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You Said It
Tell us about your favorite babysitting experience -- whether you were the "baby" or the "sitter"!

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Go a little farther, do a little more. These printable activities are a fun way to explore the IML topics.

Journal Pages Write On! Record your thoughts and experiences on these journal pages, then keep them together in a binder or folder. You can create your own cover page or use the one here.

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Babysitting Journal Page

Making Money Journal Page

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Discussion Questions Let's talk! Here are some questions that will help you bring up different topics with your family.
Book lists Read all about it! Here are some great fiction and non-fiction books about various topics.

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You Make The Call!
Babysitting Dilemmas:
You Make The Call!

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Have you worked as a babysitter?
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        babysitting in
        my neighborhood
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        over my younger
        sibs or relatives
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        cared for
        younger kids

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