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Have you ever bought something, then regretted it later?
--From Americangirl

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Here's what other kids had to say:

OK,Lovekat56 back.I did some poking around,and there's a nightlight from "Cloud b"(baby sleep specialists) and 2 critters twilight turtle and twilight ladybug on Amazon.They are the same as DreamLites!And they do not take 4ever 2 ship!

Once, I got Moon Sand for Christmas, and it wound up nothing but colored sand!

When I get money I usually buy clothes if I want electronics my parents usually buy them for me. So yeah, I will never regret any clothes that I personally picked out myself or any clothes that I picked out and my parents bought for me. So yeah, I don't regret clothes. Oh YEAH! I bought a Wii Game a few years back and it was fun at first but got boring and I paid like $30 for it...later on my cousin bought her a copy for way cheaper because it wasn't a new game in stores anymore. :(

DreamLites take 4ever 2 ship

Sometimes I get all pumped up about some new CD or gadget and it turns out to be the most boring thing in the universe. ):

Sala123, I remember those days... :P

Benderoos were mostly a rip off.

Bluedessert, You are right. I got it for my b day and I only recinized three songs.

once evry one in my stae were adictve to silly bands and evrywhrere you would look people would be wearing sillybands once my friend had about 3oo and 50 sillybands finally about a year latter sillybands went out of style and guess what i didnt waste my money on those sally bands like everyon else did and know nobody wears them anymore and i never owend any sillybandz cause i knew they would of gone out of style

One time, I went to a Goodwill when I was with a friend and her parents. I saw a little doll (I forget what it's called), but it was one that could "talk to you" and "play games with you", etc. I got to the friend's house that night and got the doll out, but it didn't respond to me at all when I tried talking with it. It was a total rip-off! >:( --Aftershock14

My mom told me a few years ago,for my birthday,I could choose 1 toy. I choose moom sand because of the ads.But when I tried it,nothing stuck together!And my mom lost the recite!

HEY! this is NOT all abot kidsbop! [kb]

I STILL don't get an allowance. Am I the only one? PLEASE don't tell me I'm the only one.

I bought a .99 cent cleverbot app for my ipod. People trolled cleverbot so much it makes no sense and it took forever for it to reply. what a waste. I could of bought something else. >:c

to you guys out there choose carefully you need to have two chocies read what it is about look it up on the web you can only make that mistake once

I bought some chips that look totally delicious for 2.99 and I through up after I ate it! It was disgusting!>:(

Gingerz, :O You gonna accuse me of personally hating Kidz Bop? How dare you! XDDD

no evrything i buy i love

Ramonie, Dr. Evil Hater of All Things Awesome, yet again .. XD

Not really, I'm kind of a penny pincher :o. But I'm sure I have. I can't really pinpoint what it was, though...

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