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November 2005

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Rumor Control Rumor Control
A cool new IML game! Rumors are running amok in your school, and school spirit is at an all-time low. Its YOUR job to decide which rumors are dangerous, hurtful, or harmless.

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Babysitting Babysitting
Maybe youve started babysitting, or maybe youre just thinking about it. IML has everything you need to know to do a great job, be safe, and have fun, too!


Advice Q&A
Dear IML,
I get an allowance, but it's not that big: $10. I know I should be grateful that I even get an allowance, but most of my friends, even younger ones, get like $20. We're not poor. I was wondering how I could bring this up with my mom and dad. Can you help?
--Naomi, 12

The IML Mentors respond:

Hey Naomi!
I think it is very cool that you want to make some more money. Now, how could you do that? Ive never received an allowance, it was just expected that I do all my chores. But we did have a system where we earned points by doing jobs around the house, like washing the car, pruning the bushes, or big projects such as painting the fence or cleaning the garage. (Whoever had the most points would get a reward!) Perhaps you could talk to your parents about a system like this, or pay you for extra work you do. Before you bring this up to them, take a look inside and outside the house and figure out what you could do. Show your parents what youre willing to take on, so they can see how responsible you are. Remember, though, that an allowance isnt the only way to earn money, especially during the summer! You could start your own business doing things like: babysitting, petsitting, lawn care, pool care, dance lessons, car washes, bike washes, and a billion other things. Use your talents and be creative!
--Vanessa, IML Mentor

Hey Naomi!
Allowance is something you earn, not just money your parents give to youso its up to you to prove that your work is worth their money. Think of all the responsibilities and chores you have right now. Do you think you should be getting paid more for what you do? If you already have a ton of work to do and think ten dollars isn't enough, talk to your parents about why you think you should be earning more. An easier way to increase your allowance is to take on more chores. For instance: take care of your pets without your parents having to ask; do the dishes; rake the yard; pull weeds; wash your parents' cars; dust the housethe possibilities are endless. If your parents see that you made the effort and tried extra-hard, they might give you extra money! You also could try doing work around your neighborhood. Ask your parents for permission and ideas first, then make a list of jobs you can do and give it to your neighbors. Start by charging per hour, create a name for your business (Naomi's Neighborhood Help?) and print out all the information on a fun flyer. The wages you'll earn doing odd jobs may not seem like a lot, but it adds up fast and people living near you will be grateful for the help.
--Lauren, IML Mentor

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You Voted!
Vote Now Can you guess how most IML'ers voted on this poll?

If you had a crush, how would you admit it?

Risk it and tell him/her yourself.
Get a friend to tell.
Wait for your crush to come to you.
-- From Ben, 12

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You Said It!
Talk about it here! Do you get stressed or anxious when you have to take tests? How do you deal with it?

I always get stressed for final exams. I just took one and I think I made a really low grade on it. It was really confusing. I keep telling myself that I have to study more and now that it is a new 6 weeks I can start out fresh.
--Kathy, 11

"I dont get stressed when I take tests because I almost really do think it's just like any other paper. Besides, I've never gotten any grade below a B. But sometimes my teacher will pick out the hardest problems and say If you can get all these right you don't have to do the assignment. I get really nervous. Today she did that and I was so nervous my hand was shaking! And I already had to write with my left hand because my right arm is broken (Im right handed).
--MaydayMK, 10

"When I stress about a test I tell myself if I stress Ill get a bad grade because stressing only means you dont believe in yourself.
--DeAnna, 11

"I never get stressed at tests!
--Rebecca, 11

"Well Im always fine during a test, like I.S.T.E.Ps, and my bff Susan says peppermints help, so I tried one while I was taking a test, and hey! It worked! I just know that sometimes too much testing in one day is BAD! Once last year we were taking a test and the guy in back of me THREW UP because he was so stressed! I felt like super bad for him.
--HisGirl101, 11

"Stop, look at something that is not moving, and count to 10. It helps to calm you down.
--Sara, 10

"I don't get stressed too much before tests/exams. The most important thing is not to rush! Be calm, and think logically.
--Monique, 11

"I have been getting at LEAST two tests a month since grade 3 (excluding spelling tests!). Im in grade six now, and on the very first day my teacher gave us a spelling test, but it didn't bug me because I have always been great at spelling without any studying. Right after, though, we had a math test! Next day, another math test! And a French test, and on Friday a SS test! We didn't get any warning. They did it to test our skill level. Now we get pop quizzes all the time. We have to set aside an hour every night for studying, even if there is no test, especially since I am in a gr. 6/7 split, and there are 9 gr. 6's and 20 7's!.
--Monica, 11

"I am a top student in my grade, but when it comes to taking tests, the last few years I have been doing not as good as I used to. I want to kick it up a notch, like I used to.
--Laura, 10

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