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November 2004

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Advice Q&A
Dear IML,
I think my brother's becoming a bully! I've already talked to my dad, but he's not doing anything. My brother's 4. He says things like, "If you don't do what I want, I wont let you do something you like to do." He's only 4, so he can't do any damage, it's his attitude I'm worried about. Please tell me what to do.
--Shivani, 10

Dear Shivani,
It sounds like youre pretty worried about your little brother and that you want to be the best big sister you can be. First, keep in mind that its normal for younger children to be bossy sometimes. Your brother is still learning about himself and how to get along with other people. Four-year-olds think a lot about themselves and not as much about other people. But as they get older, they usually begin to think about how other people feel.

Something you can do to help is to be a good role model to your brother by showing him how to be kind to others and share. You can also let him know that you dont like playing with him when hes being a bully and if its upsetting, you can walk away when hes behaving that way. You can give him lots of encouragement (hugs, kisses, cheers) when you see him sharing or being kind --this will help him feel good about himself when hes nice to others. Good luck!
--Sarah Hennelly, L.C.S.W.

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You Said It!
Talk about it here! If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
--From Devin, 11

"I would go back in time when Mexico was being discovered."
--Sunny, 11

"I would love to go to Ukraine because I have relatives there and there is a lot of culture. Well, I'd like to go to New York City too!"
--Lara, 12

"I would go see the 7 wonders of the world and Canada. Canada has a mall with over 1000 stores!"
--Katie, 12

I'd like to go to Iceland because the scenery is beautiful and they have a geyser basin.
--Connor, 10

"I would go to Italy to try and find my past. I think it would be really cool. Plus, I would like to see Venice! :~)"
--Morgan, 11

I would go to New York because in New York they have good pizza."
--Ruben, 10

"I would go to Rome, Italy because that is where most of my family is from, but I have never been there. I would like to see the sites as well."
--Sarah, 11

"I would go to Iraq to tell them to make peace."
--Laura, 11

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