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Tell us about your favorite babysitting experience -- whether you were the "baby" or the "sitter"!

We got so many answers to this question that we ran out of room! Take a look at what others had to say, and send us your response on other topics.


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“My mom, sis, and I went to my neighbor’s house, and I got to feed and play with her 1 year old. He’s so cute! I love taking care of kids!”
--Amanda, 12

“My Mom says I’m still to Young to Babysit. My Cousin is the same age as me{actually 3 weeks younger}and she makes fun of me just because I don't babysit. I know Babysitting is really serious. What do you say? ”
--Erika, 12

“ShiShi (10): I’m sorry. I’m not going to be nasty, and I’m glad you are confident enough to stand up for your opinion. I was still getting baby sat (if that's the past tense) when I was 10, and a lot of times, I know I wouldn't have known how to take care of that. So, it was true for me, and I think it's probably true for a lot of 10 year olds, but it's not a fact, and I shouldn't have said it like it was a fact. Sorry.”
--JS, 13

“I once babysat 10 toddlers with my brother only because there was 10 of them. It lasted 8 hours long I only got 20.00 dollars.”
--Alayna, 11

“I am going to six grade and am scared what should I do.”
--Maricela, 10

“I would love to be a sitter because I love baby & children !!!!!!!!!!!!”
--Lilibeth, 10

“I Can Not Say I Have One. I Don't Babysit Much. But Once When We Were Babysitting At A Parent Conference This One Kid Put A Wooden Toy Near A Power Outlet And It Lit On Fire! When All Of A Sudden The Roof Sprinklers Came On! Everyone Went Around Screaming And Running And Picking Up Kids. It Was Scary At The Moment Buy It Was A Lol Moment Later With Ma Peeps A.k.a. Friends xD.”
--J-dog, 11

“Hello my name is Tiffany and my mums a child minder and I love to work with children I live in Blackpool north shore and I can babysit on Saturdays and holidays because on Fridays I go to sea cadets and I like it loads please let me look after your children because I would love to have experience for when am older please. Yours sincerely Tiffany xx.”
--Tiffany, 13

“How Can I get a Job Babysitting to make some extra money?”

“I am the sitter and my favorite is when I found out that I was doing a great job and they called me the best babysitter ever and gave me a hug.”
--Emmy, 13

“My favorite baby sitting experience is when my baby sitter took me to the fair.”
--Rashaad, 11

“I was the babysitter. I have so much fun when I babysit once a month. I do it for free at the adult girl scout meetings.”
--Samantha, 11

“I had to babysit my baby brother when my mommy had to wash her eyes.”
--Mara, 9

“I’m not a babysitter. I want to be one to get more money to buy things I want or need. It would also be helpful to the parents. It would help them a lot and I love to help! Only sometimes though. Bye!”

“I like to Baby sit but once I babysat my cousin for about 3 hours he got on my nerves so much I thought I was going to loose it I almost thought that he was going to sit and watch a movie so that I could sit for about 30 minutes but about 2 minutes into the movie he ran over to me and said lets go get on the trampoline so we did and I was so happy when My Mom got there.”
--Holly, 12

“Babysitting is awesome you get money & play with kids! ”
--Olivia, 11

“I was the baby sitter it was fun but it was hard work it takes a lot of responsibility to do it.”
--Lashariae, 10

“I love to babysit I charge at least 5 dollars an hour per child.”
--Madylon, 11

“I have to babysit my baby brother when my parents are asleep. And I get a lot of money because he is only 7 mons. Old. I started when he was 4 mons. Old and my parents trust me to be careful and not to drop him. Also I babysit him when my dad goes outside to do work. One time one of my friends helped me and our treat is she got to go to my church that night.”
--Brooke, 11

“I was the sitter and my sisters was the baby. By Caitlyn H.”
--Caitlyn, 10

“Lori: When did I say that you can’t have your own opinion. I respect your opinion I just don't agree. And also I’m “Taking it out" on Noneofyourbuissness ‘cuz he/she sounded harsh when he/she said “Your not responsible enough" Why is it so wrong 2 stand up 4 myself.”
--ShiShi, 10

“I sometimes help my mommy take care of my little sister Charlotte and I watch out for her.”

“I love kids under 03months 2 4years.”
--Laneishsa, 13

“ShiShi: Who ever said you couldn't babysit. Nobody's stopping you! Go ahead! :P.”
--Lori, 11

“Once, I was sitting my two year old cousin. She accidentally wet herself and in a low tone she said: I don’t know if mommy put me on the pull-up.”
--Aizha, 10

“I babysat my sister when I was 9. I loved it and the best part was I had some extra money to spend. That’s why I am looking for a job as a babysitter.”
--Maranda, 10

“What's wrong with 10 year olds babysitting?? One of my classmates(Jeannette)who is 10 started a babysitting business with her friend.”
--Rachel, 10

“I agree with Shishi!! I’m 1O and I babysit twins!!!!! I do a really good job, and I enjoy it!!!!!!!! The twins also give me a really good laugh!! ”
--Elizabeth, 10

“I was the sitter. It was horrible! ”

“I was the sitter and I baby sat my little sisters it was a bit of a challenge but it all went fine.”
--Tia, 11

“I love babysitting because I get paid every Friday me and my niece Aisha.”

“I baby-sit twins [KAITLEN & LYNDSAY]and they are adorable!!!!!!! I go over to they're house and just look at them and they start laughing!!!! It's ssssoooo cute!! I love baby-sitting!! ”
--Lizy cl, 10

“One time me and the kids that I babysit had a water balloon fight. It was really fun.”

“I babysit this little girl she’s 4 and is SPOILED ROTTON! This one time there were no hot dog buns so I had to give her bread instead of a bun. She threw a HUGEE hissy fit so I finally found a hotdog bun. But it was completely frozen! So I told her I could thaw it out. But NOOOOO She stood in front of the microwave and demanded that I gave it to her. So I did. And she ate it frozen. I HATE babysitting her. But my trick is if you REALLLYY don’t want to do a lot of work, make a movie day! It’s great! You sit there and watch movies with them :P.”
--Kirstie, 13

“I have never babysat before but I am going to soon and I am looking forward to it!!”
--Ashlan, 10

“Can you help me babysit.”

“I babysit these super rich couple and one night they came home just a little tipsy and they paid me $500 for working only an hour!”
--Sandra, 12

“One time I was rollerblading with hunter and he peed his pants.”

“I babysat a baby once.”
--heather, 9

“I used to babysit a little boy named Alex. He was so cute, and always made sure to carry with him a toy when we left the house. Alex would drop the toy whenever he saw a woman he liked, and most often it was a blond. Anyway, I didn't catch on for a while, but it was hilarious once I did.”

“When I was a baby my older sister Elaine had to keep an eye on me while my mom and dad were at a party. I accidentally ripped Elaine's skirt and then played tug-o-war with Mom and Dad's bedroom curtains. Elaine had to clean up all of my messes. Now that I’m older I will learn to clean up after myself.”
--Maxine, 12

“I was babysitting theses 2 kids and we went to the water park and we had such a blast it was so much fun to see the kids having fun.”

“My favorite time was yesterday!!! I watched my brother and got to watch T. V. With him all day.”

“We play games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“I had to babysit my sister's kids when they was little.”

“Yes I’m a guy. But the job pays well. $6.00 an hour. And who doesn’t love little kids? They’re so cute. Plus when they’re asleep you can watch TV. It’s fun. It really is. But sometimes I wished I charged more. Oh, and whoever gets $400.00 a month… U go girl!”
--Grant, 10

“Well, sometimes babysitting can be so hard and annoying. I have to baby sit for 3 BOYS! They mess up my room, waste my makeup, hide or destroy my toys, and pour stuff on the bed AND I have to clean it all up! Other times it's nice to babysit when they’re sleeping or watching a movie. I get paid $30 per week.”
--Diana, 10

“Yes I am 13 and looking for a babysitting job. Please take me into consideration and hope I will be hearing from you soon.”
--Shantia, 13

“I like to play with kids and I like to cook and sing to kids.”
--Frances, 8

“I was the baby a few times ok this is the baby story my babysitter Erica Ha I ran all over her but when I was the sitter for my cousin Alexis who was 2 it was like getting a rash on your BUTT while you’re swimming...”
--Yessica, 9

“Every time I babysit me nieces they LOVE it! We get all of their neighbor friends over and we all play together ITS FUN!!”

“The thing I love best when babysitting is you really interact with the child and they look up to you and aren’t frightened of you at all and that’s what it should be like!!”
--Gemma, 13

“I have been the sitter and the baby. I sat for these adorable twins and a five year old.”

“Well one of my fav. Babysitting experience's was when I got to go to a carnival with them it was so much fun but one of the kids I was babysitting for threw up all over his sister. But it was fun!!!!!!”

“Hey! Babysitting is fun, and A Good Tip is, Be Nice to them And They Will LOVE You Back!!!”
--missy, 11

“It cool to babysitting.”
--Bethany, 11

“I was the sitter and the good thing is was that the kids were good! Yay! * sigh* good old sweet bribery!”
--Miss Green Day, 12

“I babysat my 2 nephews and niece? Iv had 2 years of experience.”
--Angela, 22

“I baby sat with my cousin she was 3 years old and with her brother he was 6 years old.”
--Rachel, 10

“Ok, 1 time my babysitter katherine wanted 2 take my sisters and i to the park and when we came back the babysitter forgot that she didn’t have the key 2 our house so katherine called her friends and they said 2 check if a window was unlocked so then after a few minutes she found a downstairs window, but she and my other sisters were 2 big but then i desided 2 try and go through the window and what would you know i fit so katherine held me so i wouldn’t fall and then the next thing you kneweverybody was inside and katherines friends had gone and my parents had just pulled into the driveway.”
--Beth, 12

“Anyone under 12 is TOO young to babysit!”

“I love it because I baby sit my niece.”
--Noemi, 8

“I really like babysitting because you get to be home alone and you’re in charge.”
--Amber, 9

“Vary responsible.”

“I babysit for my neighbors, a 9-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy. It's awesome! They're both really nice and well-behaved, and I have a lot of fun babysitting them.”

“Once I babysat my nieces (Lily who is 4 and Mia who is 2. ) .”
--Emma, 10

“I want to babysit and I’m staying with my grandma for the summer in Lenoir, North Carolina.”
--Brittney, 12

“To Elaine (10) : Sometimes parents get responsibility and age confused and assume that younger kids are less responsible. In order to prove to your mom that you are old enough to babysit, you first need to show her that you're responsible enough. Ask her about enrolling in a community babysitting course for kids so that you know the basics. You can also talk to your mom about how you'll handle certain situations (make sure not to complain!) that may come up when you're babysitting. If you haven't already done so, ask your mom if you can stay home alone for a short period of time (less than an hour) every now and then so that you can get used to staying alone with kids. You can even become a “Mother's helper" for another family, which is when you babysit kids with a parent in the home and then eventually move on to the big thing. Don't be afraid to clear up anything you're unsure of. If your mom realizes that you're responsible enough to handle the job regardless of age, she may consider letting you have a chance to babysit!”
--Amelia, 11

“I really like to babysit but no one will ask me.”
--Ariel, 13

“Once I had to babysit a household of 5 children for 7 whole hours. But I did it, somehow, it kinda helps when u create a good bond with the children your babysitting, let them know u care and ur not just there to make money. Then see how things work out.”

“I watched my baby cousin Abby and it was fun, I had to play with her and clean up after her and feed her I had to run after her and that’s all.”
--Ryan, 9

“I only hate too babysit when the baby isn't old enough to talk. If the babysitting isn't a paying gig, I'll have an attitude the whole time. One time I babysat my little cousin She cried and cried and cried!!!! I didn't know what to do. It turns out she was hungry!”
--Malia, 13

“Am a good girl I give food to the child! Help out with any homework or problem!”

“How old do you have to be to babysit.”
--Ellen, 12

“Once when I was seven I baby-sat my baby cousin. His name is Jeffery. He is one year old now. When I babysat him we pretended that we were going to the zoo, but it was hard to get him into the (Pretend) car. But then when I told him we were going to the zoo then he calmed down.”
--Michelle, 8

“I was the babysitter. It was pretty easy. I was in my early 12s and I was babysitting my friend's brother. He was in his 3s. The only reason my friend didn't babysit was because I had more experience.”
--Danielle, 12

“The first time I ever sat was when I was 11 my parents didn’t trust me sitting and child of 18 months but I proved them wrong I did my job so great the mother of that baby gave me a bonus I got 60$$$.”
--Jannique, 12

“I was the baby. My cousin babysat me. I was a good girl.”
--Danielle, 12

“Me and Ashly, she was 5, I was watching her had popcorn all over the floor and her mom was mad!!!!".”

“JS I usually respect your opinions, but it hurt my feelings when you and a lot of other people said 10 year olds can't babysit because they're not responsible enough, I’m 10 and a half and very responsible and have a lot of experience. If you don't know someone, you can't know how responsible a person is. It really hurts me. ( you can send a nasty response, but It's my opinion and I’m not afraid to say what I think. ).”
--ShiShi, 10

“When my sister was in the kitchen she fell and slipped.”
--Taylor, 12

“Kathryn: We didn't say that everybody that was 10 or younger wasn't responsible, but sometimes they should be older than 10, and don't take it out on Noneofyourbuisness, because I’m the one who started it, and you shouldn't get all upset about it.”
--Lori, 11

“Kathryn: Also I think that 9 is too young to babysit.”
--Lori, 11

“ShiShi: Why is everybody taking it out on Noneofyourbuisness??? He/She didn't start it. I did! So just stop it, and we never said that ALL 10 year olds couldn't babysit. Gosh!!! Why does everybody take things so seriously?”
--Lori, 11

“Well, :) My fav babysitting experience was I was watching a baby boy and the whole 6 hours he slept. That means he play for 2 hours and went to bed the rest of the day and I was paid $50 dollars for just sitting there and watching T. V.”
--Charisse, 11

“I think it would be fun.”
--Renee, 9

“I just took the Canadian Red Cross babysitting course and passed it. I got my resume/flyer done and still haven't posted it. I babysit my little cousins when they come over and that helps me gain experience. That's all!”
--Parth, 12

“When I was about seven my sister and her friends babysat me. We made cookies and well it got a little smoky, and I ran around the house screaming!!!! LOL.”
--Sydney, 10

“Kathryn and ShiShi: People can have their own opinions!”
--Lori, 11

“Making babies laugh.”
--Maryjane, 13

“My brother has an aquarium of 1, 360 goldfish. Once, while mom and dad were at a meeting, all the goldfish suddenly leapt out the window! Ha-ha! And my brother was grounded because a neighbor called to complain about dead goldfish in his garden. Ha-ha-ha!”
--Rachel, 11

“I still have my babysitter. Her name is Bethany. She is 17. She is very nice. She lets me watch TV a little too much but still she is very very very very nice!!!”
--Kayla, 9

“I babysit once every week and I get $10 an hour for 2 kids. I usually babysit for 4 hours. I have $40 when I leave. But it is a lot of work!!!”
--Katey, 13

“I have a baby cousin and I want to watch him, only I don't know how! Can you help me very much?...Please?”
--Hannah, 8

“Hey everyone, it wasn’t that long a go the baby sitter came. She came in her nightclothes. Ten mins latter we start to dance.”
--Kiara, 11

“I have been the baby and the sitter. When I was the baby I either had family babysit and they never got money or we had a friend 'sit and they got 5 dollars an hour. Now when I 'sit for my little sisters I don't get paid but when I 'sit for my cousin I get 3 dollars an hour.”
--Luna, 11

“Once I was a sitter for the most annoying twins ever! They were 4-year-old BOYS! They DISTROYED my most prized doll collection!!!!! For 2 hours s straight, all I heard was......SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY (it got SUPER irritating) .”
--Ashlee, 13

“I love to babysit!!!”
--Lauren, 13

“Well I love babysitting kids. I think that children can make u have fun even as a teenager. I have a great time babysitting, mostly my cousins. The best experience I had so far was babysitting my baby cousin for the first time. If u thought babysitting 6 years old was hard, imagine a 5-month-old baby! But it is still fun! :).”

