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Pssst-there might be money hidden in your home. No, not under a mattress or up in the attic! It's in all the things you can do around the house that your family might be willing to pay you for!

If you're like most people, you probably have a list of chores and responsibilities like cleaning your room, doing the dishes, or raking the lawn. You may have to do these chores "for free" as a way of helping out the family, or you may be rewarded for them each week or month with an allowance. In both cases, these chores are expected, so they're not ways to make extra money.

To make extra money by doing work in your own home, you'll have to do more than your regular chores. This means talking with a parent about what needs to be done, and making sure that these things are not already on your chores list. For example, you might say something like:

    "Grandma, I'm finished with my regular chores, but I'm trying to earn some money to spend at the fair next week. Is there any extra work I can do around the house for money?"

    "Dad, I know it's my responsibility to mow the lawn each Saturday. I was thinking that maybe I could weed the garden, too, to earn a little spending cash."

Remember: It's important to talk about money BEFORE you do any extra work. You can't just go up to an adult and say something like: "I washed all the windows, so I was hoping you'd give me ten bucks." It's possible that the windows didn't really need to be washed, or that they have other tasks that are more important, or that they don't think ten dollars is fair. To avoid arguments, talk first, and work second.

Where do you find these extra moneymaking chances? Well, look around your home and ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there something that really needs to be done, but nobody seems to have time to do it? Is the garage so messy that it looks like an indoor junkyard? Does the car need to be washed? Does the dog need to be washed?

  • Is there a special event coming up, such as a big party at your home or a holiday? Can you earn extra cashola by making decorations, wrapping gifts, or being the person who makes sure everyone has enough food and drink?

  • Are there areas in your home that you think can be made to look a little nicer or neater? Maybe there's a bare spot in the front yard where a flower garden would be perfect. Maybe the storage shed has gotten so disorganized that nobody can find anything. Is there something you can do that will be an improvement?

Once you've found a way to make extra money at home, you may want to Get The OK To Branch Out around your neighborhood.


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