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Babysitting Dilemmas: You Make The Call!

Dilemma #1: The Candy-Craving Kid

You're babysitting 7-year-old Aidan, whose parents have him on a strict no-sweets diet. While you and Aidan are playing a game in the living room, your book bag gets knocked over and a chocolate bar falls out. You try to hide it, but it's too late-Aidan has seen the treat and now he's determined to have it! When you say "No," he starts to throw a tantrum. Do you:

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A. Let him have the candy bar so he'll stop screaming at you. As long as his folks never find out, it's no big deal.
B. Promise to give him the candy bar at the end of the night as long as he's good, and then hope that he forgets about it.
C. Throw the candy bar away and explain to Aidan that he cannot have it under any circumstances. Try to find other ways of dealing with his tantrum, like playing more games or offering him some of the food his parents allow.
This is not the best answer, because you are breaking one of the rules set down by Aidan's parents. Even if they never find out, you could be hurting Aidan's health or doing damage to all the hard work his folks have done by keeping him off sweets. Plus, they might eventually find out about it and never trust you with their child again. Also, by giving in to Aidan's tantrum, you're letting him know that he can manipulate you whenever he wants. The best answer is C. By being firm, you're showing Aidan who's in charge and sticking to the rules his parents have laid out for you. Getting through Aidan's tantrum may be challenging, but this is an important skill that any babysitter must have. In the end, he'll be much better off without the chocolate and you'll be better off knowing that you did the right thing-even though it wasn't easy.

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