“I watch my sister's friend who is 7 and I would love to babysit younger children...”
--Taylor, 13

“I watch 3 girls down the street for 3 dollars an hour.”
--Demi, 10

“I have been babysitting my little brother and my friend’s little sister and brothers since I was 11 years old.”

“I get money every two weeks. I get $1.50 per kid and per hour. Some of you say it hard babysitting and it is hard.”
--natty, 11

“I have babysit my cousin she is 4 and I love to babysit her, and I know that I will love to babysit your little sister, cousin, baby brother or friend.”
--Yazmin, 13

“Babysitting is fun and a easy way to make 30$ each time I do it.”
--Maddy, 11

“Okay, I’m really want to babysit but my mom thinks I’m too young. I always try to change her mind, but it doesn’t work. How can I babysit if my mom holds me back?”
--Elaine, 10

“One time I had to keep an eye on my baby brother Spencer while Mom and Dad took Grandmother and Grandfather to the train station. Spencer once tossed a ball at my kittycat named Boo and it clunked him on the head.”
--Rebecca, 11

“I love to babysit and I have a p. B so write.”
--Kenya, 10

“When my babysitter did a movie night and let me choose 4 packs of Oreos I got to stay up until 3:00 A. M. It was fun.”
--Shanna, 12

“I just baby-sat these three kids(Haley, Julia and Leeam) and it was sooo much fun! I got paid 10$ an hour!”
--Sara, 12

“I babysit everyday, 5 days a week, for one of my mom's friends. She pays me $400.00 a month. So it pays well and I love the little boy. His name is Josiah. :).”

“I get 100.00 dollars per hour.”
--Kathryn, 12

“I take care of my two year old brother and I was saying to myself I’m so mature and that I was better than him. Then I gave him a shower and I was putting the pants first than the pamper and he told me that it was wrong. Ever since then I never thought I was so mature.”
--Jackie, 9

“I’ve been taking care of my little sister ever since I was 6 and some times I get money for it but my mom said I have to be 12 for her to leave the house and really be comfortable with it.”
--Valerie, 9

"The first time I ever babysat was the best I had a lot of kids to watch 2 of my godbrother and my brother and sister I thought it will be hard but I loved it from that day own I wanted to babysit since they know me they trust me. And I was very nice I did not yell at all it was one of the best days of my life ‘cause I felt so mature 'cause I can take care of kids.”
--Sul-tannah, 12

“I am the sitter of 2. They are 7 and 4. They don't like to listen either. But it's worth it because I get 10$ a day.”
--Miranda, 10

“My favorite babysitting thing is I don't babysit crying babies.”
--Shantell, 12

“I just wanted to remind all you guys & girls that babysitting is not about the money it's about the kindness you show to that family. Remember, “What goes around comes around". :).”
--Victoria L

“I have 8 siblings (Bradely Dane18, Donna Joe15 Stephanie judeth10, Mike Wayne8, Danielle Jean6, Michelle Elizabeth4, Jane Merideth1, Peyton Mathew1mo., Dane Thhomas Wayne1mo. ) and my parents Leo Wayne and Piper Marie. But I babysit my little siblings a lot and it is very fun. But sometimes they are really a handful.”
--Stephanie, 10

“Well I was reading through these and got very upset because someone said that 10 year olds are not responsible enough to babysit yet but disagree because I just turned 10 except I've been babysitting since I was 9. Also I think it is mine my parents and my clients decision of whether or not I’m responsible enough not noneofyourbuiness's. Just because we're younger than u doesn't mean ur more responsible than us.”
--Kathryn, 10

“I've babysat my sister, god brothers and sister, cousins, family friends kids, and students at daycares. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and trust me it’s a lot of work but at the end of the day your happy wit ya pay and that you have spend a day wit lil cute, sweet kids. I’ve watched ages from the start of their first months though - eleven years old.”
--diamond, 13

“I remember when I was 6 years old and my little sister was 2. (this was before my little brother was born. ) and both of my big sibs had moved out by then. So we had to have a babysitter come to our house and it was like so fun!! LOL.”
--Nikki, 11

“I wanted to babysit - it would be a good way to make money. I wasn’t old enough and before I could take my classes, I did something stupid. I saw “When a Stranger Calls". It creeped me out so bad that I don’t think I'll be babysitting for a while!”
--Leilani, 13

“Noneofyourbuisness: That is exactly what I said, and I so agree with you and JS.”
--Lori, 11

“One time I was babysitting and someone came to the door and the door was locked. I didn’t know who it was so I didn’t answer. They stayed there and didn’t leave, so I started to get scared but I didn’t mention it to the kid. Finally the mom pulls up in the car and walks in with the man that was out there and it turned to be the dad. I felt so stupid.”
--Mandy, 12

“I <3 to babysit kids and one time I brought sparkly markers and it kept them busy for hours.”
--Maddie, 12

“Why do some babysitters send you to bed earlier than you usually go to bed at?”
--Skylar, 11

“I hate babysitting but it pays for my needs. I get $10 an hour 6 hours $60. I love my little sister when I baby sit her.”
--Cipreis, 13

“I like to babysit a lot. I have babysat for 3 years now. It has been a great experience for me because now my mom is having a baby so I will know everything and I will be babysitting a lot now.”
--Bryttanee, 13

“I babysit all the time but not like this one night a rainy night my mom and dad went to bingo me, my sister where left a drip fell stop what happened next.”
--Marissa, 9

“I babysit my 2 little cousin for 35 dollars a week...............”
--Larilyn Bell, 13

“I started babysitting when I was 11 I babysat 2 babies a 1 year old and a 3 year old I love working with little children it’s like being a mom because u began to love the kids even more and u realize I don’t want them doing the same thing I did growing up so u teach them what is right not what is wrong. It is stressful I have a house full of babies from 8-5 every day of the week my only day off is Sunday and I told my mom I said I am going to be stressed out before I even start babysitting and I was.”
--Emily, 12

“I like babysitting my cousin. I babysit my cousin whenever I go to Baltimore. We play hide & seek. My cousin name is Nicera she is the best. !!!!!”
--Ameria, 10

“Babysitting stinks when you have competition in the neighborhood. See I have this guy in the neighborhood and he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo a hottie and he and me are competing for this job!”
--Strawberry, 11

“Last year I got $100 from a man who had 5 kids!!”
--Collin, 9

“I get ten dollars for babysitting.”
--Artisha, 12

“My first baby sitting is when I pretend to do a baby sitting program and I like to raise money so some of it could go to the charity and the rest to me when my experience was when I pretended to babysit a girl named Allysa.”
--Emma, 8

“I love babysitting, I have a lot of experience, and the kids love me.”
--ShiShi, 10

“I have never babysat...”
--Sarah, 11

“I was watching over these twins, named June and Rachel. I was a lot younger at the time (10 in fact), so I wasn't actually babysitting. My parents, though, told me to watch them and make sure the house didn't turn into utter chaos. What I usually did when I came over was have a craft set out for them, or some sort of treasure hunts (they LOVED treasure hunts!!). Anyways, before they came over, I hid the 'treasure.' When it was just about time to go, I told them about the hunt. It was Christmas time, and because everyone would be so busy, it would be the last time we would see them in a while. I wanted to make sure they had something to remember until the next time we met. Well, they found the treasure in no time at all. I'll never forget the look on their faces when they saw what I had made for them. They were so excited! I made reindeer out of Smarties boxes and some felt, and personally, I think it looked great. It took me a long time to make them for everybody, but it was definitely worth it in the end. June and Rachel absolutely loved it!!!!”
--Marshmallow, 13

“Noneofyourbuissness, I’m ten and a half and I babysit and I am very experienced and responsible. How do you know how responsible people are? Not all ten year olds are the same (I have said this before, I’m expressing my opinion and if u want to send critical responses, GO AHEAD!).”
--Shishi, 10

“I like to babysit babies. It is easier. And I babysit older ones to.”
--Mariah, 11

“I was the sitter for my niece (age 2) and well babysitting is a HARD responsibility. It's especially hard when you have a baby. Sometimes the baby won’t eat so if he/she missed a meal then feed them while they play. AND then It’s the diaper change. Well some kids don’t mind a diaper change once in a while, while some kids absolutely dread diaper changes (I really don’t have technique because my niece is okay with one) and it's easy to entertain the kid. Babies are fascinated with everything! Even the slightest thing is fascinating like even when you don’t have anything babies have a lot of imagination like one time I wasn't sure if the thing she wanted was safe or not so she cried a bit and then started to pretend she was cooking some kind of food. And you have to play with the baby. Be a part of their game. The more they become used to you the less they disobey. Another hardship is CRYING. My niece cries a lot because usually she wants something I can’t give that have chemicals or small parts in it. So my niece starts shrieking and falling on the floor with rage. I usually pick her up and rub her back and then when you can’t get a firm grip on her so she won’t fall to the floor. Put her on your back and give her a piggy back or jog her around the room which will definitely make the baby cry with laughter or you can give her nee-nee a.k.a. nipple, and that should quiet her down. Or if you tried like burping, feeding, playing and etc. I think it’s time for a good nap. So yah I think that pretty much sums it up.”
--Shannon, 11

“I have been babysitting for 2 years but the most I remember was when a little 6 month old baby couldn’t stop crying. To calm him down I gave him one of my favorite baby dolls, Mr. Quackers. I gave him a bottle of his warm milk and he slept like a fluffy soft little cloud.”
--Josary, 11

“Once, I was babysitting my sister and she threw a tantrum because Mom was late getting home. I had her go to bed early, and, because of that, I got a raise in my allowance.”
--Alex, 10

“One time I was babysitting my little sister and her 3 cousins while her Aunt Chelsea went on a date with the principal. And Mimi and Jamie and Krissy went wild and started making a mess of my room! I had to call their mother up on the telephone and tell her that her kids started making a big mess!”
--Star, 13

“JS: I meant, if they like went with their mom or parent, while they babysat, and helped.”
--Lori, 11

“I like it when people babysit me because I get to do whatever I want to do!”
--Moiona, 9

“I lovvvvvvvvve babysitting!!!!!!!! You guys might think who in their right minds would hire a 10-year-old babysitter?! But I really know how 2 handle young kids. My 12 year old sister and I sometimes do it together.”
--Shishi, 10

“I kinda have a full time baby sitter at boarding school....my nanny. She’s great.”
--Paris, 9

“The kids I babysit love when I sing the a lull-a-bye. It’s not only soothing but it will help get the kids to go to bed on time. I usually make up something like: O little Jason tomorrow you'll wake with a big smile on your face! then I sing some other real lull-a-byes like rock a bye baby or something. It’s a good tip to get the children to go to bed on time and they love it!!”

"Audrey, 12, that's not really funny, that's a good way to get fired...”

“It stinks being a kid.”
--Tatiana, 12

"Well. I babysit a lot. My best babysitting job was when I babysat for a 4 month old. I got 25 bucks for that job. But now I make at least 40 to 45 bucks a sit.”
--Mj, 11

“Babysitting is hard.”
--Sandra, 10

“I babysit this kid Dylan, he's 2, ni have a brother who's 8 months. And b/c I babysit Dylan, my mom says I don’t play with my brother. What do I do?”
--Miranda, 12

“I like watching my sister every day so I will like watching some other kids too. I love watching kids because I like to play with kids.”
--Tynisha, 13

“When I was 9 years old, me and my brother had a babysitter named Nicole E and she was so nice! We got to have pizza and soda after my parents left and that was when our friendship started! I like Nicole as my friend now but she is still nice to me and I'll never forget her! Peace out Nicole! YOU ROCK!!!!”
--Alison, 13

“What age do I have to be to babysit?”

“My mom says I have to wait until 6th grade! I am going to 5th! My sister is going to be in her last year of high school when I am in 6th. So she will have a job and I have the house to myself. Oh sweet sweet dreams!”
--Amanda, 10

“I was babysitting today and it was a 5 year old and a 10 year old and me and the ten yr old gurl got along great but the boy was tired so he was being a brat!!!! He ended up locking us out of the house after chasing us with his mega Jawbreaker!!!! We couldn’t get in and the cleaning lady was upstairs vacuuming so she couldn’t hear us. And to make it even worse it started pouring down rain!!! We were soaked!!”
--RBKL4life, 13

“I have to babysit my siblings, and it gets rough sometimes. But I always solve the problem. And I don't get paid!”

“Hi my name is AALYSSA. I was babysitting since 8 years old....young, I know. Now that I’m 10 it’s hard to find a job but I’ve been sitting for years.”
--Aalyssa, 10

“You never forget your first babysitting job! I was babysitting at a huge house, and I got paid a lot of money, but the kid was a total brat! he would only watch MY LITTLE PONY and eat marshmallows. And he made a huge mess! But I got through it, and now I learned from the mistakes I made during that first time, and I am a better baby sitter because of it! So my advice to you if you get a brat for a charge? Just grin and bear it! You will come out better in the end. But if the kid is a brat and the parents don't pay you squat, I would turn them down. You will be tired and a mess for almost nothing, and it takes the fun out of babysitting! And don't take a job where you don't feel comfortable in the surroundings or with the ages of the kids. Believe me, it isn't worth it!”
--Alyssa, 13

“My name is Kaitlyn M. I’m trying to raise a ton of money so I can buy my own dog. A Westie to be exact. I need up to $5,000 dollars. And I’m trying to help out more around the house for money. I can't babysit because I don't really know anybody with kids to babysit. I live out in the country so it's really hard to get a job in town for money. Please give me ideas. Thank you!”
--Kaitlyn, 12

“I want a babysitting job because I love to babysit.”
--Michelle, 13

“I am a babysitter. I love watching kids. I have two brothers and a little sister. I am the oldest and half the time I love it! I want to babysit your kids. I’m looking to make money so I can afford my own cell phone bill!”

“One time I had a sitter when I was about 8, and she was my favorite. I was in my house and she went outside to play with my dog. I got jealous and locked her out. She knocked on the back door so I quickly locked the front door. I went back to the door to the backyard and I accidentally hit the lock and the door unlocked. The babysitter didn't know and she lifted up the garage door and got in. She told my mom and dad, and I was grounded. But she eventually came back, but I don't think she liked it!”
--Alaina, 10

“I want to be a babysitter for your kids.”

“I really want to be a babysitter! I am really gentle and loving with kids!”
--Destiney, 12

“I babysat before. I never got paid but it was a good experience learning how to treat a kid.”
--Seth, 12

“Unfortunately I was the baby! One lady even asked if I needed help using the bathroom! I’m really glad my sis is old enough 2 babysit now ‘cuz she doesn’t baby me.”
--Esther, 12

“Well, I’m the sitter so I had a lot of bad and a lot of good experiences with kids. Like when they’re sleeping and it’s quiet, that’s a good experience, lol! But when they’re up and noisy that’s a bad experience, lol!”
--Kendalynn, 12

“When I was 6 I remember going to Aunt Nikki’s house to be babysat. Her little girl Caitlyn got me in trouble. I marched off to my room. Right then I saw Caitlyn sitting in the corner crying. Whatever it was for, she probably deserved it! That’s when my parents got there. I never even found out why she was crying and neither did my Aunt Nikki!!!!!!!!!”
--Wendal, 9

“When I was being babysat (I think that is how you spell it) I spilled hot cocoa all over the rug and my babysitter got a raise because she cleaned it up. And now she moved to England where she is a nanny!”
--Bridget, 13

“Why r some babysitters so mean?”

