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August 2005

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Middle School Middle School
If you’re starting Middle School in the fall and are nervous about it, you’re not alone. But IML has everything you need to know!


High School High School
Moving on up to the big time? Congrats! Here’s lots of advice for making the leap.


Advice Q&A
Dear IML,
I have a best friend who is as skinny as a stick. She is in almost every sport we can get into my school. I'm WAY taller, about 2 times the size of her, and I'm not as active. I'm just as popular but it's embarrassing when we go to the pool together because she's smaller. I'm not afraid to wear a 2-piece, but I don't feel comfortable. What should I do?
--Devon, 10

The IML Mentors respond:

Dear Devon,
I had a friend exactly like yours and I always felt a little weird around her when we were looking into mirrors, or (like you) going swimming. The fact of the matter was that no matter how skinny she was, it didn't make me bigger or an unhealthy size. I know it's hard when you compare something about your friends against something about you, and that's why you should try not to compare at all. It seems like you both have a lot of friends, and you feel good about the way you look when you're not around her, so why should it be different if the two of you are together? If you really don't feel comfortable, and you think covering up will help you, get a one piece. (I was just at the mall and bought one myself, they're getting cuter and cuter!) But try to understand that there's nothing wrong with you and your body, just because your friend's body is different.
--Stormie, IML Mentor

Hey Devon,
My younger cousin towers above me a solid eight inches. She looks like a supermodel, but she doesn't realize it, and she feels awkward being 5'10" and doesn't have a lot of self-confidence. So who knows how your friend feels about her body? The important thing to focus on is yourself, not her. I'm guessing you are popular because you have wonderful personality. Perhaps you’re outgoing and a loyal friend. Make a list of all the things you like about yourself. Even ask your sibs and parents and grandparents to chip in. All of your qualities are unique to you and make you who you are. The next time you're sporting a two-piece with your best friend, repeat in your head your qualities. You are not better than her. You are not beneath her. You are you…and people like that!
--Venessa, IML Mentor

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You Said It!
Talk about it here! Have you experienced going to a new school? Did you miss your friends? Did you make new ones?
--From Katie, 10

"I’m going to 5th grade this year. Next year: middle school. I think it’s going to be cool to go to a new school, I just want to know how other kids think about middle school. I hope it’s fun and cool. SEE YA!”
--Kelsey, 10

"Yes, I went to a new school. It wasn’t bad because I met this other new girl and we became good friends. But I missed my old friends really bad. It's ok because we call each other and still go out to the mall or movies or something.”
--Anonymous, 13

"I just recently went to a new school in 6th grade, 3 months before school was out. I’m going to 7th grade now and the only thing that I can count on to be there with me is my very best friend Kristi and my stepsister Paige. Kristi and Paige were both there to welcome me to a new school and that was exactly what I needed. That right there, that’s what REAL friends are for. Don’t fall for those fakes.”
--Jessica , 13

“On my first day at a new school a guy called Sam came up to me and said, ‘Your face looks funny and your eyes are too close.’ He ran away, lol, and I chased him and head butted him!!!!!”
--Hannah, 13

"Yes, I've gone to a new school before. I used to be shy and barely had any friends. But now I’m one of the popular kids!”
--Someone, 11

"I've already gone to two different schools, and at first it seemed scary. But as soon as I walked into the building I met a girl going into the same grade as me and we became friends.”
--Anne, 8

"I have never gone to a new school and I don't want to, but I am gong to middle school next year! I will miss my teachers but my friends are coming with me."
--Selena, 10

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