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January 2005

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Advice Q&A
Dear IML,
At school, we are learning about the male reproductive system. It¹s hard for me because I don't feel very comfortable, especially when the teacher says the body parts. What should I do? I know I have to know this lesson because there is a test.
--Danielle, 11

The IML Mentors respond:

Dear Danielle,
Oh yes, it is really embarrassing to have to learn all that stuff! I used to feel uncomfortable about it too, and I was silly enough to ignore the whole male reproductive system when I prepared for my test…I almost failed it! But I had to learn it again when I studied biology in high school, and since I'd grown up a lot more, I realized that it's not really that big a deal. The reproductive system is just like any other part of the body, like your heart and lungs. The only reason we girls feel weird about the male system is because we're not familiar with it. Think about how the boys feel when they study the female reproductive system! Anyway, what I mean is, studying our own bodies is a good way to understand ourselves and all the changes that come with puberty. Good luck with your test!
--Joyce, IML Mentor

Dear Danielle,
Talking about the human body can be embarrassing. It's good that you understand that you will need to learn this lesson eventually. But in the meantime, you might want to explain to your teacher that you feel uncomfortable. It’s very likely that you’re not the first person with this problem! He or she might have some alternative suggestions for you to learn the material, such as researching the body parts on your own. I do some teaching, and when I educate a class about the reproductive system, I try to be open-minded and conscious of every person's feelings on the subject. So if you talk to your teacher, there might be several ways you can deal with this problem.
--Tiffany, IML Mentor

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You Voted!
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Do you think you have healthy eating habits?

1) Totally! I try to eat foods that are good for me.
2) I'm good sometimes, but other times I’ll eat junk food.
3) Not really. I mostly eat stuff I know isn’t healthy for me.

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You Said It!
Talk about it here! Do you think your parents are too strict?
--From Jelessia

“No. Parents aren't strict enough. If you think grounded is bad, think about the past. Children got spanked and we get banned from computer and TV use. Yeah, HUGE punishment. People are just becoming too spoiled to see the difference.”
--Gina, 12

“No, because they are strict because they want to raise me right. Sometimes they can act strict but they are doing it for a reason.”
--Kayanah, 9

“I think my parents are mean to me but not to my sisters. I am expected to do everything right because I am the oldest. My littlest sister hardly ever gets in trouble even though she is worse than me. I always get in trouble for their wrongdoing.”
--Ashley, 12

“My dad is so strict, he thinks I’m still like 5 years old. People keep telling me it’s for my own good but I don't see that yet, maybe I will soon.”

“Usually my parents are pretty lenient. Sometimes they can get strict. A lot of the time they side with my younger siblings when I get in a fight with them. They are good parents, though.”
--Matt, 11

"The total opposite! My mom lets me do whatever I want, but sometimes I wish she would be more strict with me."
--Evelyn, 12

"NO!!! I usually get everything I want. I am an only child and I am proud of it!"
--Alex, 10

"My parents are two of my best friends. I mean I can talk to them about anything and they are so understanding. They are my parents so we don't always agree on everything. My parents have a lot of rules, but they are so down to earth. My parents are the best."
--Ericah, 13

"My parents are way too strict. They let me do some things like go to the movies with my friends and stuff. But if I have a crush on someone they have to get all into my business and try to do every possible thing to make me change my mind or make me not like that guy! It gets on my nerves!!!"
--Rebecca, 12

"Yes, I think my mom is strict because she won't let me have a boyfriend or a cell phone. There is a certain kind of music I have to listen to."
--Crissy, 12

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