“I babysit my 2 nieces Michaela and Heidi. It’s fun cause I am going to be a parent one day and it gets me ready!!!”
--Jessica, 12

“I don't mean to sound like a know-it-all, but if you're the babysitter don't pretend like you're four again and taking care of the baby doll. Meaning, don't put the kid in time out because they don't listen the first time... Say it one more time and let them know what is going to happen if they don't stop. My babysitter never did that so I was in time out quite a lot. As a result, I ended up hating that babysitter. Ooh and another thing! If you're babysitting for a long time try making playdough! the kids have tons of fun but make sure it's okay with the parents :
* 4 cups flour
* 1 cup salt
* 1- 1 1/2 cups cold water
* 2 tablespoons cooking oil
* food coloring if desired
Mix all together and let them be creative! Kids are great! I love to babysit especially when they show u some love back!”
--Kyleene, 13

“I love babysitting! I babysat my little bro and 1 month 1 day younger cuz 4 like 3 hours... and got paid by my aunt AND my mom! It was sooooo funny ‘cause my little bro & cuz watched in horror... I was paid 2 babysit them?! They thought. Now me & Josh (my cuz) tag team babysit. It is soooo fun.”
--Camille, 12

“The best part of babysitting is to have fun with the kids.”
--Nicole cochrane, 13

“It was so awful.”

“If you’re 10 or younger you shouldn’t babysit, you’re not responsible enough yet.”

“Please, I really like kids. I have been babysitting ever since I was 12 I really need a job. Can you help me? I babysit kids infant on through 7. My mom said that it would be a pleasure if you could help me find a babysitting job. I know all about CPR. They taught it at my school. And I also know how to do the proper feeding directions for a infant and will have self control in little kids. I am a fun gamer. I love video games, and board games. I am a wonderful cook. I can cook all types of things: chicken, tacos...I can even make a pizza. Well I hope you can help me find a job.”
--Lacey, 13

Message from IML: Hi Lacey! You may have noticed that we took our your e-mail address. We have to do this because IML is a safe site for tweens and in order to protect everyone, we don’t post personal information like e-mail addresses, phone numbers, or even last names. If you’re hoping to find a babysitting job, you should look for places to advertise in your own neighborhood or community. For ideas on how to do this, check out the IML section on Babysitting!

“Sarah 13, it's not age, it's maturity. Like, a 10 year old may be really experienced, and could definitely babysit. But an 11 year old could still need a babysitter. So really it's not so much of an age issue.”
--ShiShi, 10

“I love 2 babysit my 4yro brother.”
--Breyonia, 9

“I am about to take my babysitting course in three days and I am really worried that I won't pass my final exam at the end of the week! What should I do?”
--Kloé, 11

“My best babysitting experience was when I was about six and all of my friends at the babysitter we were going to, all made a whirlpool in the sitter’s pool, tallest to shortest and we would all sing the cops theme song!’Bad boys bad boys watcha gonna do watcha gonna do when they come for you?"
--Kelsey, 13

“Hi. My name is Amanda and I am 12. I haven’t really babysat before but I have taken care of all my cousins that are around 3 years old. And I loved it! I would like to babysit more because it is really fun and I think that I could do a great job, and so could my sister! And I think that me and my sister are great with kids and we love helping them!”
--Amanda, 12

“In my family we aren’t rich and we’re close to poor. I help my mom with bills when I got allowance and then my stepmom and dad are now living in two different places while my stepmom has a house. And she’s usually the one that gives us the money and now I can't help my mom or dad and we need it really bad. And I have been looking for summer job forever and I can't find one. Please help. And I babysit my sibling. I used to babysit my neighbor’s kids but then they moved and I don't get paid. And one day a long time ago my mom and step offered to pay me 5 bucks a weekend, and I know we were having money trouble so I turn it down now. I am afraid to ask. What should I do?”
--Ashley, 13

“When I told my mom that I want to babysit she said ‘No, because you’re too young.’ And I said ‘Why?’ And she said ‘Because of the laws.’ And I got mad at George W. Bush.”
--Luriam, 10

“When I babysat my little brother for the first time I was really excited and happy.”
--Kloe, 11

“Well my mom's friend’s granddaughter was over and I had to watch her for 1 day. It got kinda annoying cause she got into my make-up but it was still fun cause we went shopping. But I got 20 bucks for it so it all worked out.”
--Katie, 12

“I am the baby and the sitter. I am a middle child out of 7 kids, my sister Haixley who is 15 babysits when she is home from Japan, My brother Carter is 13 and ‘watches’ out for us @ boarding school. My sister Abigail(Abby) is 12 and lives in my dorm and is always watching me like Carter. Then there is me. I usually babysit the little ones cuz the older kids are out. Then there is Lindsey who is 7 and the twins Joshua and Zachary.”
--Kailyn, 10

“I would like to know what age do you have to be to be a babysitter?”
--Kloe, 11

“My best friend's mom asked me to babysit for Lauren’s baby sister Grace. It went well most of the time, but after about 1 and 1/2 hours, she stared crying and saying she wanted her mom. But in about 4 1/2 hours, her dad came and picked her up, and she went back to the sweet little angel I know!”
--Erin, 10

“I have to baby-sit my cousins while my mom goes off to work. It is really quite hard because they are all babies under 3. Sometimes one is hitting me with a pan, the other is biting my hand and the other is crying because the oldest baby took away his bottle. Once I went to answer the phone and left the oldest in the kitchen alone... When I came back I couldn't find him. I looked everywhere... I was about to call my mom but then I found him in a pot hiding in the closet. Later I had to feed them... The oldest wouldn't eat and the youngest ended up eating until I couldn't find what to give him... And the middle child ate. I went outside to let them play. It was actually a bad idea. The middle child grabbed the hose and got every one of us wet, and I couldn't get them to get inside. When I was actually able to, I ran to the door and figured out that the oldest has locked us out, but he was outside with us so there was no real danger... Yet! I ran into the garage and grabbed the spare key I put in our outdoor refrigerator and was able to get in. You may not believe this but it actually happened! At night I gave the 3 kids their bottles and they went to sleep. This was the best part of the day!!!! I was actually quite responsible and I was mature. To be a babysitter you need the skill, the brains, patience, maturity, and you need to be responsible and trusted. It is no walk in the park meaning that it isn't easy! You can make money, like 100 dollars or less but you still can get paid. Once you pass all the pain and the weird parts of the experience you actually realize that you had fun! They all argue for my attention.”
--Anna, 13

“When I was getting babysat before, my little sister wanted to play charades but I didn't. So my babysitter said ‘You don't have to, you can sit and watch.’ Well I didn't want to. I wanted to watch a movie. And it ended up being fun. So never think too hard or you might have to end up like me...”
--Kayla, 9

“Babysitting is fun and I love it, but sometimes the kids get a little too hectic. This one time my friend Emilie and I were babysitting 3 kids from about 11:30 AM to near 11:30 PM and by the end we were soooo tired! They had dumped beads all over my room, attacked Emilie and chased her around my house, and one of them threw a temper tantrum. But it was fun and we did get paid so it was worth it.”
--Caitlynn, 13

“Oh, I wish I could babysit! But where I live, if you're under 15? Forget it. I'd love to do it, because little kids love me. I always play little games with them, and in dancing class, the teacher always picks me to teach little kids the moves...”
--ComicGirl, 12

“I hate babysitting because they drive me crazy. They do a big mess everywhere in the house. The end.”
--Brenda, 10

“When I babysat my little cuz Jenna and we played at the campground!”
--Shelby, 11

“I hate babysitting.”

“Lori: I agree with you, except, how could they get experience if they're under 10, and need experience to work? I think it's probably just too dangerous in general, but sometimes it might be okay.”

“I never got to babysit but this one time. At MY birthday party I took 2 3 year olds and a baby that was 0 months old upstairs and put the baby to sleep…”
--Emmalyn, 9

“I love babysitting so much. Especially when you get to babysit real little babies and you get to play with them, and they’re so cute.”
--Katelynn, 11

“Dude babysitting is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much fun!! Even though I am a guy the kids are so adorable and they rox my sox when I get a ton of ca$h!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.”
--Martin, 13

“I love kids, especially babies.”
--Shatyra, 13

“When I used to have a babysitter I always ate all my oatmeal, but now that I am getting older I always say I hate oatmeal.”
--Shanika, 12

“I helped my sister babysit these really spoiled kids and it drove me mad!!!”
--Izzy, 12

“Hey my name is Sofia and I want to make some money this summer so I want to babysit! I need a babysitting job!!”

“Hey, I hate babysitting my little cousin.”
--Jameka, 13

“I’m really annoyed, ‘coz my mum won’t let me babysit ‘coz my oldest gran told her I wasn’t responsible! It wasn’t me that sorta.... left the bath tap running and flooded the room, is it?”
--Vix, 12

“Hey babysitter: what does your baby go to... nap or bed??? PS, have a good summer.”
--Stephanie, 11

“Hi my name is Leilani and I need a summer job like babysitting because I really need some money in my pockets.”
--Leilani, 12

“Hi my name is Hannah and I need a job.”
--Hannah, 12

“Hey, I am 12 years old and I can babysit any baby from 1 month- 5years.”
--Kaitlynne, 12

“I've taken babysitting courses, but I’m not really sure how to let people know that I can babysit. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to start a babysitting business?”
--Sus, 12

“I've been babysitting my nephew since he was born.”
--Shermaine, 13

“Ok, my mom was napping and my sister was wide awake. I had 2 babysit her. She tries 2 stand up now, but she usually ends up falling & hurting herself. It's SOO hard 2 babysit my baby sister. She likes 2 crawl EVERYWHERE! Ugh, she's a pain.”
--Kitten, 9

“I was babysitting 1 year old Lilly. We played together and she would talk to me. She felt like my own sister. It's not so great when you have to change her. But Lilly's still cute!”
--Darcy, 10

“I babysat a 1 year old, a 5 year old, a 6 year old, and a 9 year old. I actually ‘lost’ a kid. The 6 year old took off running out the door. I looked for him, shouted his name, asked the neighbors if he was over there and was getting ready to call his parents when I found him in a tree. I asked him why he didn't answer me and he said that he didn't hear me (even though I was right below the tree calling for him). It was very scary but when I told his parents they laughed and said that he always climbs that tree and said if something ever happens again don't worry and call them. They said sometimes it's not your fault and they won't get mad.”

“Babysitting for your neighbors and friends seems fun, but it's a HUGE, HUGE responsibility (but actually sitting for babies seems to be the best babysitting job ever!!!)!”
--HarryPotter, 12

“MY favorite thing about babysitting is helping the kids with homework and cooking for them, plus putting them to bed. And my best thing is getting paid. The end.”

“I love babies. The reason why is I had a baby brother that I watch.”
--Myisha, 11

“Yeah, um...I like the money.”
--Kim, 13

“Do you know how old you have to be to babysit pets?”
--Kathryn, 8

“I haven't really babysat anyone but I help out my neighbors when they are doing something like cleaning or taking a nap. But I am always prepared with books, crafts, blankets and pillows, and a snack for them.”
--Kayla, 10

“I really want to babysit. My mom says if somebody asks me then I can. I've had a few people tell me that if they need a babysitter they might just ask me. I’m hoping that my mom might tell some people and I'll get a job.”
--Kem, 11

“Babysitting is fun and I love it, but sometimes the kids get a little too hectic. This one time my friend Emilie and I were babysitting 3 kids from about 11:30 AM to near 11:30 PM and by the end we were soooo tired! They had dumped beads all over my room, attacked Emilie and chased her around my house, and one of them threw a temper tantrum. But it was fun and we did get paid so it was worth it.”
--Caitlynn, 13

“I baby-sit my younger siblings all the time. I have never been the 'baby.'”
--***EvilGir****, 9

“I would like to babysit all boys and girls.”
--Erika, 10

“I love kids so I think babysitting is the thing for me. My mom babysits and sometimes if she needs me to I help out. And I homeschool so I could do it any time.”
--Stephanie, 11

“No offense, but if you are ten or younger, I don't think that you should babysit, unless you have had an experience of doing it.”

“I’ve been babysitting my nephew since he was born. It’s fun because you’re the boss, and it’s hard at the same time because it’s lots of work and responsibility. But it’s very cool and fun. I like it a lot.”
--Giovanna, 12

“I was on vacation and I was with my grandma. So she wanted to visit her friend, and her friend was babysitting a baby. So I started babysitting the baby in another room, and the baby was soooo good. It was only 5 months old. I have always been good with children. So now I babysit more often.”
--Ally, 11

“I have babysat a baby by myself, and the baby was a one day newborn. I was all alone.”
--Ally, 11

“I ONCE was a babysitter. It was 3 kids. They were very sick. It was lots of fun.”

“I was at my cousins’ house babysitting my cousins, and the 2 year old decided she wanted to play tea party. So she dumped a bucket of water on the cat and ripped open the packages of tea and poured them on the cat. It was funny.”
--Audrey, 12

“I have never actually babysat before but my mom said I could probably take some courses. I am sooooooooo happy.”
--Emma6, 11

“I love babysitting my little cousin Kathleen. She is so nice and funny.”
--Malcolm, 11

“I am the sitter. I LOVE the kids.”
--Victoria, 12

“I've kind of babysat, but not for very long.”

“I would love to babysit, but I would be kind of scared if the parents didn't come home right away. I would prefer to babysit a younger kid, because sometimes older kids get really bad and you can't make them stop.”

“It stinks, and it kind of doesn’t. I was the baby.”
--Alberto, 11

“How much do I charge per hour for babysitting?”
--Cierra, 12

“I was watching my baby sister and then she started crying. Finally I told my mom about it and she said good job for telling me.”
--Emily, 9

“Dina, the girl I was babysitting, said my name. It was her first word!”
--Angel, 10

“Hi my name is Kaci and I need a babysitting job.”
--Kaci, 13

“I don’t like babysitting. You know why? Because my little brother got a whole mess and I said ‘Mom, my little brother got a whole mess.’”
--Emerald, 12

“A few summers in a row I had to babysit my lil' bro until my parents got home from work. Since my older brother and I basically split the funds, I got $100 bucks, just over one summer! This summer me and my older bro are having a deal w/ my mom that whoever does the best or shows bad attitude the least gets the most money for either that day, week, or month. Ka-ching, here comes the cash! ‘Cause I always do the best (I don't fight w/ my lil' bro' or my mom! But my older bro' does, ALL the time).”
--DevilgirlMwaHaHa, 10

“When I babysit for 1 to 13 hours I get $100.00!!! I know it’s a lot!!!!!!!!!!!! But it's ka$h $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.”
--Monica, 9

“My parents went to a football game. My sisters were the ones being babysat; I just stayed in my room or went on the computer.”
--Laura, 12

“Hey I love babysitting, but you have to be mature. I don’t think you should babysit alone ‘till you are 12, but I think CPR and mother’s helpers are a great way to get started!!!”
--Sarah, 13

“I was the sitter.”

“I love babysitting! At the end if I’m tired from playing outside and doing crafts I know I did a great JOB!”
--KK, 10

“When I was three, my cousin, who was twelve, used to babysit me all the time. :) Ah, sweet memories…”
--Simba11, 12

“Well my name is Ashley. I never babysat before but I like watch over my cousins and things like that. And they like to stay at home with me but they are very tough. But I love them with all of my heart.”
--Ashley, 13

“I sat the most behaving child I have ever seen (besides me of course). His name was Kalani. My favorite experience of being a babysitter was playing with them and enjoying every second of being with the baby.”
--Kimberly, 9

“Raven: I don't think you would do a great job, hater.”

