getting away with everything. Christian feels he did okay on the test, but knows Jessica will probably get a better grade than him. "It's not fair!" he thinks to himself as he leaves the classroom without saying a word to the teacher.

Cast Your Vote!
1. Do you think Christian should tell on Jessica?
Yes! She deserves to be exposed for the cheater that she is.
No way! Christian shouldn't tattle-tale on a fellow classmate.
It depends how he does on the test. If he doesn't do as well as he
        hoped, he should tell on her to "even things up."

2. If Christian does decide to say something to the
    teacher, what's the best way for him to do it?

Tell the teacher what he saw, but ask her not to tell anyone
        how she found out.
Write an anonymous note to the teacher.
Go to Jessica and tell her that if she doesn't say anything, he will.

3. Would you rather study and get a lower grade,
    or cheat and get a higher one?

I'd rather work for a grade, even if it's lower than I'd like.
I'd rather get a higher grade, even if it involves cheating.
Sometimes one, sometimes the other; it depends on the situation.

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To Cheat Or Not To Cheat
To Cheat Or
Not To Cheat

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