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What do you like to spend money on? What do you save up for? How do you make sure you have enough cash for all of it?

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Managing Money: IML Money Tips

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Here are some extra tips to help you manage your money:

Pay yourself first. That doesn't mean blowing your babysitting money on candy and soda. Paying yourself first is part of a long-term saving plan. Set money aside each time you get paid and pretty soon you'll have quite a chunk of change!

Skip the candy aisle. If you blew $2.00 every week on bubble gum and chocolate, after a year that's $104.00 you could have put toward a snowboard or computer! That's a lot of cash that got eaten up by your sweet tooth.

Become a Budget Brainiac. Budgeting doesn't have to be hard or scary. Keep records of your income (like allowance, gift money, and anything you earn) and your expenses. That way you can figure out how long it will take to save up for things you really want.

Don't even try to keep up with Britney. Just because your fave celeb wears Juicy jeans and drives around in a convertible, it doesn't mean YOU have to have those things, too. Buy what you can afford. It's much better to have money in the bank than a closet full of designer jeans and no cash.

Okay, so money can't buy happiness or love, but it can definitely make life easier. Don't think that just because you buy the latest sneakers or a rockin' mountain bike that you're instantly going to have a life filled with happiness. Money doesn't make people happier, but having enough money to cover all of your needs and some of your wants can make your life a lot more comfortable. Most importantly, remember that making and managing your own money will give you lots of pride and self-confidence.

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