“I need a babysitting job. Help me.”
--Jasime, 11

“I finally got to give my first spanking and timeout! It was for my 3 yr old neighbor. It was cool!!!!!!!!!!!”
--Elizabeth, 12

“I was babysitting my sister.”
--Tora, 9

“I make my own business cards. I have acted as a mother's helper for a couple neighbors and am looking for a real 2-3 hour job.”
--Bridget, 12

“I want to babysit sooo bad. It makes me mad because I see people on this page way younger than I am. I hope to babysit soon because I have a lot of ideas to keep them, the kids, quiet. I really need the money for things I want and lots of different things. Good luck with your babysitting jobs!”
--CaitlinW, 11

“It is cool.”
--ShawnS, 13

“I love babysitting! I babysit little kids with my best friend Sarah. She knows CPR, and she is teaching it to me. My favorite babysitting experience was when I was babysitting my neighbor Nicole (age 3) with Sarah. She loves the Wiggles, so we turned it on for her, and we all started dancing along with it, and it was soooooooooo funny. It was fun, too…”
--Maura, 10

“I am writing to Elizabeth. Why don't you try being a mother's helper?”
--Meredith, 12

“Hi. My name is Maddie and I need a babysitting job. I just graduated from 5th grade. I love kids, and when my family is at a Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Easter dinner I love to watch my cousins and their friends. It’s so much fun. My mom says that I’m ready to babysit and she would try to get me a babysitting job, but right now I have an idea of who I want to babysit.”
--Vollygirl, 11

“My favorite babysitting experience is when I babysat my cousin at 3 years old. I was 11, a pretty responsible age for a girl to babysit. I thought babysitting was easy. But boy was I wrong! My cousin got into the pots and pans in the cabinets and food out of the fridge! I could not stand it. But my cousin Larry W Jr. got hurt and I sat him down and bandaged him up. Then I explained to him why it is important to be good and responsible.”
--Brianna, 11

“Hi my name is Cassie and I need a babysitting summer job. I am really good with children. I read a book on it. I practiced. I babysit my brother.”
--Cassie, 13

“I love to babysit. It’s so much fun. Every girl should try!”
--Kiersten, 12

“When I was 11 my mum left me and me little brother home alone. I was so scared.”

“I went babysitting with my best friend and the baby was so good for us. He went to bed sooo early and we had the whole night just talking and watching movies. Then we heard a loud cry and the door opened, and it was his grandparents, my aunt and uncle, and they took over.”
--Bec, 12

“Well, I’m a baby-sitter. I put 75% into my life savings, 10% into normal funds, and 15% into college funds. I work whole weekends, and have to stay up really late, but it'll be worth it when I’m in college…”
--Firon, 13

“I got my first baby sitting job, well there was no school because it was a snow day and my dad was putting carpet in. And the boy I was babysitting started to do gymnastics on the pad under the carpet.”
--TiffanyB, 12

“I babysit because my mom said sooooooooooooo. It’s kind of boring babysitting a 6 year old and 4 year old for 3 hours but anyways I still do it.”
--WhoKnows, 12

“Well I have never babysat in my life, but I am going to put a sign that I am a babysitter.”
--Shaniqua, 10

“I LOVE babysitting. Mostly ages like...6-8, I dunno, ‘cause then they can read, play cards. *shrug* Younger kids are fun too. Haha, I babysit one girl without a bedtime. 5-12 isn't long if they go to bed at 7...But at about 9:00 I’m tired!”
--Kirsten, 12

“At ten years old I was allowed to stay home by myself and sometimes watch my sister if my mom just left the house for 15 minutes, and she was going just up the street. Now I am eleven, and there is a babysitting program I can take. I am going to take it with a friend. Then my mom and I thought up a good idea. To get me ready for full time babysitting (I LOVE KIDS), my first few babysitting jobs will be when I watch my cousins (they love me a lot) at my house. And I will be in charge but my mom will still be there. When I finally turn 12 my mom will let me babysit by myself. She already knows that I am mature!”
--Mariah, 11

“Ciara 10: charge $5.50 an hour.”

“Babysitting is fun sometimes, but not all the time. I mean, it’s hard work.”

“I want to babysit because it’s a fun way to make money. I love babies and I am taking the classes to take proper care of children. I wish everyone could hire me.”
--Kyndall, 11

“When I was 10, I would go to my babysitter's house. When she was fixing lunch or cleaning up she would let me look after the little one because she knew I wanted to be a babysitter, and I loved playing with them and looking after them.”
--Chrissi, 11

“I love little kids and I love to watch over them! I just started my own babysitting service. That way I can watch even more kids. My parents even own a daycare in Dallas!”
--LanaH, 13

“Is it cool to know that someone likes you?”
--Katie, 8

“Hi my name is Nikkole and I need a babysitting job. I have taken CPR class and I am very good with kids. There is this little girl at my brother’s game, and just for keeping her entertained I get about $10- 15.00 a game.”
--Nikkole, 13

“I love 2 babysit. I have Amber. I look after her, but only in the day 4 an hour. I get babysat and it’s embarrassing because I have 2 be in my PJs and stuff.”
--Aimee, 11

“I was the babysitter and the favorite babysitting experience was when I babysat for my cousin Abby. My grandma gave me money for Abby and I to spend at the mall. Abby was 5 years old when I took her last year. It was fun because I got to spend time with Abby that I don't get to see very often and we could buy whatever we wanted with the money my grandma gave us. It was just the BEST BABYSITTING EXPERIENCE EVER!”
--Marlie, 13

“I thought I liked little kids. Well I do- if they're with their parents. Babysitting my little cousins was a nightmare! I made decent pasta and they wanted cheese, right? Then they change their minds and say they want ham- after I added the cheese! They refused to eat it. So I ate it myself and then they started whining that they wanted pizza. I decided not to spoil them (even though I can make brilliant pizza) and made them eat the pasta. At first they started complaining, then they ate it just like that. Cool, huh? Not! They got hyper on cheese and pasta! They turned into roadrunners, running and screaming and throwing things about. I could’ve stopped them, but seriously, how are you supposed to keeps your eyes on three kids at once?! Unless you're getting paid good money, DONT DO IT!!!”

“I want to babysit really badly! I love kids. But my parents say I can't babysit unless I know the people, and I can understand why. But guess what? I don't know anyone with kids young enough to babysit:(. What should I do??”
--Emily, 13

“I love it when the little kids hug you or when the baby falls asleep while you are holding it!:).”
--Molly, 12

“My babysitting was very fun and I loved it because you have to watch them and make sure they do not do anything wrong, because that I do not like. Well, later. Buh-bye.”
--Angel, 9

“I was babysitting my siblings overnight. I woke up about 2:00 in the morning to find out they were all sitting in the kitchen raiding the ice cream! Needless to say I joined in with them. We all paid the following day though. Ice cream overload = major stomachaches!”

“I loved babysitting. I loved it so much I wish more people would hire me more.”
--Amy, 12

“I want to be a babysitter.”
--AA, 10

“I baby sat a 4 month old. His name is Ethan. He is adorable.”
--Alexis, 11

“My babysitter is mean.”

“I babysit my little brother and he is one, but sometimes I also babysit my cousins. When I am old enough my very first job will be babysitting.”
--Lizzy, 12

“I watched my baby sisters for one hour and got twenty dollars.”
--Lacey, 13

“My favorite babysitting was when I was 9 and I had to babysit my niece. She is a pain sometimes...... LOL.”
--Lovebug, 9

“Me and my friend Katharine are 10 and we need a job (we love to watch kids). Some people say we’re too young to babysit??”
--Elizabeth, 10

"I would save it for college- kinda weird, but I hear books cost a fortune."
--Me, 15

"Oh my. I love the time when I babysat my baby cousin. She was the most giggly baby on earth. She hardly even cried. She cried for her bottle only, like most babies, so that was normal. Then I showed her how to walk. In three minutes she was walking on her own. COOL HUH? Holla at ya girl."
--AmyR, 11

"I am the one who gets taken care of. But, it's sort of fun because you don't have to worry about a lot of things. I actually think it's totally awesome. I mean you don't really have to cook for yourself. So yea!"
--Lisarelis, 11

"When I was a baby my cousin Kelly was babysitting me, and I was crying, so she checked my diaper, and it was okay. Then I was tired, so she put me down for a nap in my crib, and I fell asleep and did not cry at all."
--Emma, 9

"I babysit my 8 brothers and sisters. I'm the 3rd oldest out of 11 and I always have to babysit them for maybe 5-6 hours and get $0.00 :(."
--Yariel, 13

"I was watching my little brother for two hours."
--Tammy, 11

"I am 10 and I need a job."
--Daesha, 10

"I¹m almost 12. I LOVE babysitting! My parents let me get my own business cards for advertising. It WORKS GREAT but they cost a lot, so I got a deal of 1,000 cards! A lifetime supply!"
--Alyssa, 11

"I was babysitting and all my money fell out into the baby¹s baby food. I lost 17 dollars in baby food."
--Tiana, 13

"Getting more money than last time."
--Kylee, 11

"I read the Baby-Sitters' Club series for four years. I started when I was six and stopped when I was ten. I had read almost every book in the 100+ book series, and I was all psyched up to babysit when I was old enough. Well, guess what? Now I'm old enough, and I can't stand it. My next-door neighbors are really close friends of my mom's, and they have two little kids. Ever since I was about seven, they were all excited that in a few years I could baby-sit. So I tried it, and I hated it. That was last summer and I haven't baby-sat since. It just is not for me, because I'm not very sociable and I don't like a lot of noise or excitement. It's kind of sad because the little girl really looks up to me because she doesn't have an older sister. Nothing against the kids, but baby-sitting is not for me..."
--Dragonmistress, 12

"My favorite time being babysat was when my parents went out of town and my babysitter brought lots of games and activities and we had lot and lots of fun. We also made brownies and played pretend cops and I arrested my brother."
--Kennedy, 11

"I am being a mother's helper to a family friend, and it's so fun. They want me to start doing it once a week. Does anyone have game or activity ideas? The ages are 2 years old and almost 1 year old. If you have any ideas PLEASE post them!!!"
--Ally, 11

"I was the sitter. I luv kids."
--Samantha, 13

"I was the sitter. I had a bad day. It was not good. Sometimes I love it because I get $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$."
--Adalis, 11

"I babysit my younger brothers all the time while my mom is away and my dad¹s at work."
--Kayla, 11

"What do you do if you scheduled a party and then turned around and have to babysit? Do you have the party or babysit the little ones?"
--Paula, 13

"Hello my name is Jasmine Adams and I am having trouble finding a job and I was wondering if there is anybody out there that can help me. I only will charge 10 dollars a day."

"I babysit my little sister for like an hour sometimes, but I never get paid for it because she's family. I don't think it's very fair."
--Hunter, 12

"I haven't actually technically babysat. I got my babysitting license about 4 months ago and I haven't had any jobs yet. But I did get to somewhat babysit once. My dad and my step-mom went out to a dance club and they said that I should be in charge of my 16-year-old stepbrother!!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!"
--Tamara, 12

"It is hard to babysit!"
--Jasmine, 13

"Me and my sisters have been babysitting for over two years but we only babysit for one family and they never pay us. It's kinda annoying so we put up flyers around our town so we could start babysitting and actually get paid. But now I regret even putting flyers up because our mom now says that we can only babysit at our house and only if she's home, which isn't very often because she works. Do you think people will still want us to babysit their kids if we tell them this? ANY ADVICE? "
--Meghan, 13

"I was the 'sitter' and I brought things to make puppets for the three kids I babysat. They had a blast and so did I. We turned on some music and made our puppets, THEN made up a show and put it on for the parents. They paid me EXTRA because of how much fun the kids had! "
--Abby, 12

"I love little kids."
--Paula, 13

"I started babysitting just a while ago. It's really fun. But some people aren't ready, so you could ask a family friend if you could help out around with his/her kids while they're home. That gives you practice. Kids also love games and coloring, so bring a 'bag-o-fun' along. It could contain: crayons, markers, paper, books, coloring books, crafts, puppets or more! Just remember, no one likes a bossy babysitter! "
--Luna, 10

"I have to babysit every Saturday. There are two kids I have to babysit. They are bad. One of them is named TJ. He likes to eat a lot. Sometimes I feel sorry for him. The second one is named Tay-keera. She is good when she wants to be. How much should I charge for two kids?"
--Destinee, 13

"Hi. Yes. My name is Ciara! I am just learning how to babysit and I was wondering, how should I advertise my babysitting business? How much should I ask to get paid? Just wondering. Okay, please write me back."
--Ciara, 10

"I have been trying to babysit for others, but people don't really seem to need one. I really need to do something to make money and get off my butt!"
--Liyana, 11

"I'm trying to find the babysitting game. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!"

"How old do u have to be to babysit?"
--Katy, 12

"I get to watch over my little cousin Aidan (he's five) sometimes. For example, if it's Thanksgiving and the family is at my aunt's house and they're in the living room not paying much attention to him, I keep an eye on him to make sure he's alright. When I get older, I plan to be more serious and be paid to do so. Practice makes perfect! "
--Lindsay, 11

"I am 7. But someday I will babysit."

"(Laurie 11): What you should do is take a babystting class, and you might want to start by being a mother's helper."
--Meghan, 13

"I was the babysitter: I was baby sitting this little boy and his name was Aijdan. It was so fun. I got to feed him supper, and put him to sleep, and play with him, and feed him snacks and everything. But I only got to babysit 4 about 3 hours and I got 20 bucks (here I come mall)!!"
--Taylor, 12

"Once I was baby-sitting my 4 siblings- they are 2, 8 and 10. I gave the 2 yr old a bath and put her to bed, but the 5 yr old kept jumping up and down and refused to go to bed. Then I told her that if she didn't go to bed I wouldn't play 'house' with her. It worked like a charm. She went straight to sleep and than I put on a movie for the 10 yr old and 8 yr old. But, I didn't get paid! PS- I'm 12 yrs old!"
--Dominque, 12

"I am a 12 year old and I look like a 7 yr old because I am short. But I can still babysit because I am mature. I like babysitting kids ages 2 and 7 and I have babysat a lot. I know the rules. Just tell me yours too! And my name is Brittany."
--Brittany, 12

"I would love to babysit a baby that is 1 to 4 years old."
--Hannah, 9

"I babysit my little sister, she's 2, and cousin, he's 5. And I also babysit one of my dad's friend's daughter, she's seven. Usually I get 9 to 10 dollars each kid. It's fun!"
--Sasha, 13

"The kids I babysat were so good."
--Missy, 07

"I was being babysat when my dog ran outside and my babysitter's pants fell down."
--Pierce, 11

"I told my mom I wanted to babysit, and she agreed. When I told my friends (I am the bad boy kid in my class), they started to laugh, and said I'm gonna set the house on fire, or flood the house. Don't get the wrong picture, I laughed along (when my friends joke, they never mean it)."
--Mohammad, 11

"I AM WORKING IN MY CHURCH'S NURSERY, SO I HAVE GOOD EXPERIENCE. And my parents would like to sleep late and they would leave with the baby."
--Sarah, 12

"Okay, I know this isn't the answer to the question but could anyone tell me how old you think someone should be to babysit and how you should advertise? I'm open to anyone's suggestions."
--Meghan, 13

"(Jessica 10): Well first of all you probably shouldn't be babysitting until you're at least twelve. If you want to do something else you might want to try being a mother's helper and you should take some babysitting and first aid classes."
--Meghan, 13

"(Lucy 11): I SO AGREE WITH YOU."
--Meghan, 13

"Hi. I was the sitter I was to take care of my aunt's child. The baby was really nice on her first day so I didn't get in trouble."
--Noella, 13

"I love babysitting. It can be hard work but I love it."

"Well I have a question. Ummm, what do u do when you're home alone and you're a babysitter, but you're just a beginner and you really want the job? Please tell me the answer."
--Jessica, 10

"I wish I could find people that want me to babysit. I need to start doing something instead of sitting around the house."

