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Tell us about your favorite babysitting experience -- whether you were the "baby" or the "sitter"!

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Dilemma #2: The Pop-In Pal

You're babysitting 2-year-old Meghan, who just happens to live a few houses down from one of your good friends from school, Chris. An hour after Meghan's parents leave for the movie theater, Chris knocks on the door, asking to come in so you can study together for an upcoming test. In your discussions with Meghan's parents, they never said anything about letting you have guests over while you're in their home. Then again, they never actually said you can't have guests, either. Do you:

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A. Politely but firmly tell Chris that this isn't your house, so you're not allowed to have guests. Arrange a time when you can get together and study at your house or Chris's house.
B. Go ahead and let Chris in. What can it hurt if you study and hang out together, as long as you keep an eye on Meghan at the same time?
C. Call Meghan's parents on their cell phone and ask permission to let Chris into the house. Explain that you're capable of studying and watching their daughter at the same time.

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