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How do you earn your own money? How do you promote or advertise what you have to offer?

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A big part of making money is knowing how to be a good businessperson. You've got to sense a need for a product or service and then give the people what they want. If you have that "go-get ‘em" attitude for selling things, here are some ideas for you:

Food & Drink

Lunch service: A great idea for summertime is to make great lunches for office workers near your home, and deliver them on your bike or with the help of an adult.

Bake sales: Bake up cookies, brownies, cakes, and breads to sell in your driveway, at your place of worship, or a local community center. Get an adult's permission before using the oven.

Drink and snack stands: This is a great business if you live on a well-traveled street or near a park. You can choose to run a classic lemonade stand or offer a variety of drinks and snacks. Talk to your family about buying food and drink in bulk at a warehouse store or discount club, and mark it up for a fair profit.

Tech Ideas

Computers: If you're an expert on computer hardware or software, offer your services to people who need a little help. You can set up Internet connections, install applications, train people on programs, etc-all for an hourly fee!

Audio and Video: If you know all about home electronics, you can aid those who don't know a DVD recorder from a sub-woofer. Make money as the local "go-to-kid" for tech stuff.

Printing: If you have a state-of-the-art computer printer, charge people to print out T-shirt iron-ons, magnets, business cards, and anything else your printer can handle.

More Ideas

Garage sales: Just because you no longer want that stuff, doesn't mean nobody else does! Gather your toys, games, clothes, and whatever else you can stand to part with and have a sale in your garage, driveway, or yard.

Auctions: If you don't think a garage sale will bring good prices, set up an online auction with a parent's help.

Car wash: Get a hose, a bucket, and a soft brush or sponge and spend a whole day washing cars in your neighborhood. This can be a very fun way to spend a weekend day with a bunch of friends, because hose fights are just part of doing business!

Paper route: This is a classic kid job; ask your local paper if they need carriers in your area. A paper route can be a great way to make good tips!

Now that we've looked at a lot of specific moneymaking ideas, we'll talk about one last important subject: Promotion and Advertising.


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