"Well one time I was babysitting my sister and then we heard knocking. And we have a window to look out and there was this person dressed in all black with a black hoodie. And we looked out again and the person turned around, and it was my best friend playing an April Fool's joke on me!!!!"
--Megan, 11

"I love to watch kids that are 5-10 years old, because I think watching kids is fun. I babysit my 2-year-old niece on the weekends from morning till about 4. If I do get a job I will have to work from 3:30-5:00. I babysit my cousins when I am at my mamaw's house and I think it is fun :)."
--Emily, 13

"I want 2 b a babysitter."
--Amy, 12

"Once when I was a really little kid, I had a babysitter who invited her boyfriend over. They got into a really big fight and then they broke up. She started crying really hard, and then I made her hot cocoa and sat her down and pretended I was babysitting her. It was so funny!"
--Emily, 13

"I think kids should make money so they could buy whatever they want."

"Me and my friends are opening a babysitting service. We will be getting the money!!!"
--Hailey, 11

"Well I'm the sitter. I babysit my little brother almost every night. My best babysitting experience was when I first did it. I had been begging my parents to let me babysit, and finally they told me that that I'm ready for the responsibility. I was psyched. So my first babysitting job was the greatest ëcuz it was my first time doing it!!"
--Mikaela, 10

"I babysit for 4 kids and they are all so amazing. They range in ages from 1-8. It is a huge age difference! But they love to do everything."

"When I was babysitting with my older sister we had to babysit 5 kids! The youngest one was not even a year old. All it did was cry the whole time. We didn't know what to do. Our mom had to come but she couldn't get anything to work! So we had to call the parents, they came and got the baby and took her to the party. I wonder if she cried there???"
--Kristi, 11

"I love to babysit my little cousin because I make lots of money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$."
--Amayrany, 11

"When I babysit it is difficult but it's fun."
--Brianna, 10

"Well I was babysitting my nephew and he is so funny, but only one. And we played so many games together."
--Antoinette, 13

"My favorite experience was my first time babysitting. The lucky part for me was that I just was in a babysitting class. So I remember everything. I babysat a 4 year old and an infant. I made $25."
--Lindsey, 11

"My best babysitting was when I got paid extra for staying over time in. It was no sweat cause they were good kids. I never thought that kids could be so. It was an experiment to enjoy the time I had.... P. S. Write back at your girl Bria... Love one in only yoursÖ."

"My first babysitting job was a disaster!!! I guess the mom thought that I had done a ton of babysitting beforehand. First of all, the mom expected me to give the kids a bath, cook dinner, and put them to bed! But worst of all, I was sick! I had a stomachache. After that I have had a lot of fun doing the job!"
--Bridget, 13

"I'm a babysitter and all kids love me. I treat them like they were my little brother and/or sister."

"This is insanity. I don't believe that an adult in their right mind would allow anyone under the age of 11 to babysit! 8 or 9, even 10: too young! I babysit for my nephews who are 2 and 5, little sister who is 7, and 8 yr old niece all the time. I also babysit the neighbor kids, as old as 11 yrs old! And I'm 14! In my opinion, you're not old enough to babysit until you're a teenager. But 11 is acceptable too."

"I want 2 babysit but my mom won't let me! Not until I'm 12. And then it will STILL be a maybe. What should I do?"
--Laurie, 11

"The kids I babysat were so good!"
--Rachael, 12

"One time I was babysitting and one of the little boys threw a toy truck at me and it hit my leg. And then I started chasing him but he ran into a bathroom and locked it."
--Afton , 12

"The first time I babysat was with my little sister. It was hard work!! But I got the hang of it!!"
--Li, 12

"I always babysit my little cousins and I NEVER GET PAID. And THAT IS JUST WRONG."
--Marina, 12

"Babysitting is fun when you have to take care of the baby."
--Talor, 12

"My favorite time when I babysat was when I had my younger brothers for 2 hours because my mom had to drop my dad off at the ferry boat for a meeting, and I had to make lunch for them:)."
--Jerica, 12

"I was the sitter and my sisters were there. It was funny. The kids were sleeping and we were playing and one of them came upstairs in her underwear."
--Dani, 10

"It's great to have sitters. Well, my sitter lets me and my brother do anything. WellÖnot getting into any power tools."
--Mackenzie, 8

"I babysit all the time. I mostly babysit triplets. They're girls."

"So I was the babysitter. I WAS ONLY TRYING TO GET 10 DOLLARS. I had to watch my cousin Khelan. It turned outÖ bad 1. I tried playing. He threw up. 2. I gave him food. He spit it on the floor. 3. I tried putting him to sleep. He turned on the tv 4. His parents saw the big wreckÖguess you know what happened thenÖ yep, it's not all about money. Gotta go. Meanwhile, peace."
--Laekyn, 9

"I babysit my parents' friend's 3 year old sometimes to earn money and because he's pretty cool for his age."
--Jack, 11

"Almost every time I've babysat, I've got the good ones, but when I babysit my sibling there's always trouble. But I've learned how to control them."
--Destiny, 12

"I babysit my niece and nephews a lot, and sometimes my little cousins too."
--Grace, 12

"You people think you're so good ëcause you get paid for stuff but SOME PEOPLE do it out of the goodness of their heart. Besides, some of our parents don't spoil us 'til we are little rotten snobs. That's what I think about it."
--Wolfe, 12

"Ok I babysit my family all the time, but I don't get paid! So stop getting mad about having to watch your family ëcause at least you get paid. Also, when I was a little kid my babysitter was a dude and he threw my Barbie-doll into our ceiling light and I never saw it again! Also, I had a girl babysitter and she tore out my sister's doll's hair!!!!"
--MrsWelling, 12

"I love babies. I am allowed to hold them. And I would love to babysit! I have 3 people asking me to babysit already. Babies are so cute. I would LOVE to have a baby sister. NOT a brother!"
--Samantha, 10

"Today at 3:30 pm I'm going babysitting! I love babies! Plus, it's a great way to make money!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$."
--Koko, 12

"I hate it when parents are like, ëI'll be back in an hour,' then like take 3."

"I was the baby."
--Alexus, 9

"I have a 2-year-old and 4-year-old cousins. I babysit them most of the time."

"I am a very great babysitter and I babysat kids 3 months- 8 years."
--Alexis, 12

"My best babysitting experience was when I babysat my parent's friend's kids: a 2 year old and a 5 month baby. But I have 7 siblings. I'm in the middle. My sis Deidra watches me and my 3 younger bros, but she talks on the phone to her boyfriend and I have to watch them. It's fun, but they kill each other way too much."
--Francesca, 11

"I'm good with kids. I have toys they could play with. I babysit my three brothers."
--Ashley, 10

"I was baby-sitting one time and the strangest thing happened!!!! My friends played a prank on me. I was so scared...Okay, we were eating popcorn and we heard a loud noise. It was like BANG BOOM!! I ran and left the kid in the house and then...find out more later."

"Me and my bff babysat a little boy and he attached to me. It was so CUTE."
--Rose, 11

"Well I've only babysat twice. The first time was ok I guess, but the 2nd time was a disaster. The 2nd time, 2 twins, 8 year old girls, fought all night long, and at one point got into a physical fight where they were really going at it! I had a hard time breaking it up too. These girls were really fighting bad. Luckily neither of them was hurt more than a scratch or 2. Since then, I quit and I'll never babysit again."
--Jennifer, 13

"When I was little I had a great babysitter. She would take my hands and spin me around. I thought I was flying. Lol."
--Bridget, 10

"I wish I knew where I could find someone to babysit."
--Molly, 11

"This girl named Jenna (Jennifer for real) used to always babysit me and my sister. One time when I was 7 my parents, my uncles Tony and Ted, and my aunts Cele and Michele went to a football game for that university's homecoming. So I, my sister, and my cousins Tara, Jack, and Christopher were all home with Jenna. We had a Backstreet Boys CD on and when we were dancing to 'I Want It That Way.' Our parents all walked in and started laughing! It was the best time ever with a babysitter."
--SweetiePie, 13

"I started babysitting since I was 9, mostly my mom's students. And then I started babysitting my 1 year old cousin and her sis, and then I started to watch my mom's friends' children. And I have been babysitting since then but I found out u need a lot of patience and energy, and I mean a lot. But in the end u end up having fun and u just want to keep babysitting."
--Bekah, 13

"I babysit my 8 year old sister."
--Karissa, 11

"Dear people out there: when Kristi and Kari babysat me it was FUN. They baked POPCORN and drew pictures. From, Grace."

"I think 911 helps you if you have an emergency. I babysit my (brother)."

"When I went to my neighbor's house, she had 7 kids and I watched myself."
--Kirah, 12

"My sister or my grandma sometimes. When my grandma babysits me, whenever my sister, my mom and my dad are like shopping at a store, so she makes us dinner."
--Amanda, 11

"I love little babies."
--Lucy, 11

"I have been babysitting for 2 years. I have babysat kids 9 months- 6 years."
--Adrianne, 11

"I love watching kids from 2 months- 6 years of age."
--Thyler, 13

"I love to cook."
--Aaliyah, 8

"We were babysat. My cousin babysat us. We made hair ties and ate noodles for dinner. I have a little brother. I was 6 years old, and my brother was sleeping for two hours. My brother was 3 years old. We had fun!"
--Rochelle, 8

"My first babysitting job was when I was babysitting my mom's friend's son. I found how fun it is to watch a little kid and you can play games or go swimming. It's really fun."
--Briana, 13

"I been babysitting my nephew, cousins and siblings since I was 8 years old. I change their diapers, feed them, play with them, keep them company and I put them to sleep. I love taking care of babies and I really get along with them. I want to start taking more responsibility and start babysitting."
--Ashley, 13

"I did babysit my younger cousin a few weeks ago and he wanted to play outside, and it was raining. So I told him we can play a game or watch movies, and we can play out tomorrow! It did go pretty well!"

"One time when I was sitting my baby brother and my neighbor's kid, the little girl wanted to play hide and seek so we played. I don't worry I had my brother. She went to hide and I couldn't find her. I looked everywhere. I was so scared. Then I looked under the porch, and there she was (I know if I wouldn't have found her, I would have been in so much trouble)."
--Karah, 11

"I had these two beautiful little girls. Both were very well behaved and it was fun!"
--Erin, 12

"I have been baby-sat, and I can be there after school, like 4:00 to 6:00 Mondays through Friday."
--Brittany, 11

"Well I guess when my neighbor from across the street, she mostly babysat me because I'm the only girl and my brothers could act up for her sometimes. I was very upset when she started getting a job at the YMCA, but later when I was a little older I went to day camp for about 4 weeks and I found out she was one of the teachers! I was so happy, and now my older brother babysits ME!"

"I was watching my little cousin Kelsey. We were going for a walk, but I was on my roller blades. When I turned her around to face me she started pulling my hand. So then she lightly falls on her back and I went over her with my skates!!!!!"

"The first time I babysat was a few months ago and it was for a little boy for about 9 hours. And it was sooooo much fun. He was super cute too. I had my friend help me and we EACH got paid 20 dollars (40 dollars total)!"
--Megan, 13

"I baby sat for my baby brother and he made a water balloon with me, and it burst. And we had so much fun cleaning up. He is disabled though."

"I can't do anything because my mom won't let me. What should I do?"

"I want 2 get my babysitting license."
--Lareeka, 11

"I babysit my little sister and my cousins most of the time. But I'm starting to work in to babysitting at people's houses."
--Blake, 12

"I love kids."
--Amy, 13

"It was hard!"
--Sarah, 11

"Down my street lives Heather and Ben and they have a three-year-old girl named Aimee and a 18 month old named Emmalie. They are so adorable!!! They make me laugh so hard. And, Heather tells her friends, so now I babysit for the H. AND B. WOODFORD, the Pedersons, and the Andersons. Oh! And my cute cousins Kim(5), Cannon(4), Brycen(3) and sometimes Brandon(8)."
--Kirie, 12

"My first babysitting job was for someone that had just moved up my street. And she saw that I was always with a baby or a toddler, so she came and asked if I would babysit for her. So I said yes, and I did the right thing because from then we have been mates and she is always a phone call away even though I never see her anymore."
--Chloe, 13

"I always babysit two little girls Johanna(1) and her sis Abby (8 months). They are so cute and they are so fun to babysit!!!!!! "
--Ally, 12

"I am going to be baby-sitting next year."
--Rarah, 11

"I love to babysit my 2 year old cousin Conner. He is so funny!!!!!! "
--Anna, 11

"I babysit and I am saving my money for a video now."
--Lindsey, 12

"To Angie (13), u have a good point, but I know how to handle little kids (I have a 4 year old brother and I mother's help)."
--Shoshana, 10

"I have babysat for a four year old girl many times, and her sister too. Once when I was watching her I picked up her sister and she PUKED all OVER ME!!!!!!!!!! It was so NASTY I almost barfed too."

"I once stayed with a lady from my church who was so sweet and she loved to kiss me all over my face. Nasty!! "
--Brooke, 11

"I want to babysit for money, and I love kids. However, I'm not comfortable staying home alone, and that, as you can see, presents a problem! "
--Vanessa, 12

"I love children of all ages. So when I babysit I always have so much fun! The first time I babysat I made $27. WOW! Some tips are to always be kind with the children, always ask the parents what is allowed and what is not allowed, and don't ever forget to be respectful! "

"I enjoy watching my little 8 month old baby sister! I mean, who enjoys watching their little hineys? But at least my brother is there to help me!!!!!! "
--Alexis, 10

"I have babysat for 4 years and I have babysat 2 month old to 9 year old boyz, and it was a lot harder than I thought. But I made $65. 00."

"I was the sitter for my cousin. I had to tell my mom and dad I can babysit kids. And I was a baby one night that I could stay with my brother. And I was a sitter for me and that day was even I was a baby."
--Joli, 8

"I like kids. I think I'm ready to babysit on my own now. Well see I have good experience with kids. We play and laugh and have a good time. I was telling my mom that I don't want to go out in the sun I want to spend time with little kids and have a good time with them. Since I was 10 years old I've loved kids. Like I play with my niece and stuff and my god sister. Now I want to have a chance to get a summer job and play with kids and also I would like to put babies to sleep and anything to babysit. And last year I babysat 5 kids during the summer. One was 1, 8, 8 months. We had a good time too. And the mother gave me and my cousin $40 a piece so that's why I always like to take them for a walk and play games with them and give them baths and put them to bed and clean the house and have fun with them. That's why I want to babysit. THE END."
--Marissa, 13

"I babysat my cousin Khalil. He'll listen to me. He thinks I'm his godmom. But anyway he was good and a little bit bad. But we got along for the whole two hours. And guess what? My aunt never even paid me back. I charged her $5 since she was my aunt and all."
--Tahjai, 11

"Well I never did babysit, but I did once when I was sick and when my mom took my sister to school. I watched my little brother that's a baby, so it was not hard and I liked it. And I'm allowed to do it anytime that I want to and I'm only 9."
--Amanda, 9

"I always babysit two little girls Johanna (1) and her sis Abby (8 months). They are soooo cute and they are so fun to babysit!!!!!!"
--Ally, 12

"I am the sitter and sometimes the baby. I made a lot of money. It is fun and a little hard."
--Laura, 9

"I took my sister to McDonald's."
--Mackenzie, 10

"How old do you have to be to babysit?"
--Lauren, 11

"It's always fun to play music when you babysit."
--Joshua, 11

"My Mother said that I can't babysit, but my birthday was yesterday. She just doesn't know what kind of money I can make to get the stuff I want. My Name is Felicia. Send me a letter."
--Felicia, 10

"I love kids and babies a lot. I always take care of my younger cousins if my aunt or mom or even grandma are busy."
--ElizabethA, 12

"When our babysitter Miles threw beanbags at us and took us outside and played with the sand and tractors."
--Adrian, 11

"I was babysitting and I got 10 bucks on my first try by myself! That's how you work it!"
--Alyssa, 11

"I baby watched my sister."
--Briana, 10

"I am a babysitter of Sofia and Adriana, my cousins. I always play with them and give them their music dollies. One has green hair and her name is Little Apple and the other one with blue hair is named Sweetie. They are so cute, they play cute little music and they move their heads. That's all."
--Laura, 10

"Babysitters- are wrong but not quiet."
--April, 8

"It is so much easier if u babysit bc u can get some nice cash. 1 time I got 70 bucks just to babysit 3 kids (but still I have been babysitting for a while)."
--Ally, 11

"I think that kids under 12 years old should NOT babysit. Children 12 & ^ should. They are responsible enough to take care of smaller children. I like baby-sitting. Probably cause I like children & they like me. I know how to handle them (I have a 4 year old little sister!)."
--Angie, 13

"I've never really babysat since I'm too young, but often at parties I take care of the children while the adults were talking. Once I was looking after three kids. One of the kids was strangling another. I got scared. I stopped him (that was kind of hard) and asked what was going on. The kid who was getting strangled was grabbing. I told the kid who was strangling to use his words instead of his hands and told the adults. After that I had a really good reputation with the parents (I so understand that. The kid could have died)."
--Neetu, 11

"I am the sitter and sometimes the baby. I made a lot of money. And it is fun and a little hard."
--Laura, 9

"I'm trying to be a sitter, but I need answers to know whether I can or not."
--Kelli, 10

"I live in New York and I find it so fun, but when I was in a shop I banged in to a lady with a crying baby and made the cute baby stop crying. The lady and me got to know each other better and that's when I started."

