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How Did They Get Those Nicknames?
1. The rock singer and bass player best known as Sting got this nickname because:
a. He is terribly allergic to wasps.
b. He once wore a yellow and black striped sweater onstage.
c. His dad was a beekeeper.

2. Basketball player Earvin Johnson Jr. got the nickname Magic Johnson because:
a. He put on magic shows for his school when he was a kid.
b. He's a big fan of Las Vegas magician David Copperfield.
c. A sports writer once called him "magic on the court."

3. Actor and rapper Will Smith was once known as The Fresh Prince because:
a. His father was actually the king of a small foreign country.
b. He sounded just like the rock star known as Prince, only fresher.
c. He always got out of trouble by acting smooth and charming.

4. Schoolmates called actor Keanu Reeves The Wall because:
a. As a soccer goalie, he was impossible to score against.
b. He had a habit of staring blankly into space like a wall.
c. At school dances he would lean against the wall and never dance.

5. Childhood friends called actor Robert De Niro Bobby Milk because:
a. He worked after school at a dairy.
b. He had very pale skin.
c. He always smelled like bad cheese.

6. Actress Caryn Johnson, now known as Whoopi Goldberg, was once called Whoopi Cushion because:
a. She farted a lot.
b. Her jokes were as funny as a whoopi cushion.
c. Her school desk had a squeaky chair.

7. As a kid, singer Celine Dion was nicknamed Canine Dion because:
a. Her singing was so high only dogs could hear it.
b. She walked dogs for extra money.
c. Her pointed teeth looked like a dog's teeth.

8. Actress Julianna Margulies of E.R. was once called Flounder Mouth because:
a. She ate only fish during lunch.
b. Her puffy lips reminded people of a fish's lips.
c. She kissed a fish in biology class.

9. Olympic skier Picabo Street got the nickname Picabo because:
a. She used to startle other skiers by jumping from behind trees and shouting "Peek-a-Boo!"
b. She once split her ski pants on the slopes.
c. Trick Question: Picabo is actually her REAL name.

10. Basketball legend Michael Jordan is also known as Air Jordan because:
a. He jumps so high and stays up so long.
b. He sometimes pilots the team plane.
c. He can burp out the Star Spangled Banner.

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