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Do you consider yourself a "smart spender"? How do you save money on things you want and need to buy?

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We all like to read, listen, and watch-but often, it costs us money to do this! Check out these ideas for spending smart when it comes to entertainment.

Try the library
Library sign It's great to own books and have a well-stocked bookcase, but new books can cost big bucks. Luckily, there's a place in your neighborhood where they let you take books home and read them for FREE, and then bring them back when you're done. Sound familiar? Yep, a library card can be the best bargain in entertainment, and can help you borrow CDs and DVDs too.

Remember: If you find that you love a book, CD, or DVD so much that you simply must own a copy of your very own, go ahead and buy it! Something that you will use and treasure for years is probably a good value and worth spending money on. Here's a trick: Borrow it now while the item is brand new on the market, then later, when the price goes down or a book comes out in paperback, snap it up for less.

Swap with friends
If you finish reading a book you really like, loan it to a friend in exchange for one that he or she thought was cool. Do the same with movies and music. The more stuff you swap, the less money you spend!

Try it used
Just because something isn't brand new and shiny doesn't mean it's not as worthwhile.

  • Video stores usually sell used or "previously viewed" movies for less than half the price of brand new ones.

  • You can check out used book and record stores, library sales, and even garage sales for bargains.

  • Online stores like Amazon and eBay are also a great place to get barely used goodies!

Patience pays off
When it comes to saving money on home entertainment, time can sometimes be your best friend.

  • Brand new books come out as hardcovers at $20.00 or even $30.00, but less than a year later are sold in paperback for about half the price.

  • Brand new DVD's are released with big price tags, but can drop down to a lower price a few months later.

If you resist buying things when they first come out, you can end up spending a lot less for the things you want.

Next, we show you how to save money when Surfing the Sales.


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