"I am 11 now but I am soon 12. I love kids. Like @ my church, I am too young to help in the nursery but the kids love me and by brothers too. I like to watch my brothers' coach's sons while he coaches as well. I like his kids. I am going to take the babysitting course @ Susan p. Burans Center. I have many people asking if I took the course yet. They said when I do then I will be hired really quick!!"
--Liz, 11

"One time I got to babysit my next door neighbor's kids, and they had a bunch of cookie mix. Their mom said it was okay if we baked it, so we did. Then we ate the cookies in the living room while watching TV. There was still daylight, so we had an all-out soccer game. I loved it!"

"I take really good care of kids. I will feed them and play with them."
--AlexisG, 11

"I wish I could babysit, but one time I mini-babysat. It was very hard. They were arguing and fighting nonstop. I had a meltdown. Before you start to babysit, ask yourself some questions."
--Shantrell, 8

"Well, when I was little I loved to torture my babysitter! It was really fun and funny to me!!:) And I wanted to know if it was the same with any of you other people. :)."
--Mikaela, 12

"I want to become a babysitter but all these websites say that you have to be over a certain age. I have no idea what to do. What would u do? Please help me."
--Elizabeth, 12

"I take really good care of kids. I will feed them and play with them."
--AlexisG, 11

"The sitter. When my mate's mum went out I would look after her baby girl. I would like a job in Keysham so I can babysit after school between 4:00 until 9:00."

"It was when I was ten. I had to babysit my 2 little cousins and boy, they are bad. So we were watching TV, and one of my cousins hit me. So I was going to hit him back, but I didn't do it, because if I would, I would not get my money."
--Akeeya, 13

"I babysit this little girl named Abby. She is very sweet but can get a little bossy. But she is six, so I can't get too angry with her for telling me what to do. I also babysat her little brother Seth who is 2. He is so cute, but he would not leave his diaper on. I did this over the summer and I babysit Abby from time to time."

"I am the BEST at babysitting because I get 100 dollars an hour. I baby sit 2 boys with my boyfriend!!!!"
--Roxy, 10

"I like babysitting a lot, and my mom says that we have it good nowadays, compared to when she used to babysit when she was younger. She said the babies she babysat wore cloth diapers and rubber pants that had to be washed out after she changed them, and there were safety pins that she used to pin the diapers on with. Yucky!"
--Sarah, 13

"I was at my aunt's daycare, and me and Faith and Takiera were playing in the sandbox. All of a sudden Takiera started riding the little kids tricycle. Me and Faith fell out laughing. When she got up, the back of her pants was soaked (My guess was that it rained yesterday and she didn't know. Next time she'll be more careful!)! HA, HA!"
--Katherine, 11

"I have been babysitting since I was 12 and that was my brother (who was 7) and my sister (who was 9). I now watch children ages 6 months to 11 years for 1- 9 hours. I think 11 is an ok age to start babysitting your brothers, sisters, or an older child (like age 5-8), but not babies (ages 1 month- 4 years)! I mean, I did not start watching a baby until I was 14! And he was 1! I also think that girls (and boys) babysitting at ages 8, 9, and 10 still need to be BABYSAT, not do the babysitting. Now if you're really mature, that's another story. And if you're out there waiting to be a babysitter and you're really being babysat, learn some things from your babysitter. She or he knows what she/he is doing. Babysitting is fun only if you have the right attitude!"

"Babysitting is fun for me, even if that means I only get $20 a day for babysitting for family and friends!"
--Alexis, 12

"When I was a baby my babysitter took string and tied me up in my car seat. And I was screaming and crying and she was just laughing."
--Robin, 11

"I'm eleven and very responsible. I have taken a first aid course at the Red Cross and I'm ready to start babysitting. How should I start?"

"I think 9 yr olds can't babysit, because I have a little sister that age, and even if you are responsible at that age and you want to babysit, a lot of people won't hire you."
--Emily, 11

"I love to babysit. It's so fun."
--Erin, 11

"I want to babysit right now."
--Michaela, 9

"I was the sitter, and it was a really bad day because the ëbaby' threw up all over the couch! And I had to clean it up before her parents came!!!"
--Lorilli, 12

"Babysitting is fun. You get a lot of new experiences. I don't know who can't like it."
--Hallie, 11

"My mom is thinking about letting me babysit my cousin."
--Kirstan, 8

"I babysit my younger sisters and brothers. Sometimes they want something and they think that I will give it to them. Sometimes I will."

"Babysitting is the BEST!!!!! It is SOOOOO much fun!!! And u make some pretty sweet moolah (money)."
--Daisy, 12

"When I was 6, one of my mom's students babysat me and my big sis! We had a movie marathon! It was sooo cool! But her little bro snuck up on us with his bleeding mask (PRETEND)! IT MADE US SOOOO MAD AND SCARED, ëCAUSE WE WERE ALL BY OURSELVES AT NIGHT!!!"
--Dream2sing, 11

"Babysitting's cool, but I don't do it a lot."
--HarryPotter, 12

"I had to help my friend Taylor babysit her sister, my brother, and my mom's boyfriend's two kids. It was fun, and I didn't have to do much, because Taylor is 13. But it was hard to get up after being asleep for a while, because she lives in Troy."
--Maeghan, 11

"Babysitting is a waste of time. I'd rather tutor, which is why I tutor."
--Corrie, 12

"I really want to babysit but I'm just 8. Is it possible to babysit yet? Sincerely, Kayla."
--Kayla, 8

"I had my cousin Marica come and babysit me and my brother."
--Tatjana, 9

"Soon I'll have to babysit for my 2 younger cousins. I'll probably have to play Barbies with the oldest and give a bottle to the youngest one."
--Tatjana, 9

"I want to know how to babysit, because it is a easy way to make money and I love babies."

"I love babysitting! It is so fun. I'm just not old enough. How old do you have to be?"
--Katie, 10

"I want to babysit. I love kids! I babysit a three-year-old and a one-year-old at parties. Kids are so cute if they listen to you."
--Frances, 10

"Hi I am a kid lover and i love to take care of kids! I want to be a teacher when I grow up, or be a babysitter. I think kids are fun to be with plus I'm a kid and I just want some big bucks! And I want to know how to become a babysitter, and I want to become one now. I love taking care of my baby brother but I want more!"
--Kira, 10

"I love kids. I work from 4 to 9 on the weekends and 10 to 9 on Saturdays and Sundays. It would be $5 per hour."

"It was kinda fun, because I just like it when there's thunder, because kids and babies are scared of thunder. So they run to you and behave really nice when they hold you so, so tight that they start to fall asleep."
--Sarah, 11

"Keeping babies quiet."
--Zalana, 9

"I babysit on the side of a lot of other things because it is funny-fun-fun."
--Brianna, 12

"Is it hard to babysit little kids?"

"Brianna, 12: what is a charge? Are you from England?"
--Tabbycat95, 10

"Mine was pretty cool. The kids I stayed with were pretty obedient. I like babysitting."
--Bianca, 12

"I babysit my 2 younger cousins all the time after school. They are 2 and 3. But 1 day it was my aunt's b-day, so she and my uncle went out. I brought a friend to hang out with whenever the kids went to bed. She had already met them like a 100 times, ëcause she has been to family birthdays! We babysat from 5:30 to like 10:30!!! We both got paid $22.50!!! We had sooo much fun!!! The kids are soooo cute and adorable. Oh yeah- and we gave the kids baths and they showed us how they could swim like fishies!!!! LOL."
--Lynzee, 12

"I would like to babysit because I like little kids."
--Kayla, 11

"I was the sitter. It is really hard work, especially when there are 4 kids under the age of 5. OMG is that hard! I had 2 kids that were 1 and 1/2, and another one that was 2 and1/2, and another kid who was 5. He was the only one who helped. It was so hard and tiring... the worst 6 hours of my life!!!!"
--Alissa, 11

"Well, I have been babysitting Anna."

"I was the sitter, and all I did was walk around the block for awhile and played with toys with the baby for a couple of hrs, and earned 15 dollars."
--D, 12

"It is really rewarding when I babysit, & I don't mean money. The best paychecks are the little moments, like when the kids tell you that they love you."
--Molly, 12

"Why can't a nine-year-old be a babysitter? It's not crazy!!!"
--Meredith, 9

"I want to babysit different people's children."
--Inetha, 11

"I love to play with little kids!"
--Brittany, 13

"I babysit two boys in my neighborhood and I have this really cool game I play with the children. It's called magic mat. We watch a movie on the ëmagic mat' and then at the end they get a token. And when they get 5 tokens they get a treat. They look forward to me babysitting just so they can play the game!"
--Leah, 13

"I will like to babysit because I like little kids."
--Sarah, 11

"I love babysitting because I LOVE kids. I have been babysitting for 3 years, and I am LOVING it. HALLA. P. S. I am able to babysit well in the summers. I am able to babysit from 8-10 o'clock, but when it is the school year I can babysit from 4-8 o'clock. And on the weekends I can babysit from 8-11 o'clock."
--Phoebe, 11

"Well I haven't done any babysitting yet, but I have been the baby once. Our babysitter was sooo nice. He practically stayed ëtill we were old enough to stay home on our own."
--Emily, 10

"I love baby sitting!! I have been babysitting for 2 years now and I have learned a lot!! I love to feel responsible like that!! 1.) B/c you get money!! $$$ 2.) B/c it is just fun!!!!!!!"
--Kathrin, 12

"I was the baby. It was fun, and sometimes it was boring when no kids were there to play with me. When someone was there to play with me I used to make games up and I used to play with cards and make houses with them. But now I forgot how to make them stand. Is it fun babysitting? Send me something back. Thank You."
--Selena, 9

"It is bad. I have to change diapers."
--Tamara, 10

"Bring lots of games to play. Let them play outside, but make sure you set the boundaries of where they can go. Bring a surprise box, and if they are good they can choose a prize out of it. If they are being naughty, have them sit in the corner for 1 minute per age. Do not let your eyes go off them, because they might get hurt or break something. Have fun."
--Caitlin, 12

"Well the last time I babysat someone, it had to be my sister and brothers. They were so horrible. Two of them did not listen to me (the other was a baby) and when my parents got home they were in trouble. And for putting up with them, I got nothing. Even right now I am watching my two brothers. Luckily my sister is at her friend's house."
--Jazmyn, 11

"I think any girl who babysits before she's 12 is crazy!!!!!"
--Liz, 12

"Well I don't really have one because I have a fun time with all of them."
--Chinele, 13

"My favorite experience is when I babysat 2 twin boys."
--Christina, 12

"The 1st time I babysat was when I was 12."
--Lizzy, 24

"My favorite babysitting experience is all of the time. I'm always over at my aunt's house (where I babysit). She has two babies, a.k.a. my favorite cousins. One is two and one is 10 months. I'm so glad that I get to babysit for them. I love it! The oldest one loves me so much. Whenever I tell her I'm coming over she gets so excited. She is so cute. So is her little brother! I love them all so much! We all love shopping together! If I have nothing better to do, I'm always making arrangements to go to my aunt's house. I love her, my uncle and cousins, and babysitting! Here is a tip: always keep them entertained. They tend to get fussy, or a need a napÖone of the two! I love babysitting!!!!"
--HannahBanana, 12

"I love babysitting."
--Ciara, 13

"Ok, I don't like to babysit. I don't get money; you other people do. I just get to babysit for hours."

"I don't really babysit my brother and sister. I might watch them when my mom goes downstairs to visit friends. I might just get a dollar or 50 cents. But it's appreciated."
--Kenza, 8

"Hey, my name is Brookelyn and I want to know if you like babysitting bc I hate it. I am goin' to have to babysit like 20 babies and kids, the age of 1 month to kids that are in 7th grade. It is goin' to be hard but some of the kids that are in 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th grade and some kids that are in 8th grade are going to come over to help me. So wish me luck."
--Brookelyn, 9

"We babysat Taylor's younger sister and we had an amazing time. Taylor's little sister loved it. We like to babysit 3 years and younger. We don't mind changing dirty diapers."
--Taylor and Cassie, 10

"Sorry to be mean, but how in the world can you babysit! I get the whole make-up stuff but you should so not be allowed to babysit! I have 3 months 'till I'm 11 and I can't stay home alone for two hours. That's just plain not rightÖI want to get money from babysitting but how old should I be to babysit? My parents, well I don't know why, but they think I'm two! Can anyone tell me how old I should be to babysit PLEASE?"
--Jenny, 10

"I babysit with my aunt."
--Hannah, 9

"I got this babysitting book from the library today. I am allowed to babysit when I am 11 1/2 :)."
--Chandler, 10

"When I was in New York I used to babysit and people paid me !!!!!!"

"I love babysitting kids any age. They're so cute. I feed them and get their baths and put them to sleep and then clean their mess up. I babysit for a lot of people and they love me. If you just get to know me you'll know. Well, I'm looking for more babysitting."

"What if I am not allowed to babysit because my mom will not let me (sad)? Sister can."
--Jennifer, 12

"I babysit 7 nephews and get paid 100 dollars a year. I think that is pretty hard."
--Crazygirl, 12

"I have been babysitting for a year now and the best thing about it is for my birthday I got $200 in all, and I didn't have to babysit."
--Layla, 11

"I love little kids and the parents saw how good I was with their kids. So instead of giving me $10.00 they gave me$15.00 an hour."
--Lindsey, 12

"I LOVE BABYSITTING!!! I've taken a babysitter's course, gotten my license, and taken a few first aid courses, and now people call me ALL the time to babysit! The first time I babysat I had to babysit 7 children from 8 in the morning ëtill midnight with my friend! We were SO exhausted! But it is SO worth it! I Get paid $4-8 an hour - depending on how many kids. I hope everyone loves babysitting as much as me!"
--Char, 11

"I baby-sit for one girl in particular. Everyone on the street loves me baby-sitting for their kids because when I play games I make all these funny voices and stuff. I LOVE THE MONEY ALSO!"
--Kailey, 13

"I have been babysitting for 4 years now. But, it wasn't until this past summer that I took a Red Cross babysitting course. We learned almost everything that we could possibly have known. A couple months after that, I was babysitting my mom's friend's kids. The youngest was 4 at the time, and the oldest was 8. They were playing with each other in the backyard when I turned around for a second to pick up a toy. That's when I heard screaming. I turned around and the oldest had cut his leg open with a piece of glass when he had fallen down. I rushed towards him and said everything was going to be just fine. I told the youngest to go back into the house and get a red towel, and the phone. Within thirty seconds, the youngest was back and she handed me the towel, I told her she needed to call 911. She did exactly what she was told. The red towel is for holding onto the wound to put pressure to help clot the blood so it would stop bleeding, I asked for a red towel so the kid wouldn't get as scared. The ambulance came and the neighbor rode with him to the hospital (we knew the neighbor well). I then called the parents and told them what had happened. Everything turned out to be just fine. I am so glad that I took the babysitting course or else something worse could have happened and I wouldn't know what to do!!! I turned out to be a hero!!!"

