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Great Books About "Babysitting"


Adventures in Babysitting
by Elizabeth Faucher
When high school senior Chris Parker takes a job babysitting a trio of kids, it sets off a series of misadventures involving a runaway friend, a blown car tire, and numerous criminals and other scary types. Will Chris be able to get the kids home safe and sound? Read this adaptation of the comedy movie and find out!

Henry Reed's Babysitting Service
by Keith Robertson and Robert McCloskey (Illustrator)
Smart and enterprising Henry Reed sees that his neighborhood could use a good babysitter, and sets out to meet that need. Written as Henry's journal, this book details the funny adventures and challenges (including coping with a peacock and a disappearing child) that Henry and his friend Midge go through to succeed in the business.

Kristy's Great Idea (The Baby-Sitter's Club #1)
by Ann M. Martin
The incredibly popular series of novels starts with the story of Kristy Thomas, who gets together with her friends to form a babysitting club. While coping with all the usual problems of adolescence and caring for young kids, the girls deal with such issues as a gifted older sib, an overprotective parent and living with diabetes.


The Babysitting Bible
by Jordan Lane
Everything you need to know about babysitting -- from the business end to the practical side -- divided into ten chapters. Includes information on getting jobs, being professional and responsible, and caring for children.

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