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The Spending Safari

Drake is excited because he and his family are finally going to Park Safari, a wild animal park a few hours from his house. Drake's parents have agreed to pay the admission price as long as he pays for the extras like rides, food, and souvenirs with money he's saved from his allowance.

It's a hot day, and Drake's parents have brought water to drink. But Drake decides to buy a lemonade instead, and chooses the "all you can drink" option, which comes in a huge cup with a tiger's head. For just $5.00 more, Drake can take it to any

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Spending Stories:
Cast Your Vote!

The Brand Name Battle
The Spending Safari
lemonade stand in the park and get "free" refills. But after he finishes his first one, he decides the lemonade doesn't really quench his thirst and he doesn't want to carry this huge plastic cup around for the rest of the day, so he tosses it out without getting a single refill.

Drake takes the monorail ride that goes through the animal habitats, and it ends in a large food court. Drake is really just hungry for a hamburger, but he chooses a hamburger combo meal that costs $9.00 -- more than twice what it would at a regular fast food place -- because it comes with a toy lion that Drake really wants. Later, in the gift shop, Drake sees the same exact toy lion for $2.00.

Drake buys lots of souvenirs because he wants things that will help him remember this cool day. He buys a t-shirt, a poster, a stuffed Cheetah, and a water bottle. He even buys a huge stack of postcards, even though his mother explains that they've taken lots of photos. After he pays for everything, he has less that $5.00 left, and he had over $50.00 at the start of the day!

A few weeks later Drake has a lot of great memories of Park Safari. He likes his mom's photos a lot more than the postcards he bought because they're more personal. As for the souvenirs that he wanted so badly? Most are just taking up space in his room, and he can't really remember why he wanted them so much. The worst part is, he was at the mall the other day and saw an awesome skateboard with a tiger painted on it. It costs $40.00, but since he spent all his money on little things at Park Safari, he can't afford it.

Cast Your Vote!
1. Why do you think Drake spent all his money at the
    Safari Park?

Buying stuff usually makes a fun day even more fun.
The park owners work very hard to convince visitors to spend,
        spend, spend.
I don't really know-it seems crazy to me!

2. In your opinion, what was Drake's biggest spending

Spending extra for the "free" lemonade refill program.
Spending big money on fast food when all he really wanted was
        an inexpensive toy.
Buying all those souvenirs when he already had great memories
        and family photos of the day.

3. Do you think it's fair that places like Park Safari
    charge so much more for food and souvenirs than
    other places do?

Totally. They have a right to charge as much as people are willing
        to spend.
No, it seems greedy to me. They should lower their prices to what
        other places charge.
It doesn't bother me because I try not to spend money in places
        like that.

4. In your opinion, which spending lesson is most
    important for Drake to learn?

When you feel yourself tempted to spend, take a few minutes
        to calm down and really think about it.
Concentrate on the things you want long-term, not on the things
        you want this very second.
Understand the tricks that people use to get you to buy things you
        don't need, and make sure you don't fall for them.

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