"My sister was at camp and I got the babysitter all to myself."
--Brenna, 11

"How can you ten year olds and eight year olds babysit? My parents treat me like a baby they won't even let me stay home alone for two hours I get sick of it!"
--Jenny, 10

"I remember the last time I babysat I got no money. Oh well."

"Every time I babysit this little boy down the street, I get paid by the day, not the hour, and that can sometimes be a hassle. I always have to cook for him, feed him, take off his clothes, bathe him, dry him, and change his clothes and everything."
--Sarah, 13

"The law says to start at age 11, so I did. My favorite parts are when they are happy, no screaming or yelling. Trust me, I babysit 6 kids. The youngest is 2, oldest 8, 1 pair of twins, a 4 year old and a 6 year old. I love to play with them, tickle them and do projects. You also should be firm with them. VERY."
--Brittany, 12

"I have 3 younger cousins from 3 yrs- 6 yrs. I watch them a lot and yes, they are a lot work. But the more I do it the more I prove to my parents I am a responsible teen."
--Jenna, 13

"I like to be a babysitter because I can play games."

"I babysit! Ya, ya! Kids are fun!!!!!!!!!"

"When I was a little kid I got this girl that all she did was call boys and tell scary stories! It was so cool but it was a little scary!"
--Eliza, 13

"When I babysat it was fun!"
--Lori , 10

"I'm going to babysit with my sister tomorrow."
--Emily, 10

"I like babysitting because it's fun and I get to know new babies."
--Aleen, 8

"I was babysitting my nephew and he threw my shoe at me and he was saying ëThat shoe is dirty!!!' It was SO funny."
--Alyson, 12

"Got the baby to sleepÖFINALLY!"

"I was SO the ësitter.' I handled the kids with no problem at all, except for the fact that one of the kids fought with another."
--Helen, 11

"I was at my cousin's house babysitting my little 4 year old."
--Mika, 11

"I was the babysitter of my little brother and it's not that hard. I can even cook and babysit at the same time. I make two dollars a day. I've been sitting for 37 days, so I have made 74 dollars so far. When I get the money, I'll put it in my savings account for my college funds in the future."
--Judith, 10

"When I was in Mississippi I used to help a lot of people out with their kids so I just wanted y'all to know that I have babysat A LOT. Thank You!"
--Kayla, 11

"It's really hard, but I manage. I get $20.00 for every time I babysit. You can always try it. You can start at any age over 9 and up."
--Damahn, 9

"I always babysit my two little brothers, Danny who is eight and Andrew who is three. My mom will leave me in charge of my brothers and the three TVs, which always means I get to tell them what I want to watch and they have to watch it too. I usually make them watch Barbie so I can play on the computer!!!!!!!!"
--Jennifer, 10

"I love to babysit babies."
--Latisha, 11

"It was fun to watch the thing he could do. It was really easy. I had to watch him for 4 hours."
--Nicole, 12

"One time I had to babysit my cousin and she went in my room and stole my shades and my fuzzy sweater, swung it over he shoulders and posed like she would for pictures all day. She looked like a 3-year-old superstar."

"I have been babysitting a little boy in my square for a bit of time now but I would like to look after more children. I love children. It's lots of fun."

"I love to babysit!!!!"
--Samantha, 8

"I babysat. She was so cute. She watched NEMO THE WHOLE TIME, over and over and over. She was 2 and was like 'Funny Hannah.' It was so cute. You had to be there:)."
--Hannah, 11

"How can I babysit my 4 year old cousin but still have fun? But how can I control her so she can't do anything bad? Please reply."
--Britney, 12

"When I was 5, my sister babysat for my friend Clayton who was 4. She brought me over once, and Clayton and I played together while my sister watched Clayton's baby brother."
--Gaby, 10

"I babysat for my neighbor and she was bad. She did not listen to what I had to say. She just did what she was going to do."
--Alexis, 12

"I babysit a little bit. This may sound boring, but when I was the sitter, I just sat in my closet, and read a Harry Potter book. My little sister had to have toast for dinner!!!!!"
--HarryPotter, 11

"I was he baby and my sitter Leah, who is 11, played a load of games with me and her little brother Adam and her cousin Stacey."

"I babysat my little brother who is only two. And I did it home alone. YA YA YA YA YA !!!!!"
--Katrina, 8

"My brother watches me and Aleya (8) and we play lots of board games. And he always takes us to diary queen for ice cream and we have lots of fun."
--Adelle, 10

"Sometimes when my mom goes to the neighbors she leaves me in charge (now that my bro is in university). And that is when I use stuff against my sis like ëOk go clean ur room or I tell mom that youÖhmmm let's sayÖtell mom that you were dared to eat crayons and that's why u were sick last week.' And she will go clean her room and I will get paidÖREVENGE."
--Adelle, 10

"Two twins named Janna and Kassia are the best."
--Stephanie, 9

"I started babysitting when I was six. I had watch over Trevor."

"I was the sitter and I loved to watch a little girl!!!!"
--Jackie, 11

"I'm trying to get a job as a mother's helper. I haven't gotten 1 yet."
--Shoshana, 10

"I never babysat but my mom told me that when she was a kid she watched an infant and while it slept she cleaned. She said that they gave her extra money and always asked her to babysit from then on!!!"
--Sara, 12

"Howdy! My ma tells people about my service and I get a lot of business!"
--Molly, 11

"Once I was more of a ësitter' than a real babysitter because of a non-energetic kid."

"I would love to babysit! My mom says I have to take the class first though. Is it that complicated?"
--Kaylee, 11

"I babysit at my church and it's a lot of fun."
--AznMonkey, 13

"I was the sitter. It was really fun. I enjoyed it. I was babysitting my cousin. I would like to do it again."

"I only babysit siblings, but I do mother's help."
--Shoshana, 10

"I babysat, but I sat on the baby!!! WHOOPS!!"
--Sam, 13

"I babysit all the time I'm making a lot of money. I babysit with my friends every day and my neighbors, and they gave me and my friends $70 each (bam). Oh yeah. I babysit 4 kids named Maggie, Lynn, Harry, and Lola, she is so cute. Then 2 kids they're twins, Ally and Sam, and then 3kids Amy, John and Kimie, and 5 kids Steven, Lisa, Hilary, Dana, Bobby and Robby (they're twins too). And me and my friends babysit 16 people including my brother."
--AJ, 10

"I had my palette expander on and one of the toddlers I was babysitting pulled on it and thought it was a paper clip. It was so funny."
--Tom, 12

"Well, there was 1 six-year-old and I sat for her for three days, from 8:30 to 4:30 the first 2 times, and then 12:30 to 4:30 on the last. SHE WAS SOOOOOOOOOOO SWEET!"
--LolWhatever, 12

"I was the sitter. I take care of my brother. He's all crying for my mom. He's 3 years old. I'm the oldest. I have a sister too. I take care of her too."
--Jaylan, 8

"I babysat my little brother who is only two. And I did it home alone. YA YA YA YA YA !!!!!"
--Katrina, 8

"My baby cousin was good. I didn't get paid but next time I am. He loves me and he doesn't want anybody but me to hold him. On the same day I had to take care of my brother. Was he a pain in the neck?"
--Brandi, 10

"I had a babysitter. She was niceÖ a very nice girl. Her name is Sissy."

"When I was being 'sitted' - I was SUPER drowsy, and my older sister (who was babysitting) made me cook the macaroni. Once I ate it, I was SUPERACTIVE. When I was the sitter- ALL MY LITTLE SISTER DID WAS WATCH TV!!!"
--HarryPotter, 11

"I babysit my little cousin Jenna all the time. She always follows me around, which I think is very cute. She's 2 years old and is starting to talk. She says my name real cute!"

"I want to babysit but they say I'm too young. And I really love kids so if there is anyone in the Houston area that needs some one to come and babysit for them I will be more than happy to do it for them. I will only charge 30 dollars a week so if there is anyone that needs a babysitter I will be more that happy to do it for them."
--Deealjeen, 12

"To Ashley: There isn't a specific age, although I would recommend waiting ëtill you are at least 11. You can disagree if you want, but I think that is a fair minimum age."
--ScottishCat, 13

"My mom and dad were in the garage. My little sis was pulling on my arm while I was trying to hold the binki in my baby brother's mouth. So it was hard to get her to stop and stop a baby from crying. If you can give me advice on how to stop it please do so (by the wayÖ I stopped it by waiting for mom and dad to come in). It was a long time. So I had to put up with it and of course it seems like 4 years is so long (that's when I am allowed to babysit when no adult is home and possibly go somewhere else like a neighbor's house to babysit). Mom says time will go by quickly (I hope so)!"
--Michelle, 8

"I babysit (bc now I'm 12) and I want to! I want to earn money, but my sis is 13, and everybody knows she is the babysitter! They don't know me, and mi mum said ëThe next person that isn't in ur sisters territory is urs.' TERRITORY!!?? NOW IT'S WAR, BABY!"
--Slpeen, 12

"I babysit at my church with my bf Erica and her two sisters. We don't get paid but it's a lot of fun ëcuz little kids are sooo cute."
--FunkyMunkey, 13

"When I babysit two twin girls it was fun, and I got five buck for the babysitting. The girls wanted me to be their babysitter again, and the mom said ëYes you can babysit them again.'"
--Holly, 11

"I'm not good with kids so I don't babysit little kids-only animals."

"I was the sitter. It was really fun and I enjoyed it. I would like to do it again."
--Shalonda, 11

"Rachelle's babysitting service. She is one of the greatest. She has taken a class on the subject and CPR and first aid. You must be a citizen of Washington, tri-cities. Do not have a number or office yet. Sorry."
--Rachelle, 12

"I was babysitting for my parent's friends one night. Fantastic Four was playing, and my charge was curled up on the couch, transfixed. All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door. Luckily, I had made sure to lock it. Several seconds later, the doorbell rang about ten times, and the person tried to twist the doorknob. Several minutes later, my charge and I got up from hiding in the kitchen so that the person wouldn't see us, when there was a knock on the unlocked back door! Not being able to find a phone, I panicked. But it was only my charge's uncle!"
--Brianna, 12

"Tanner(8): Yes the kids I babysit are sometimes dishonest. I usually sit for my 3 siblings. ($5 an hour, SCORE!) I'm amazed I get paid to babysit my brother and sisters. Oh well, fine by me!!!!!"
--Libia, 13

"I have never babysat before."
--Emily, 11

"My little baby cousin who is 2, her name is Maliya. She's so cute and so my grandmother went 2 some old people thing. SO WHAT I'M SAYING IS JUST PLAY WITH HIM SO HE WON'T BE SCARED. HAVE FUN. MERRY CRISTMAS."
--Danielle, 12

"I had to babysit a baby. It is so hard."
--Hannah, 12

"I was babysitting a little girl named Paige and we went out for ice cream. And she shook the spoon of ice cream and then flung it at me. It was all over!!"
--Tara, 11

"Ashley, I don't think parents go for how old you are. I think they go for responsibility. But most people look for responsibility and a teen. Sometimes they go for 11 or 12, but mainly teens. Bye!"
--Mackensie , 11

"Even though I'm not allowed to babysit I still take care of kids when an adult is in the house. But I can next year!!!"
--Samantha, 12

"My sister babysits me sometimes whenever my family goes out to a store or when they go on vacation."
--Amanda, 10

"To Tanner and Ashley: Ashley: You should be @ least 12 or 13 years old to babysit. Tanner: No. Not all baby-sat kids are bad."
--Michael , 12

Managing Money "I want to buy a pocket translator so I can understand my Spanish teacher better! It costs 180, 000 pesos (In Colombia, South America, where I currently live, 1 dollar is about 20,000 pesos) but I only have 120,000 (Don't worry, I'll have it by the time Christmas break is over)!!"
--Christoper, 9

"I babysit on Sundays and sometimes on Saturdays and have been selling some bracelets on the weekends too for $3. 00. I'm gonna spend my saved cash for clothes and books galore!"
--Cammy, 13

"I always spend my money on school crafts."

"To Charlie: I say you should babysit, or ask for allowance, or rake leaves."
--Michael , 12

"Anonymous (12)----------- ONLY a couple of hundred???? If you love animals SO much, I suggest you go to an animal shelter, and adopt an abused dog (most animal shelters will give a free puppy, if you show you are capable of looking after it)."

"I had to babysit my little sister. She is 5 years old!! She reads my diary too."
--Bridgette, 9

"I loved the first time I babysat my little niece."
--Harley, 9

"I babysit my little sister who is 3 years old. She is so cute although she is naughty. I luv playing with her. I also take care of my 5-year-old cousin. I don't spoil children and don't let them get what they want. Sometimes I get paid, but I don't mind if I don't. I do it for fun and to have something to do!"
--Nicola, 13

"I was the sitter and my favorite thing to do was cook for the kids and make them take a bath."
--Shantale, 12

"I was the sitter. It was really fun and I enjoyed it. I would like to do it again."
--Shalonda, 11

"I baby sit for a woman. She pays me 24 dollars a week. Her sister's name is Daisy."
--Laquisha, 11

"When the baby threw up on me."

"My mom said I was too young to babysit."
--Brianna, 10

"I want to babysit my 5 year old sister."

"Hi. It's great to babysit with babies. Once I babysat for my aunt with my cousin. It was great. The baby was only 12 months old and I got to feed her and put her to bed. BYE."
--Amy, 10

"I had to babysit this 6 year old girl. She always wanted to play and then I got exhausted and said ëNo more playing' to her, and she ran off. Her dad came home to find me looking everywhere for her, shouting ëLUCY, LUCY!' We eventually found her curled up in a wardrobe. Needless to say, I wasn't asked back."
--Will, 12

"I use to babysit a 2 year old. I was paid $25.00 an hour 6 days a week."
--Jordian, 11

"When I was 3 or 4 I had to watch this little girl that was like 2 because her dad got hurt when he was on the trampoline. I made everyone be nice to her. I was a very persuasive little girl. Actually I still am."
--Erin, 11

"I have three baby sisters that are 3 years old and I always have the best time ever babysitting them. And they are triplets."
--Jennifer, 12

"I was the sitter yes!! But it was really fun. Sometimes you have bad kids to babysit, but I always have the greatest kids!!!!"

"I babysit my cousin all the time and I have never gotten paid. I'm the perfect person but I need money to buy my future cell phone. If you trust anyone, it should be me (and I only charge $10 an hour)!"
--Angelica, 12

"I have tons of experiences with kids. I have had experiences with kids since I was 3 years old when my sister had her first child. I am used to watching anybody, good or bad. I don't get angry or frustrated with kids. I don't spoil kids or let them get what they want. I am very good, sweet, and kind to all children."
--Sarah, 12

"My favorite babysitting time was when I was the toddler. My aunt was babysitting me and my cousin. We went to a Dairy Queen and my cousin got ice cream all over her face. It was so funny!!"
--Veronica, 12

"I don't get money, and I do chores and I ask them for money. Don't you think I should get money?"
--Yasmin, 10

"When I babysat these little girls, a 4-yr-old and a 7-yr-oldÖthey were crazy. I had to babysit 1:00- 9:00pm. THEY WOULDN'T CALM DOWN!!!! The baby kept screaming, the other 7-yr-old kept taking fits and the 4-yr-old kept running outside. He wouldn't eat anything unless it was cake. But I told him if he didn't eat anything, no outside for the rest of the night. So....he ate."
--Alana, 13

"How old do you have to be to babysit?"

