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How do you earn your own money? How do you promote or advertise what you have to offer?

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Making Money: Why Should You Work?
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This is where you might be saying, "But I'm just a kid! I shouldn't have to work!" That's right; you probably don't have to, but here are some reasons why you may want to:
  • Earning is learning. By working to earn your own money, you'll be learning skills you'll need to succeed in the world. These skills can include things like dealing with money, understanding what customers want and need, getting along with people, using tools and technology, using your time and materials wisely-and many more.

  • Money gives you choices. If you want to see a movie, get that great video game, or go out for burgers with your friends, you'll need cash to do it. When your allowance money runs out, does the fun run out, too? With your own extra money, it doesn't have to. A parent may want you to save some of your earnings or have rules about what you are and aren't allowed to buy, but as long as you stick to those guidelines, money you earn for yourself is yours to spend as you choose.

  • Independence is a great feeling. Some people think that asking for money is a lot easier than earning it, and if they beg a parent long enough, they'll get that twenty bucks to spend at the mall. But when you make your own money, you don't have to depend on someone else to hand you something. Five dollars that you've earned will probably feel a lot better in your hand than twenty dollars that you begged for, and there's nothing like the proud feeling of taking your very own money to the bank or store.

  • It beats being bored. How many times have you been bored out of your skull, sitting around the house, convinced that there's absolutely nothing to do? Well, how about coming up with a plan to earn some money? That can be a great way to break through the boredom. By using your brain and your body to do jobs and make cash, you'll get energized, have a good time, and make the hours fly by. Resist the temptation from TV, radio, and magazine ads that may be telling you the opposite: that the only way to have fun is to spend money by going to the movies, buying clothes, eating junk food, etc. After that fun is gone, the money is, too!

Okay, so we know why we should make money-but where do we do it? Start At Home!


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Be Your Own Boss!
Be Your Own Boss!

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