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March 2005

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Did you know that tweens in the U.S. spend about $15 billion of their own money each year? Yikes! That’s a lot of dough. Learn how to spend it SMART!

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Advice Q&A
Dear IML,
Hello. There is this girl. I like her. I think she feels the same way about me. How do I know if she likes me? Once I know that she likes me, how do I tell her that I like her?
--Justin, 11

The IML Mentors respond:

Hey Justin,
We all have these times where we get stuck wondering if the person we like, likes us back. The best thing to do is keep treating her like a friend and don't get too weird around her, because she'll notice. Hang out with her a lot and if it seems like she's enjoying your time together, then something is right! Take it slowly and just get to know her, and then just tell her you like her because by that time you'll know her well. The best way to tell her you like her is just to say it straight. Good Luck!
--Jaron, IML Mentor

Dear Justin,
Crushes are very complicated! There's never any right or wrong way to go about your situation. If you want to find out if she likes you, maybe you can try having a friend talk to her. You can always ask her yourself if she likes anyone at the moment. Girls can be very confusing, though, when it comes to talking about whom they secretly like. I remember my friends and I refused to tell our guy friends who we had crushes on, especially if we were talking to the ones we really liked. So if you find out that she "doesn't like anyone," don't be discouraged, she might be really shy. If she says that she likes you, there are a few ways to let her know you like her too. You can call her, write her a letter, have a friend tell her, or tell her in person. It's your call-go with what you feel the most comfortable with. If she likes you, you can't really go wrong with how you let her find out. I hope it works out for you!
--Jenna, IML Mentor

Dear Justin,
If you're close to any of her friends (girls particularly), ask them if she's asked about you. Ask them their opinions on how they think she feels about you. If you're still not sure about this girl, watch how she acts towards you. Is she super friendly towards you? Is she always around you during class, at recess, or when walking home from school? If so, maybe she is interested in you. In that case, you should show her that you like her too, and offer to do nice things for her. You could also ask her if she would like to hang out with you and a group of friends somewhere. If she says, 'yes,' when you do hang out, show her some attention by talking to her a lot. In the end, you'll know where the two of you stand (if she likes you or not, and in what way). If it doesn't work out, then it wasn't meant to be.
--Tiffany, IML Mentor

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You Voted!
Vote Now Can you guess how most IML'ers voted on this poll?

Which best describes how you feel about cheating?

1) It's okay as long as you don't get caught.
2) It's wrong, but it's okay in emergencies.
3) It's wrong, and it's never okay to do it.

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You Said It!
Talk about it here! What do you think freedom really means,
and why?
--From Amanda, 13

“I think freedom means the right to worship who you want to and you aren't forced to go to a certain church the president does.”

"I think that freedom means being able to walk out the door and feel like you can be yourself. No one judges you on your thoughts or beliefs and no one has more power than anyone else. We can all be different but still live in harmony and peace. We are not afraid when we are free.”
--Abby, 13

"Certainly not the U.S., that's for sure. I know we're very lucky to have so many rights, but even so! The government is way too involved. I really don't know how free we are these days. Have you SEEN some of the ridiculous laws we have?”
--Kaye, 13

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