"Are the kids that you babysit dishonest?"
--Tanner, 8

"Hi. One girl that I babysit has Down's Syndrome. She is so cute, but a handful. It's worth it though, because we are great friends and I love to babysit her."
--Katie, 13

"I babysat today. I got ten bucks! I babysat a two-year-old girl and her big brother, a four-year-old. They are both adorable! My dad's work was having a party and my whole fam went. The kids' dad was in the other room, but I still did everything. And then they kept switching between rooms and playing and stuff. They colored and I colored. And they would get on the stage where bands would sometimes play at night (this place is a bar) and run around. And then they got tired and the girl wanted her dad to hold her. So it was cool. Bye ya'll!!!"
--Mackensie, 11

"I was with my friend Maggie. We were caring for a two year old and a five year old and we just watch TV and played with a ball. It was pretty easy for the kids and it was pretty fun!"
--Erica, 10

"My sister babysat for a while and got a lot of cash. One time I helped her while she was sleeping and now I want a job somewhere close."
--Jamie, 10

"I really like kids. I also babysit my little sister and sometimes my neighbors. They love me. I hope that you will like the way I babysit your kids."
--Jenna , 12

"Hi. I am very good with little kids. I play with my friend Amanda. She is 5 years old. We always have so much fun. She always said that I'm her best friend. I am very nice. If I babysit your kid we will have so much fun."
--Erica, 11

"It's fun taking care of my siblings."
--Shannon, 9

"I had to look after 2 small boys, and the older one kept hitting me. I got them a mini-projector and they are never unruly because they are too busy looking at the pictures."
--Toni, 13

"One time when my rich friend JoJo went out I got $500.00 for babysitting his sister."
--David, 11

"My favorite experience is when I was at my grandma's house with my aunt, her daughter, me, and my sister. Because my mom had to go somewhere and me and my sister can't go, we went to my aunt and her daughter. And when my aunt had to get something I was the babysitter! But that was when I was 5 or 6 I think."
--Christine, 10

"Well, I used to have a babysitter. I'm the baby I guess. It was cool though. She had a daughter who went to my school, but she was waaaay younger than me. I was lonely sometimes, and when her daughter had to go somewhere, I didn't have anybody to talk to. Sometimes, my mom used to come home late and I used to cry. But then again all this happened when I was 8. And now I'm 11. I guess I never had a good experience with babysitters."
--Anne, 11

"You have to do all this work so that you can be free for babysitter. If you're not free or getting paid for it, you'd be out of luck if you don't get paid. I knew I will. Peace."

"I don't like to babysit babies. I prefer pets. My neighbor, Jane, has a cute dachshund that I love to petsit. Sometimes she gets annoying because she chews up my stuff. My dad's friend has a miniature pincher that never chews up anything and always goes to the bathroom outside. When I petsit her I got paid thirty dollars. So did my sister. It was pretty cool. That was my favorite experience."
--Joanna, 12

"I like it when my sister used to babysit me when my mom went out. And I always have had a blast driving her nuts (we haven't gotten along since the dinos were around)."
--Deanna, 11

"To Cassidy, 10: that is why there are babysitters. DUH."
--Rosanna, 13

"I am babysitting two boys that are four and eight. They really love sports so I go outside with them and shoot hoops, retrieving the ball if it goes out into the street. I also bring video games over and play with them. After I tuck them into bed, I go downstairs and clean up in the kitchen. After the day is done, the parents come back and give me a ride home!"
--Elizabeth, 12

"I am about to babysit when I turn 13 on December 9. I'm excited."
--Noel, 12

"I babysit the little kids from my church, but I do that for free. I read to them and just play with them (little kids really seem to like me). And as for games, I would suggest making a pretend treasure hunt, with a real treasure map and clues. When the kids reach the treasure box (or toy box) they get to keep whatever is inside (in the 'treasure chest', you can put little toys and books, candy, fake jewels, candy and even money)."

"When I babysat the Turners' kids with my friend Christina I tipped over one of the kids!"
--Brooke, 10

"I love taking care of babies since I was 8 years old. I would never hurt a baby or do anything to him\her."
--Tonya , 12

"I'm at skool right now but yes, I've baby-sat before- 100's of times. But I love to baby-sit! It's cool! I feel good being trusted. Thanku!"

"I don't babysit, but I do take care of my little baby sister. I don't get paid. How can I change that if my parents don't even give me an allowance?"

"During a P.T.A. meeting, I had to babysit this group of kids with one or two other kids, and I loved it!!!!!!! :-D."
--Luna, 12

"Well, it was a very irritating experience. I'm so sure that most of you kids think that 4 girls would be a piece a cake. WellÖI can prove otherwise!! These 4 girls were ages 2, 5, 7, and 8!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, they fought and fought. Next time I babysit, I will bring a movie that they haven't seen, a game they haven't played and books they haven't read. OMGOSH!!!!!!!!! Huh, maybe I'll bring a friend."
--Yellowcardiscool, 11

"I'm babysitting now and I don't even have to really watch 'em cuz they're sooooo goood (they watch movies all nightÖ )!!!"

"I have experience in babysitting because I always look after my sister when my parents are out. It's great to earn a bit more dosh."
--Amy, 13

"The reason why I love babysitting is because I love to watching babies. And I love playing with them and stuff. And I like making money too. Well, I love doing everything with babies. Well I have to go. I'm trying to find somebody so I can babysit them. I will write back later."
--Sidney, 12

"A few years ago, my 'rents went out and got a sitter for me and my sibs. After my sibs were asleep the sitter and I went outside, taking a flashlight, to catch fireflies. We locked ourselves out for, like, 3 hours and I HATED it!"

"I like to babysit the babies. I get money for it. I get a lot. Well sometimes they are bad but I only tell them to be quiet. But they hear me when I say be quiet, so I like BABYSITTING."

"I had to babysit at night from 8 o'clock to 12 o'clock. I was scared to death because they have a basement without a lock and I think that it leads outside. And they have a doggy door from their back porch."
--Samantha, 11

"My favorite babysitting experience is was when I got to babysit my baby godbrother. He was barely 2 months old. I loved babysitting him because I love newborn babies."

"My family holds a Christmas party every year -- one for the adults and one for the kids. While it isn't just like babysitting, it kind of is. My little nephews and cousins come over. The bigger boys go off to play video games and my Grandmother is always in her room. That day, we played several very fun games when the kids got bored and managed to get the bigger boys to play too. It was quite fun. My grandmother is 86, going on 87 and doesn't watch the kids. I do the babysitting."
--Joanna, 10

"I watch Jack, Brady, Spencer, Kaylie, Blake, My baby bro Andrew, Shannon, Mary Kathrtyn Jeffery, and Emma Grace. Those are all from different families but they all live on my street! I love to babysit. It is so much fun!!!!!!!!"
--Alex444, 11

"I was the baby. I was 4. I had lots of fun with my sitter Adriana, and she fed me ice cream and we played and I had a great time. She was my fifth babysitter, and the third that I really liked. The one I had loved the most was Tina, but she moved away. :(."
--Angelica, 11

"My parents decided I was ready for babysitting when I turned 10. I was so excited when my neighbor asked if I could babysit their 5-year-old boy. When I got there it was a disaster! First, he threw up all over me and their new couch! Then he threw a fit about having mac and cheese for dinner. So I had to make fish sticks with the mac and cheese! He was driving me crazy! On top of all that, he kept on doing things one after another, and I had a huge list of do's and don'ts. Then for the first time I thought that maybe, babysitting wasn't for me! But, I still had to finish this babysitting job! Soon, he fell asleep, and his parents just got home. I looked over at the clock, and it was 10:00! I was with that crazy kid for 4 hours! Then his dad pulled out his wallet. I was so nervous to find out how much money he would give me. Hopefully, a lot because I babysat a crazy 5 year old for my first time of babysitting! Plus, he did give me a lot of money for babysitting his crazy little boy. He gave me 100 dollars. I was amazed and happy. Then I saw him look at the couch. I ran out the door before I had to explain the couch incident."
--Logan, 10

"I had heaps of fun and I think they did too! I played some games with them and read them a bedtime story...and they really couldn't wait till I came again. It was really kool!"

"My Mom finally let me baby sit w/ my older 12 year old sister and 12 year old cousin. Hurrah! The kid we babysat was adorable! Her dad and our dad are both overseas in Afghanistan together in the same unit 4 a year, so her mom let us sit since we're great friends. It was fun, but my sister puked and my cousin was in the b-room with her most of the time, so I was left to amuse the kid, Alexis. She was totally fun!"
--Ray, 11

"I love to watch babies."

"It's not fair. I know I am old enough. My parents are just too worried about me. It's getting annoying and it's showing me they don't trust in me!"
--Tiffany, 11

"One time I was babysitting these 2 kids, and they kept calling me a tubalub. And I didn't know that the mom walked in the door, and I was calling the kids FAT DONKEYS. I got fired so bad. She told my mom. I told my mom that were calling me fat too, and my mom said, ëHoney dear you are pretty chubby, I mean I have been trying to get you on a diet for months! We need to go to the doctor and weigh yourself, dear.' I told my mom that the kids made me weigh myself there, and I weighed 234 lbs. ëOH DEAR! GO DOWN STAIRS AND GET MY WORKOUT VIDEOS! RUN FAST!' I almost cried. How could my mom call me fat!"

"I am the only girl in the couple blocks I live in, sooo I babysit all the little kids. They also like me ëcause I am GREAT with kids (not my words). Well bye!"
--Gopala, 11

"Well, I don't babysit my friends or things like that. I babysit my brother when the 'rents are going somewhere. I also stay home alone. Totally cool. I have a policy: my turn to rule the remote is on Monday, his is on Tuesday, and so on and so forth."
--Jennifer, 9

"I babysit for the little kids in my neighborhood (there are a lot). One time I was babysitting for this one family that has 3 little boys. The mom had to go somewhere with the oldest one, so I got stuck babysitting the 2 younger ones who are twins. They started fighting, and I made them sit down across from each other and make funny faces at one another. They started laughing and it was so cute. By the way, the older one's name is Finn and the twins are called Walker and Lucas. LivALittle, OVER AND OUT!"
--LivALittle, 13

"When I was 11 I started to babysit. I know that's young but I really love kids and we seem to work well together! I am 12 now and I still think the hardest part was charging. I never asked for too much. Well I guess the best is just take what they give and thank them very much or else they wont ask you again."
--Marcela, 12

"Hi. I am very good with little kids. I play with my friend Amanda. She is 5 years old. We always have so much fun. She always said that I'm her best friend. I am very nice. If I babysit your kid we will have so much fun."
--Erica, 11

"One night my parents were babysitting someone else's kids. There were 8 kids: my 2 brothers (now I have 3), my sister, and 4 kids from another family. My parents asked me to watch the kids and keep them out of trouble while they went to our garage to do some things on the computer. They would only be gone about 45 minutes so it would be easy enough. Anyway six of them were under the age of 5. We were playing some type of game when there was a knock on my front door. 5 of them started crying because 2 people were just standing there. I asked the ones who weren't crying (both 7) to watch them while I ran to get my parents (The garage is on a different piece of property.) By the time I was back the people were gone. I told them everything was okay. I kept them calm until we heard another knock (turned out to be my 7-year-old bro.) I read them books and gave them chocolate milk. That was fun keeping them calm! I was definitely the sitter!"
--Brooke, 10

"I just started baby sitting this year. I do not go to people's houses, though. I have a service that they drop their child off at my house. It is much safer since my mom is always home. I was wondering if you had any game ideas?"
--Lizi, 10

"I don't let the kids go outside while I babysit. Even if it is Ok with the parents. You just never knowÖ"
--Rachel, 11

"I mostly get my money by babysitting my bro and sis. I also babysit a lot of kids in my neighborhood!"
--Brienna, 12

"I was getting babysat, and this babysitter came, and she did not let me do anything. So I called my mom and she got into trouble!"
--Bushue, 12

"I was baby sitting my dad's boss's 4 year old daughter. She was sooo cute! She was an angel, seriously! She didn't fuss when I gave her a bath, she ate her dinner, just everything! I mean, I'll never forget that!"
--Babysitter, 13

"I like to babysit the babies. I get money for it. I get a lot. Well sometimes they are bad but I only tell them to be quiet. But they hear me when I say be quiet so I like BABYSITTING."

"Well when I was watching my boyfriend's little sister. She is 3 and she is so cute! Byez."
--Jessica, 12

"The longest time I've ever watched my youngest sib by myself, with no one else home, has been about an hour and fifteen minutes. I don't really babysit for other people, but I do enjoy helping my mom watch my niece for my older sister, and being around younger kids, too."
--April, 10

"How do you get a baby to stop crying or a toddler to calm their jets? Can we just do something about their behavior? They won't even clean their own messes."
--Cassidy, 10

"I was at home and I got a call from Mrs. Richerson and she said QUOTE: ëWill you come and watch my 5year old daughter Megan?' I got to their house and Megan's parents left. I had to put Megan to bed and she had a fit. So I told her that she had to obey her parent's orders because GOD said so, and she drifted off to a sweet dream. The next morning Mrs. Richerson called my cell phone and told me to come again."

"When I used to live in Philly I had a babysitter named Lindsay. I had her when I was in K-1. Sometimes when she picked my sister up from preschool and me from regular school, she would take us to the drug store and let us get a bottled drink. Then sometimes she would take us to her house, which wasn't far from ours. She would always give us gummy worms. If I didn't feel like leaving school right away, she would let me play on the playground. She was really cool."
--LivALittle, 12

"I was the baby, it was today. I have a new babysitter named Gilan. She is so fun. She plays with me and she brought a craft. You know how at Easter you paint eggs? Well, she brought an egg for me. So hope you have as much as fun as me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)."
--Laura, 9

"I wish I was old enough to babysit...it's BIG MONEY!!! Instead, I HAVE a babysitter... joking! But seriously, I wish I could babysit! I LOVE kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"One time my older sister was babysitting me and I just watched TV w/her. At that time I didn't get to watch TV a lot."

"I was watching my little cousin Cole. He's two. I was telling him that we couldn't go play in the water because the sun was going night-night and we had to sleep in our beds because the sun was coming down and the moon was coming up (I had to get the point across in across in a way that a two year old could understand). The next night, Cole said to me, ëPlay in the water. Sun go down. Moon go up. Sleep in our beds.' I couldn't believe he remembered what I said!"
--Kiera, 9

"Once I was babysitting a 3 year old. Her name was Haelee and she was so funny. She was not allowed to have candy. I had a candy bar in my purse and it fell out and Haelee grabbed it. So I took it off of her and she started to scream, so I told her that I was not allowed to give it to her. And she stopped screaming."

"I was the ëbaby' I guess (my parents are paranoid and won't let me stay home alone). I had a new sitter and she was 15. She's so nice! She acted like we were best friends hanging out. We braided each other's hair and ate mint chocolate ice cream out of half-gallon container and watched ëThe House of Wax.' It was really cool. My parents still make me stay with a sitter. But I really like it b/c it's like having your best friend over!"
--EmmaWLuvr, 12

"In total, I have 4 kids in my house whose ages range from one month to 8 years. I don't officially take care of one, but rather give a little tip here and there for my parents. An example is to stop fighting and make snacks."
--Tahsin, 12

"Well, I was almost ready to kill my little brothers and sister, when I found out we had a new movie!!!! So I popped it in the DVD player, gave them some popcorn, and abandoned them to the computer (Yeah I know, you're not supposed to do that, but hey! It's my siblings. I have nine, and I DON'T GET PAID! Never have, never will. Oh well, it doesn't bother me)!!"
--Victoria, 13

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