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Spending Smarts: Think Before You Buy!

Did you know that tweens in the U.S. spend about $15 billion of their own money each year? Yikes! That's a lot of dough. But do you spend it SMART? Do you identify with any of these IML'ers?

"I only buy something if it's on sale," says Tamara, 12. "I like the feeling of knowing I got something cool for less money than someone else did."

Luke, 11, told us: "If it's something I really want, and I want it at that moment, I'll just pay whatever price it is. I'm not patient enough to shop around."

"I think I'm good with shopping for clothes and stuff," says Laci, 13, "but I spend a lot on food every week. You can't really get food on sale!"

Cooper, 12, admits that "I buy things too fast. I don't usually think about whether or not I really need or want something until after I bring it home."

Being a young person doesn't have to mean being confused when it comes to the how's, what's, when's, and where's of spending money. IML is here to help you...

  • Understand some of the tips and tricks that companies, stores, and restaurants use to get us to buy as much as possible.

  • Learn what makes something a good value.

  • Find different ways to get the things you want for less or even no money.

  • Put time and thought into big purchases so you won't regret them later.

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