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June 2005

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Summer Camp Summer Camp
Sleeping bags and campfires, arts and crafts, sports and games...Yup, it's once again time for Summer Camp! IML has everything you need to know about how to get ready and excited, plus how to avoid problems like homesickness.

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Family Vacations
Family Vacations Vacations are a chance to get closer to the people you love and make lifelong memories. But they can also be very strange times when emotions and expectations run high, and little disappointments can lead to big fights. How do you keep things in perspective, and have fun, and enjoy your family time together? IML has lots of ideas and advice to help you make your next vacation the best one ever.


Advice Q&A
Dear IML,
I have a party coming up and we are going to be swimming, but I don't want to take part in it because I think I'm fat. All my friends are going to be there and I like swimming, but people make fun of my weight. What should I do?”
--Elizabeth, 13

The IML Mentors respond:

Dear Elizabeth,
Parties are fun, but they can also be stressful. The amount of peer pressure and self-esteem issues is so great that you can practically feel it in the air! Your body is your body. You decide how you look and how others should see you. You shouldn’t let others put you down, and it especially shouldn’t keep you from having fun. Personally, since I am overweight, I find that wearing a T-shirt over my bathing suit helps a lot with the self-image thing.
--Stephan, IML Mentor

Dear Elizabeth,
I know all too well how you feel. I had the same problem when I was younger. There was a party for my whole grade at a local swim club, and I was feeling very self-conscious. I decided that moment that I was going to eat healthier and get exercise. Of course this didn't fix the pool problem, so I got a bathing suit I felt comfortable in, one that covered up my self-conscious areas, and from getting healthier I FELT more confident. All that matters is how you feel, and the people who make fun of you are only taking out their own problems out on a wonderful girl like you.
--Jessica, IML Mentor

Dear Elizabeth,
I'm really sorry you feel so uncomfortable about your weight. The swim party sounds like a tough situation. Your feeling bad about the way you look doesn’t mean you should exclude yourself from having fun with your friends. Maybe you can tell your mom how you feel about your body and ask if you can go shopping with her for a bathing suit that you think flatters your body. Good Luck!!!
--Jenna, IML Mentor

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You Voted!
Vote Now Can you guess how most IML'ers voted on this poll?

What worries you most about starting high school?

1) All the homework and studying.
2) Pressure to earn good grades.
3) Pressure to fit in and make friends

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You Said It!
Talk about it here! Are you influenced to spend money on things by TV, movies, trends, friends, etc.?
--From Sarah, 12

“If everyone was the same, then would life be worth living?”
--Sam, 13

"A lot, yes. When I was little I always wanted the junk on commercials, and when I got it, it didn't work. And trend is the biggest thing on buying stuff. It's so annoying!”
--Lindsay, 10

"Sometimes I see something really cool that is being advertised, or one of my friends has it. Once in a while I will bend over backwards to get it, and sometimes I realize that the item is not really that great.”
--Rachel, 10

"NO!!! I don't pay any attention to TV commercials, and I don't care what other people buy. I'll only buy something if I actually want or need it, not because everyone else is.”

"Sometimes, but most of the time I try to save up until I can get something I really want, even if it may be ‘out.’ But really I’m more of a leader to the crowd, not a follower. you could say I start trends, not buy them.”
--Dolly, 11

"'Influenced' is not the word I'd use. Sometimes if I see something I like, I may want to buy it. How else do you start buying things? You hear about it, right? If the thing looks cool, I will want to buy it, yes.”
--Amanda, 13

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